Hakeem Nicks not making an immediate impact for the Colts


Last year’s contract year didn’t go so well for receiver Hakeem Nicks. This year’s contract year isn’t off to a stellar start.

Per Tom James of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star, offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton didn’t exactly rave about the former Giant.

“I don’t know if I can say that I’ve seen enough,” Hamilton said.  “I think he is still working to get himself in game shape.  His talent is well documented and his ability to be a productive receiver in the league is without a doubt something that we are not questioning, he’s a special talent.”

The talent is undeniable.  But how can Nicks not show up for the most important training camp of his life in game shape?

Nicks’ performance has taken a dip in the last two years, with no touchdowns scored and 896 receiving yards in the final year of his first-round rookie deal in New York.  He signed a modest one-year deal with the Colts in the hopes of hitting the market again, and striking it rich, in 2015.

With T.Y. Hilton coming in to his own and Reggie Wayne recovered from a torn ACL and the Colts perhaps not planning to use three-receiver sets on an extensive basis, Nicks could have a hard time getting to the end zone this year, because he could have a hard time getting on the field.

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  1. This guy is on a 1-year deal with a great young quarterback, two excellent tight ends, a future HOF wide receiver, and an emerging superstar (Hilton). No excuses.

  2. He’s hurt his legs in every training camp I can ever remember. Probably just biding his time til real season starts. He’ll be a 900 yd 8 td wr in that offense. No doubt.

  3. What an idiot, did he expect to walk into a starting role on a team With Reggie Wayne TY Hilton Dwayne Allen Colby Fleener? Maybe he didn’t know about the Colts’ preference for two tight end sets but still he had to know he needed to be in top form to overtake Hilton and Wayne.

  4. The Colt offense, which I’m pretty sure is opposite of what Gilbride ran in NY when he was there, might not suit him. I wouldn’t have expected that, but sometimes it happens.

  5. MikeisWise says:
    Aug 3, 2014 2:38 PM
    Lazy. Entitled. Not worth it.

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    Evidently he is lazy.

    Even the diva wide outs would be in shape… like Terrell Owens and others.

    He’s not a 300 lb lineman.

    He’s an NFL wide out and he’s not in shape…

    AND it was coming off a disappointing season and he had to be disappointed with his “small” 1 yr offer…

    YET he comes to camp out of shape.

    Lazy… check

    Entitled… check, thinks he deserves without having to bust his behind.

  6. Not surprising in any way for Giants fans who watched Nicks all last year quitting on his routes time after time. The guy quit on his routes. Unbelieveable. That team and his QB Eli Manning who helped him win that ring, btw, were sinking fast but Nicks showed zero heart. It’s not just about injuries. Strange signing for the Colts.

  7. He’s just extremely lazy and doesn’t have the right mindset. He held out of OTAs and dogged it in camp last year to “protect” himself from injury. He doesn’t work out as hard as he should in the off-season.

    Real football players work their butts off because they know the only way to really get paid is to get ready for Sundays.

  8. No one in New York could figure him out either. They loved him … but he hits his contract year and starts sulking for no apparent reason. Misses OTAs .. cops a lousy attitude. Nobody had a clue what was eating him. By the end of the year it was a relief to see him go.

  9. “No one in New York could figure him out either”

    Well, I guess not, considering the team was in New Jersey. There is nothing about this team or their bigger brother, the Jets, that has any thing to do about New York except the name. There is only one team from New York, and that’s the NY Buffalo Bills.

  10. He’s come a long way from the time that Giants fans were arguing that he was ‘better’ than Dez.

    I’m surprised, I always thought he was a really good WR. No idea what has happened ..l. did he lose is confidence?

  11. Eli made Hakeem Nicks look good, no question about it. But with Eli’s deteriorating skills, and his game slipping, all of the Giants receivers started to look lost, not just Hicks. Cruz and Randell also had down years and this years training camp isn’t looking much brighter.

    Eli has gotten old, it happens to the best of them, and the receivers are made to suffer for it. The West Coast Offense is not new any more, all of the D’ coordinators in the league have figured it out years ago and can game plan for it easily. Besides, it takes 3 years to learn that system, and Eli and Coughflin will be long gone by then.

  12. Big Blue On You says:
    Aug 3, 2014 5:06 PM
    “No one in New York could figure him out either”

    Well, I guess not, considering the team was in New Jersey. There is nothing about this team or their bigger brother, the Jets, that has any thing to do about New York except the name. There is only one team from New York, and that’s the NY Buffalo Bills.


    This is always the most ridiculous statement. The Giants have always been named after their metropolitan area. Where their stadium is located in New Jersey is in the New York metropolitan area. It’s just like how Fort Worth — where Cowboys Stadium is — is a part of the Dallas metro area and how Landover, MD — where FedEx Field is — is a part of the DC metro area. By the way, Giants Stadium is closer to NYC than Cowboys Stadium or FedEx Field are to their respective cities.

    By the way, the New York in New York Giants refers to the city not the state.

  13. Any long time giants fan will tell you, “Nicks mailed it in” last year and maybe even the year before.
    He had me as one of our best WR’s ever, than bang, the money, bad advice, a new agent, all got into his head, and the giants let him walk!
    He plays now, when he wants to and could be the best at his trade, but whatever it is, he is not the same guy we drafted!
    His cute smile is devious and telling, good luck colts!

  14. 2009 draft class strikes again.

    And this one could’ve been a good player, but he is so lazy, last year Eli got picked off more than 5 times because of Nicks poor route running.

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