Jaguars rookie (not that one) jumps to first-string offense


The Jaguars have a high-profile rookie quarterback who has managed, along with the rest of the team, to keep a low profile.  Blake Bortles will continue to have a low profile on the depth chart; the team’s first official list of players and positions puts him at No. 2, behind Chad Henne.

But another rookie taken early in the process has landed in the starting lineup, for now.  It’s second-round receiver Marqise Lee.  A star in 2012 who slid at USC in 2013, Lee has done enough so far this year to earn the spot across from Cecil Shorts III.

On defense, a couple of former Seahawks have rocketed to the top at defensive end in their first year with the team.  Free-agent arrivals Red Bryant and Chris Clemons are listed as the starters.

Another newcomer, Toby Gerhart, is the starter at running back, ahead of Jordan Todman and Denard Robinson.

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  1. I know they are the butt of so many jokes and they’ve been irrelevant for a while now, but I really like the direction they’re heading in. They may only win 6 games or so next season, but with one more offseason of signings and draft picks, I think they will be ready to contend next season. They’re building plenty of depth and making smart pickups.

  2. No one should be shocked that Marquis Lee is starting. The only thing that held back his stats last year was not having a quarterback to throw to him. He’s been a stud through and through for the Trojans. “Fight On” Glad to see him starting in the next phase of his career.

  3. Lol @ jags fans. Nah ya know what? I’m rooting for them too. They’ve been so bad for so long. Plus I used to enjoy the rivalry when both the titans & jags were good. That said, I’m not a Bortles believer.

  4. There are plenty of Seahawk fans rooting for Gus and the ex-Hawks.

    One thing for sure, you’ll have a better run defense this year with Big Red on the line.


  5. As a football guy here in Green Bay, I do look for the Jags to be much improved. I might be going out on a limb, but 8 – 8 is possible considering your division.

  6. Not this year….need another year or two. On another note, there hasn’t been this kind of excitement around this team since the Coughlin years. It is really, really refreshing!

  7. Hard to say who the worst team in the NFL is; The Raiders or the Jaguars (dishonorable mentions, the Vikings and the Washington franchise).

  8. After starting 0-8 against mainly super bowl participants and contenders…. Gus coached up a roster without any of above talent except Henne to win 4 of 5 games and competed in every 1 except for week 17. The defense was bad and now will be much much better. It’s exciting in Jax. Especially with what Bortles is showing in terms of poise and smarts.

  9. Not that Lee wasn’t a potential steal in the 2nd after a bad ’13, but in all candor, he’s #2WR now because four other WRs are on the training table and one is in Oklahoma awaiting (another) trial.

  10. lol at tealrev, but also realize them 4 wins came against a 2-14 texan team twice, a bad titan team, and the browns who also sucked. we also watched the raiders beat us after the bye…. lets not pretend the team just got good after the bye, the teams just got easier that we were playing

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