Panthers have a full house on the sidelines Sunday


Things have been unseasonably cool for the Panthers in Spartanburg, S.C. this summer.

But that break hasn’t meant they’re more productive.

Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, the Panthers lined up Sunday morning without 14 players, including two of their biggest stars.

Defensive ends Greg Hardy (shoulder) and Charles Johnson (hamstring) are among the guys working on the sidelines, a crowd so big they didn’t have enough exercise bikes to accommodate them all.

With 90 on the roster, it’s easier to stomach a few days off. But with 21 percent of their salary cap on the side in the person of their starting defensive ends, it’s also hard to get a sense for what they’re going to look like.

21 responses to “Panthers have a full house on the sidelines Sunday

  1. 6-10 no playoffs. panthers will draft a qb with their 1st pick next year. cam will be traded to the jags.

  2. 21% is still a hurter. And anyone who is doubting these WRs will be surprised and if you’re surprised it means you don’t really watch football. This team is gonna ball out.

  3. Man I sense some jealousy going on in these post. Drafting a QB and Trading Cam to the Jags. Man I’m LOL and that could only come from a 49ers fan.

    No WR’s. Did you know Benjamin hasn’t dropped a pass in Camp. I just keep LOL because for some reason people just can’t believe you develop with in.

    21% of players hurt, yep dang happy about it to. These guys are going all out to be the #1 Defense in the League and the offense told them you are not going to run over top of us.

    Panthers ready to lay some wood on some other teams. It started when Thomas Davis and Charles Johnson didn’t make the Pro bowl and are on a quest to prove they are Pro Bowl players.

    Rivera had Byron Bell lead the tam Thursday to get the team pumped up for practice. Little did we know it flipped a switch in Bell and a nasty streak came out.

    I like Big Play Bene and this guy can sky, has great instincts and is a pure ball hawk.

  4. This group of Panthers with the schedule that they have will be lucky to go 4-12 this year and definitely no playoffs. No wide receivers, no offensive line, and poor special teams will be their undoing. Gettleman says he is building through the draft but trades and gives away draft picks like they grow on trees. The Panthers have also started their walking wounded routine which leads to 20 or more players being placed on IR with the practice squad and off the street signings to follow. To quote former coach John Fox, “It is what it is”

  5. The Panthers WRs actually have excellent hands. Avant and Cotchery are solid but slow. They need to get some speed out of the rookie and so he has to stay healthy.

    And Cam needs to get more comfortable throwing out of the pocket.

  6. Greg Hardy on the sidelines? Not enough exercise bikes. Hardy should be pounding big rocks into little rocks. He WAS after all, convicted. He needs to be suspended for a year. Yeah, he’s in the appeal process…but he’s already been found GUILTY.

  7. look if anyone has any doubt about the panthers look at it this way we will have the number 1 defence this season no less than # 2 that means little points for the opposing team we dont need pro bowl receivers to move the ball just 1st downs baby we will run run @run the ball and now that we have our Red Zone guy in KB i no we will be a playoff sqad @ get pass the first round now I’m not talking super bowl but i will say 13 -3 !

  8. This year will be a special year for Cam and the Carolina. Panthers can’t waitto see the look on the doubters faces. They will be greatly shock when our offense shock the world wen Cam lead our wide receivers especially the young rookies they counted out to a stunning victory to the playoff and the championship of the world as being counted out and overlooked. What a sweet surprise that will be but even “More “sweeter than a honeycomb it will be to Cam and the couted out River boat Ron and our excellent Panthers with the Victory in our hands as NFL Champions !!! “GO Panthers Go” keep pounding.

  9. I like the Panthers but I’m really getting sick of hearing about the O line and receivers. Given that Carolina has never been a passing team I don’t see that the receivers are any worse this year than last. Lets face a harsh reality Steve Smith is well past his prime. This season with Baltimore will tell that tale. Based on performance last year the receivers should do fine. Our line has question marks this year but if Cam doesn’t hold the ball so long before making a decision we should be fine there too. Old saying goes offense wins games defense wins championships. If our D stays healthy we will be very good maybe even repeat conference champs. Given the way things are going to start the season I’m betting any team that can stay healthy will be there at the end. Better to be sidelined now than in December.

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