Trump claims he bid $1 billion for Bills

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Much isn’t known about the initial bid process regarding the sale of the Buffalo Bills.  Donald Trump shared a little information about his offer with Al Michaels of NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

During the broadcast of the Hall of Fame Game between the Bills and Giants, Michaels passed along the details of a conversation with Trump.

“He said he offered $1 billion.  All cash, no contingencies, immediate closing.  He’d have the check in one hour,” Michaels said of Trump.  “He was a little miffed that it went out for bid again.”

The offer, if Trump actually made it and isn’t simply claiming he made it (not that Trump would ever say he’s going to do something and not do it), would still be lower than the amount supposedly put on the table by Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula.

Besides, the process is far from over.  Now that the Bills have multiple bidders, they can be leveraged against each other.  Which will result in Trump being even more miffed.

Ultimately, the question is whether at least nine of 32 NFL owners are still miffed about Trump’s role in the antitrust lawsuit filed by the USFL against the NFL in the 1980s.

77 responses to “Trump claims he bid $1 billion for Bills

  1. “He said he offered $1 billion. All cash, no contingencies, immediate closing. He’d have the check in one hour,” Michaels said of Trump.

    So which is it? Straight cash or post dated check?

  2. He won’t move the team. if he can stay out of way of the front office who really cares?

  3. He’s continuing the path he started on.. It’s all for PR the bids cannot be disclosed thats why he’s saying he bid a billion. He doesn’t have a billion ask Deutsch bank. Just google Trumps net worth according to Deutsch bank who he asked for a loan ( and was denied)and sued after his financial info was leaked. He has no intent of owning the Bills he just likes the pub so do everyone a favor and stop giving it to him.

  4. Pegula isn’t the only game in town with cash to burn. Lot’s of Bills fans in denial I think. If Trump wants the team and is willing to pay, he’d likely have no trouble putting together a group who could bid with anyone.

  5. Can you even imagine Trump and Jerry Jones trying to out do each other for publicity. The stage isn’t big enough 😀

  6. pretty sure trump is just riding this for a cheap p.r. bonanza.

    first, speaking publicly about his bid while the process plays out surely won’t endear him to the people involved and won’t improve his chances of winning.

    secondly he knows that by now the league and the wilson family have already determined what size checks trump can actually cash…

  7. And he’d immediately change the name to the “Buffalo Trumps.” The man LIVES to see his name in print on everything he owns. Is there a bigger egomaniac publicity seeker anywhere? Didn’t think so….

  8. All blow and show. Such a lack of class in this pathetic person that the Head Lice have a greater favorability . Hair today gone tomorrow.. never too soon for this punk to shut up and go away. of course this is my opinion.. I would not want this man to say I hurt his reputation… UGGHH !

  9. Trump doesn’t have ten percent of that In cash. It’s all been spent or invested

  10. More hot air from the Donald. Nice try lowballing the franchise when you’re nothing more than a middle man. Bills could agree with me for $1billion and I could have the money within the hour. “Hey, Bon Jovi…”. Hope the Buffalo fans dont get treated like a Miami highrise.

  11. speedback says:
    Aug 3, 2014 10:07 PM
    Wow! A lot of people seem to have inside knowledge of how much money Trump has!

    Everyone is an expert.

    …reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer keeps telling Jerry – it’s all a write off – and Jerry says – you don’t know what a write off is do you? Kramer sheepishly replies – No.

  12. A lying, despicable racist who has a history of multiple bankruptcies and extremely shady business deals is just what the NFL needs.

  13. Buffalo, you and the city deserve better. The family of the late great Ralph Wilson, needs to abide by the mans wishes at the least. Dont let it go to the highest bidder, let it go to the guy that fights to keep them there, and can also cut you a fat check. His widow and daughters are all old. Unless they are off thier rockers, the 4 of them cant burn thru a billion in the coming yrs,…

  14. Which owner is willing to reduce ticket prices if they don’t get the job done and win? Trump should up his bid by saying along with his offer he’s willing to reduce ticket prices all the way to free if certain losing benchmarks are met.

  15. “He said he offered $1 billion. All cash… He’d have the check in one hour,”

    I thought a cash and a check were two different things.

  16. It has been reported that Pegula started the serious bidding at $1.3 Billion and so it is probable that Trump doesn’t make it to the second round.
    I don’t know if Donald Sterling is interested in getting into the NFL. He is flush with cash and has vast experience in sports ownership. Maybe he can help finance Trump. Both are arrogant and filthy rich, so they meet Roger’s strict entry criteria. Although they may need to be drug tested.

  17. I guess my five bags of aluminum cans aren’t gonna get any attention. God Bless America! (Plastic bottles and glass were strongholds).

  18. You would think that if that blowhard had a Billion he could find a new home for that squirrel living on top of his head.

  19. Jones, Snyder, Kraft, Khan, and Haslam….no wonder the Donald feels he would fit in.

  20. Do we need a pompous blowhard in the league??? We already have One……….right ROG???

  21. Trump loves free publicity. First he claimed he was running for president, then he became the face of the laughable tea party, then he became a conspiracy theorist with the whole tea party birther thing, then he claimed he was running for governor and mayor. It’s all hot air. People who take him seriously like the conservatives are the fools

  22. Sure he did. During a negotiation of this nature, you never, ever publicize bidding information until the deal is done. Trump is masterful at keeping his name on the celebrity circuit. Nothing more, noting less.

  23. “The LA Clippers sold for two billion. Trump better be ready to write a much larger check if he wants the Bills.”

    That’s not really true though. While NFL franchises are by and large worth more than NBA franchises (maybe the Celtics or Lakers are worth more than the Jaguars), the Clippers sold for WAY more than they’re actually worth. But don’t tell a guy with $30 billion how much to spend on an NBA franchise. The Bills will not sell for $2 billion, let alone more.

  24. Why the Buffalo Bills will always be the biggest loser in all of pro sports.

    Buffalo has the chance to get the George Steinbrenner type of owner that the Yankees got years back.

    And how did that work out?

    Go get your generic owner- Buffalo and stay a loser for years to come.

    You deserve it.


    Please do your research on why the USFL Closed, it wasn’t because of D. Trump.

  25. He could offer a katrillion dollars and there is NO way the NFL will let this clown be in the League. Yeah, I know the NFL is all about money but that is why. He’ll KILL the brand.

  26. Trump is worth more than $10 billion, easily. But screw him being an owner. I want him for commissioner! No more “officiating points of emphasis!”

    Roger Goodell sucks.

  27. This guy is an absolute clown. Anyone that has ever done business with him knows he is the ultimate sellout. He is the ultimate bid shopper on all of his construction jobs. To hear him say he is miffed it went out to bid again is laughable. Karma is a bitch!!

  28. reminds me of what LBJ said about J. Edgar Hoover: “I’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.”

  29. Help me out here……The NFL pulls in 9 billion a year(9,000,000,000) equally split by 32 teams…..(9,000,000,000 /32) …..Is that 280 million per squad? Salary cap of 150 million? So without doing anything 100 million coming in………..and people are debating about financing 1 billion………The NBA is nice but doesnt have the NFL gauranteed revenue and people are paying 2 billion for a franchise??????? I know Im missing something………….

  30. I really hope the Buffalo Sabres owner gets the team, but something tells me that he has the lowest bid and Trump is only doing this for the P.R.

    I think Bon Jovi & his group have the lead to win the bidding but they clearly want to move to Toronto. I think if you can get the NFL to agree to getting a stadium built in Niagara Falls, NY that would be a great solution for everyone.

    The Bills are clearly a regional team like the Green Bay Packers. They want to draw fans from all sorts of direction which is why Ed Roski’s LA stadium is a good idea but the NFL doesn’t like it for some reason.

  31. A billion…lol
    Once he floats some bonds and gets new suckers to invest with no rights. Then he will have a billion. ASK HIS ATLANTIC CITY INVESTORS HOW THAT WORKED OUT FOR THEM.

  32. Hey should get Manziel to roll each bill, or in this case – the check, just to sweeten the offer.

  33. Trump wanted to bully his way to a team and bypass the very thing that made him wealthy…supply and demand.
    Trump wouldn’t have taken the offer if he was on the other side, not knowing what others would bid or how many groups would get into the bidding.
    Trump is a bully that throws his money around and I’m glad that he wasn’t able to circumvent the process.

  34. First off… The Donald is annoying as hell, but don’t doubt for a minute that he could put together a group that could come up with a cool billion for one minute. There’s a lot of people who would like to buy in to this cash cow.

    Second… for those that keep saying that he contradicted himself by saying straight cash and “check” in the same sentence…. it’s the SAME thing in business! His point is its not a collateral or credit offer.


  35. “He said he offered $1 billion. All cash, no contingencies, immediate closing”

    Pretty impressive. I guess “The Donald” must’ve inherited a lot Monopoly game-sets.

  36. It makes me laugh that FBJ and Trump do all the talking and the man who keeps his mouth shut and lets his money do the talking is the eventual owner of the Bills…TERRY PEGULA!!! This man will not be denied.

  37. I do find it enjoyable when someone is so ignorant they are to stupid to realize when one of their lies is so transparent know one is fooled.

    1 billion in Cash donald?

  38. This guy is still living off of daddy’s money. How many times did he go bankrupt ? Has anyone seen his Atlantic city properties lately. And the nfl is going to let him in the door. Haha. Look back to the usfl.

  39. Well, of course he tried to get a quick purchase. Buyers always do that if they think they can buy on the cheap to prevent other bidders raise the price.

    Actually he’s missing out on his best argument to other owners, which is that if he was allowed to buy, they won’t have to worry about Little Danny being the public face of owners any more.

  40. Only extremely gullible people fall for Trump’s publicity stunts or take him seriously.

  41. Fools.

    If Trump doesn’t have enough like so many of you say…Bon Jovi certainly doesn’t. Trump’s a billionaire, Bon Jovi’s a millionaire.

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