Giants’ offense shows different approach in preseason opener


The Giants didn’t have a single tailback with more than 20 receptions a season ago.

If the preseason opener is any indicator, they could have a running back exceed 20 catches by the end of September.

Of the six completions Eli Manning had in the first quarter of Sunday night’s Hall of Fame game against Buffalo, three were to tailback Rashad Jennings, whom New York signed away from Oakland in free agency. All were short, high-percentage passes.

Overall, Manning hit on all but one of his throws, racking up 44 yards. At first glance, he looks comfortable in new coordinator Ben McAdoo’s scheme.

The Giants’ running game appeared healthy early, too, with rookie Andre Williams (five carries, 37 yards, one TD in the first quarter) making a favorable first impression and Jennings (7-23-0) also running well enough. The Giants seem deeper and stronger in the backfield than they were last season, when Andre Brown’s injury left them feeble in the ground game.

In all, it was a nice start for the Giants’ offense. The lone drawback? Manning fumbled under pressure, setting up a Bills field goal. While Manning was facing the rush, he rolled away from his throwing hand, leaving himself vulnerable, and Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams knocked the ball out. The Giants’ protection needed to be better, but their long-time starting quarterback has to better protect the ball.

In a preseason opener marked by some of the Giants’ new looks, Manning’s mistake was an unwelcome flashback to a mistake-marred 2013.

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  1. It was a nice start for the Giants offense?

    Yeah when the Bills sent in their second stringers.

  2. What game were you watching?! Eli and the giants offense didn’t do anything until the bills second stringers were in and playing for a while.

    The commentators even mentioned Eli and the starters being left in longer than they anticipated because they couldn’t get anything going when buffalos first stringers were in.. Seriously, please answer.

  3. Giants fan here and it was against the 2nds that we started to play better. The drive after the fumble were all to hide how shakey the line and Eli looked. Its a new offense and a new line so I was not expecting much. How they played was what I expected.

  4. Giants passing game sucked out loud. Only after running the ball against the 2’s did they begin to fo anything. Manning looked rattled

  5. Considering that the Giants only win over a healthy starting QB last year came against the Lions, being shutout by the 1st team defense and then running over the backups is exactly like last year.

  6. People!! It’s the first game of the preseason, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The biggest point to take away from this game is that Eli manning is and will always be awful.

  7. Nassib is looking good. Poised in the pocket, reading the defense, checking his reads, scrambling around to avoid the sack and making pinpoint throws showing a strong arm. Nassib is looking real good.

    Let the Nassib era begin.

  8. Nassib is making his case for supplanting Eli. He is looking like the real thing while Eli looks lost still, like a deer in the headlights.

    If Eli’s last name was not Manning, it would be Nassib’s team by now. Enough is enough already…

  9. Schwartz whiffed on that block. Eli’s Oline looks shakey. Donnell also missed blocks with the Bills first team. Reese’s refusal to get that tight end is going to haunt this offense.

  10. puh – lease. giants are going to stink this year. will battle dallas for division basement. offensive line needs to be replaced and defense is largely a shell of former self.

    eagles will dominate the division.

  11. guys keep taking about it’s vs the second team but not realizing the Giants offense not only features a new offense but a new Rb’s, Te’s, #2 wr and three new linemen and only been together for 2 weeks and some change.

  12. I didn’t think the Giants offense could be more boring than it was last year. I was wrong. And Nassib’s ball has twice the zip on it as Eli’s.

  13. Say hello to your 2014 Superbowl Champs hatrz…
    yeah…. if every team they play puts their second strings in

  14. APB on JPP.
    JPP hasn’t done anything since the double team has come his way and he doesn’t see 1 on 1 every play.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  15. Nobody is talking about the Giants Defense last night. They played exceptionally well. they are going to be force to contend with in the NFC East.

  16. I wonder what the over/under is on Manning turning the ball over at least 1.5x per game this year…

  17. Everyone is crushing both offenses… Which is fair but should also be stated with a caveat. At this point in training camp, defenses should have an edge over offenses. Having said that though, both teams should field very competitive defenses this year. The Giants re-vamped their secondary and have some youth on the d-line now, if JPP comes back to form they’ll be a top 10 D. The Bills have decent LBs, a GREAT d-line, and a good secondary with a lot of young potential. I think the Bill’s defense will keep them from being a doormat for other NFL teams, their offense, outside of QB, is actually underrated. Giants will win the NFC East this year.

  18. I don’t know what game people were watching last night. The Giants offense was horrible including the running game early on. They lost yardage and went 3 and out on the first drive. On the second drive they did nothing the first couple plays, then the offensive line couldnt block anyone, even though they were holding, and allowed Eli to get crushed for about a 10 yard loss. Which actually would have been a good thing if thats all that happened but it wasnt Eli again turned the ball over.

    After that the 2nd stringers came in for the Bills and that’s when Eli and the first string Giants offense stopped going backwards.

    So if a 3 and out, a holding penalty, and a sack fumble is what your looking for from your offense then yes the Giants offense looked good.

  19. seahawksfansince2013 says:
    Aug 3, 2014 10:12 PM
    People!! It’s the first game of the preseason, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The biggest point to take away from this game is that Eli manning is and will always be awful.
    Hey, real quick, count your Team’s SB rings. Now Count Manning’s. Yeah, His count over the last 7 years is more than you team’s ENTIRE HISTORY. Good job last year, but maybe you should ice your head, it’s swelling a bit.

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