Bring back Tebow: Jets list three first-string running backs


This is going to be bigger than Tim Tebow.

The Jets aren’t running the Wildcat, but they might be thinking wishbone.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, the Jets listed Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson and Bilal Powell as first-teamers on the initial depth chart.

If anything, such designation underscores the importance of depth charts issued by teams in August.

They’re slapped together by team PR staffs as opposed to coaching staffs out of obligation. While they sometime yield clues as to the team’s thinking, they’re generally nothing to put too much emphasis on.

But it’s clear the Jets are going to put an emphasis on running.

Or something.

30 responses to “Bring back Tebow: Jets list three first-string running backs

  1. “If anything, such designation underscores the importance of depth charts issued by teams in August”

    Then why post the article? More Jets trolling and another way for you guys to stick in a Tebow reference. Report football, this is meaningless.

  2. Good luck on stopping the wishbone play with 3 RBs and Tebow on the field (assuming he’s coming back). You’ll never know where that ball is going before it’s too late. NFL coaches don’t teach their players how to defend against it, so it would probably be an easy victory. Since Tebow isn’t here yet, just run it with Geno then.

    Or just stick with the traditional boring style of trying to beat vanilla with sweeter vanilla.

  3. I think the only thing they are putting real emphasis on is having players and coaches boast and brag. Because, you know, that is how you become a championship team, by claiming you are the best. Rex is pure genius, and hey, that ownership….

  4. Tebow is the fifth best QB of all time! He nearly won a super bowl with God’s Team! We owned everyone this year, and would have gone 19-0 had it not been for the league screwing us!


  5. Last week I was joking about the Jets depth chart being a flat line because every player is so amazing, that’s what makes me a great member of the Jets PR staff.

  6. Anybody on this thread is more than welcome to try and tackle these “scrubs”.

    Internet. Where courage is a keystroke away.

    Bring Joes vs. Pros “pft troll edition”

    That’d be s clown shoe needing circus music.

  7. Stock article. Why bother? Offense will certainly be improved this year. Defense is STOUT. As opposed to Steeler defense who’s matra is “giving up points and smoking -oints” Rex=king.

  8. I remember last yr when the Titans planned to use both CJ and Shonn Greene as there primary RB’s and when they told CJ about it, his response was everyone needs a back-up…referring to Shonn Greene. He might not come out and say it now but sooner than later CJ will start barking out comments about how he should be the only ball carrier, or how he thinks the Jets aren’t using him like he thinks they should..

  9. Tebow is out of football and its highly unlikely he would want to play for the NY Jets again under any circumstances. I do wish the Jets well however and I hope they have a successful winning season.

  10. This article shows PFT and every other media outlet tries way too hard to put out anything about the Jets cuz it brings out the haters, trolls and wannabe comedians to post comments and create traffic. This format is getting old and played out.

  11. The fact that you used Tim Tebow’s name just to get people to this page really makes me angry. If I cared anything about the Jets or pro football at all I would still be watching games. Tebow was the only reason I watched football. Thanks for the deception.

  12. Give me any name other then Powell and maybe. Guy was useless last year and has 0 explosiveness. Greene was better in every aspect and he was a jag. Bohanon looked better last year.

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