Browns claim tackle Michael Bowie on waivers

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Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer may not have much in common with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, but Cleveland coach Mike Pettine did his best Bill Belichick impersonation on Sunday.

The Browns claimed tackle Michael Bowie on waivers from the Seahawks.  Seattle had waived Bowie, a seventh-round pick in 2013, with the “injured” designation, due to a shoulder injury.  Some would say that the unwritten rules of football compel other teams to back off, allowing the player to go unclaimed and to land on injured reserve.

The Seahawks are smart enough to know the risk of not waiting to slide Bowie to injured reserve after the first wave of roster cuts, when he wouldn’t have had to pass through waivers.

And so Seattle loses a guy who started in the divisional round win over the Saints; given that he was inactive for the last two games of the postseason, there’s a good chance he would have been cut anyway.

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  1. Right, everyone hates the Browns. The NFL team with the largest fan club of any professional U.S. team is hated by everyone.

    Dirty move? Is this like the “unwritten” rules baseball thing? Or a let’s whine because the we couldn’t slide a guy through…

  2. So grabbing a former starting RT for a Super Bowl Champ and stashing him on IR is a dumb move? Sounds like a slick move by a rookie GM. Keep piling on trolls. 🙂

  3. One team’s trash is always another’s treasure. He was gonna get cut, but glad to see that he’s on another team already. Jus needs motivation n lose some weight, than he’s solid.

  4. It’s not a dirty move. The Seahawks know the rules. They tried to sneak Bowie through waivers so they could fill his slot on the 90-man TC roster with another camp body instead of waiting to put him on IR at the first cutdown date. It’s perfectly legal for another team to claim him.

  5. jukeboxmickey says:
    Aug 3, 2014 4:37 PM
    You people have no idea of what your talking
    About. When Terry Pegula buys the Bills which as
    Of right now he was the high bidder of 1.3 Billion
    In round one. Only 3 bids came in
    Donald Trump and the Bon Jovi Canada group

    So when Terry Pegula buys the Bills you’ll fully understand who this guy really is.
    His wife his from Rochester. He grew up as a Buffalo
    Sabers and Buffalo Bills fan. He has bought the whole
    In harbor in downtown Buffalo. He has a enough Money
    To buy the Bills for 1.7 Billion and build a Billion dollar
    Stadium and still have billions in the bank.
    He is reported to say that he will build a new stadium
    For the Bills.

    He will instantly become the 3 wealthiest owner in the
    In the NFL. He owns the Buffalo Sabres and the Rochester
    Americans AHL hockey team. He loves Western NY and Buffalo.

    His goal is to transform the entire downtown inner harbor.
    NY state has invested a billion dollars into Buffalo in the last
    18 months.

    The town is changing for the better a sleeping giant
    Is about to awaken. This new stadium is the lynch pin to
    A whole entertainment district with shopping and hotels
    And night clubs and condos and a buffalo hall of fame.
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    Future ncaa Basketball and college football
    Championships will be played there
    A future Super Bowl and concerts and political
    Conventions with all be in this new domed stadium.

  6. ubepunkedagain says:
    Aug 3, 2014 8:18 PM
    This happens all the time any more. Not so much a dirty move by the Browns as it is a dumb move by Seattle.


    I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a dumb move by Seattle. He came in over weight both seasons and was takin out of the starting line up. He had a golden ticket to come into this season as the starter after Giacomini signed with the jets. Seattle has a deep roster and if a guy isn’t motivated Pete loses interest in that player. Good luck to Bowie in Cleveland, maybe this move will motivate him and he’ll seize the opportunity.

  7. Terry Pegula is a good man . He will respect fan base of Buffalo.
    Many people think a billionaire has to have have an ulterior
    motive…in this case ..this man …put away your suspicions…he will
    make Buffalo a successful franchise. A model for other teams to follow
    Bottom line ..a good guy.

  8. The development of Alvin Bailey and signing of Eric Winston made Bowie a luxury. The Hawks have several candidates for that RT spot. Still, I am sure they would have re-signed him had he cleared waivers. Cleveland gets to pay his salary while he is injured. They sure have a roster of misfits and castoffs.

  9. He showed potential but came in to camp out of shape. Good signing by Cleveland. He may be a good offensive lineman when healthy next year. Good luck to Mr. Bowie.

  10. Jukeboxmickey, aka maverick2560, when you are posting as 2 separate entities, try and disguise it with one of you doing what Vikings fans do, the thing is, one of your alter egos needs to in all caps say, SKOL!!! In the Bills case, SKOAL!!!

  11. To the people saying it was dirty for Browns, it was done to them a couple years back by Jacksonville when Cleveland tried to sneak Don Carey the same way.

    If it’s good for others to do to them, so can the Browns……..

  12. He was fair game…Seattle couldn’t just put him on IR…I suspect something else is going on behind the scenes…what will be interesting is to see Seattle’s next move..pretty sure they knew Bowie was done for the year when they signed Winston earlier this week…Seattle’s front office is either real stupid…or real coy.

  13. I would much rather have Bowie than Winston, who is one of the NFLs worst RT’s (PFF 69TH ranking of 76) and has lost more than a few steps.

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