Jonathan Cooper a disappointment in Cardinals camp

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Heading into last year’s NFL draft, Jonathan Cooper was viewed as one of the best guard prospects ever to come out of college football. But he still has a long way to go to live up to the hype.

The Cardinals took Cooper with the seventh overall pick last year, but he broke his leg in the preseason and missed the entire regular season. Now Cooper is healthy enough to practice, but head coach Bruce Arians hasn’t been thrilled with what he’s seen.

I’m a little disappointed with where Coop is at right now,” Arians told the team’s website. “I’d hope he come a little faster.”

The Cardinals actually had two rookie guards who sat out the entire season last year, with fourth-round pick Earl Watford also not playing at all last year. Arians said he thinks the presence of Watford on the depth chart may push Cooper, which is a good sign for Watford’s development, but not such a great sign for a Top 10 pick heading into his second year.

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  1. The first difference between this regime and the last is that Arians and Co. won’t sugar-coat the lack of performance. If he’s not cutting it, you can believe he’s hearing about it, too.

    The second is this: They won’t be afraid to bench him if he remains a poor performer. Pride has nothing to do with creating the best football team possible, so if it’s not working, see ya. Cut your losses and move on.

    Now, that’s not saying I think Cooper is a bust, but at least we won’t have to deal with a farm gate at left guard due to a high draft selection.

  2. Guards are underrated. When they hit the second level and occupy linebackers and safeties and can make average halfbacks look like superstars. The difference between 3.0 yards per carry and 5.0 yards a carry over 250 carries is an extra 500 yards a season(for example). I’m not a Cardinals fan by any means but at the time there was more than adequate justification for taking him there. Give him time, people are so quick to judge something they don’t understand.

  3. I think Coop will be fine. BA is one motivating fella. Only had one week of training camp. They picked him that high for a reason.

  4. Let quit arm chair quarterbacking. Most people thought Coop was a great pick in 2013. He has plenty of time to show what he’s got. He needs more reps and the preseason to show his skills.

  5. The people ripping the pick at 7 must not remember how bad of a draft last year’s was. In addition, Cooper is coming off of a pretty gruesome injury this time last year and is getting his first work in since then, so I’d wait on calling him a bust. Arians knows how to ride his players to get them to play at an elite level.

  6. time will tell….but i still think Chance Warmack would have been a better pick at OG

  7. The Cards got sick of wasting draft picks on RBs year after year, they decided to waste them on Gs for a while as a change of pace.

  8. Cooper looked phenomenal last year before he broke his leg…so it’s not like he came in and looked like a reach…he didn’t. He is rusty….anybody would be after sitting out an entire season, especially when it was his rookie year.

  9. Nobody knows how Cooper will do since he was out his entire rookie season with a bad injury. Arians is a good coach but he lacks a little class bagging on his players to the press; you don’t see Sean Payton or Bill Bilichick or Pete Carroll doing that. Fans need to just chill and let things play out. Most players don’t really hit their stride until their second or third year so what’s all the drama about?

  10. Give him time im sure he will be a decent enough player to start. Its like the guy is a rookie all over again due to his situation last year.

  11. I like Arian’s honesty. It’s refreshing. You can tell when Jim Harbaugh is lying because his lips are moving. I like a coach who calls it like he sees it. Here in L.A. Phil Jackson was constantly calling out his players through the media and that worked out pretty well for everyone.

  12. I can’t help but wonder if Cooper is who the Titans originally wanted. I say that because three picks later Tennessee drafted Alabama guard Chance Warmack. The difference? Warmack has been so good, this weekend The Titans hung his massive banner from the upper deck of their stadium. He’s one of only three current players displayed outside LP Field. … I kid you not.

  13. ““I’d hope he come a little faster.”

    Thats what she said”


    Odd, I don’t recall ANY woman wanting that.

  14. Well, the problem is, if you pick a Guard at #7, he has to be a Larry Allen clone. He has to be a Pro-Bowl player from day 1. Otherwise, he will be considered a ‘bust’, even if he’s a damn fine player.

  15. .
    The Cardinals weren’t the only organization to have Cooper rated highly on their draft board. The Patriots really liked him also.

  16. When we have a traumatic injury, there is a tendency to instinctively protect the wounded area long after the damage has healed. It takes awhile for the mind to let go of the “phantom” pain. Protection causes a player to perform tentatively, slowing progress and creating the potential for other injuries. He’ll figure it out in due time.

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