Johnny Manziel opens Monday’s practice with the first team


Last week, Browns coach Mike Pettine and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said that Johnny Manziel would be getting first-team reps at practice sooner rather than later.

They proved to be true to their word on Monday. Per the reports of just about everyone on the Browns beat, Manziel opened up the first practice of the week as the quarterback with the first team.

When announcing their plans for the first-round pick last week, the Browns coaches emphasized that it would be wrong to read too much about the team’s competition in the position from the fact that Brian Hoyer got the first crack with the starters. Following that thinking, it would also be wrong to read too much into Manziel getting the nod on Monday.

That said, it seems clear that the Browns aren’t closing the door on Manziel starting in the first week of the season after spending a lot of time talking about how hard it would be for the rookie to win the job. Some in Cleveland believe that Manziel has started to close whatever gap Hoyer enjoyed over him and good practice performances with the first team will only fuel that belief as the Browns move closer to making their ultimate decision.

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  1. The idea that Johnny Football won’t take the first snap in week one is only to keep the kid from getting a big head. The fact is that he’d be somewhere else if Brian Hoyer was really that good. Johnny shouldn’t work hard at practice but when he gets a preseason start, everyone will see how much of a special talent he is and Hoyer will go back to being a very capable backup.

  2. Apparently, Manziel opened with the first teamers by throwing a nice 40-yard completion, but followed with his first pick of the day. … And now this from sports journalist Dustin Fox who’s covering Browns camp (via Twitter):

    “Manziel isn’t looking to throw to anyone but #12. Not even close. Not reading it. Just determining pre snap that’s where he’s going.”

  3. Manziel should just own the fact he and Hoyer have a Blades of Glory thing going, and come out like Chazz Michael Michaels.

    “Was the fire really necessary?”
    “Ask them!”

  4. We, are going to put a Rookie QB who is 5’11’ against a Dick Lebeau veteran defense week 1, then go Baltimore and the New Orleans. 4-12 again. Los Vegas was right

  5. Yay..
    Just melt down in a flaming ball of wreckage already. Sooner would be better than later.
    We’ve wasted enough time on the “flush it down” Browns.

  6. Johnny Football is going to be great for Browns as long as he avoids unnecessary hits. That’s the key. The ability to keep drives alive by moving out the pocket is something that only a handful of QB’s can do today. You can’t teach that.

  7. Cue all the “new” things we’re gonna read in these comments now…

    such as…

    he’s gonna be a bust

    glad we drafted Bridgewater

    he’s a tool

    he’s overrated

    he cares about everything but football

    he only cares about being a celebrity

    ya’ll are persistent, I’ll give ya that…

    100 Johnny articles could come out and ya’ll will keep saying the same thing

  8. More than one player been ruined by the idea “You don’t draft a guy in round one to have him sit.” Thats shortsighted and dumb.

    I like how the Browns are handling the kid. You can tell he’s an entitled guy, all they are doing is making him work for it. He’ll be better for it.

  9. andreweac says:
    Aug 4, 2014 10:44 AM
    Bieber is writing a new song to celebrate this development.

    It goes something like:
    Johnny Football is like the Biebs,
    A real tough guy in a world of dweebs
    He will take the first team reps,
    He will take those baby steps.

  10. soon to be relegated to the backup position for rolling up $20 bills and taking pics in the bathroom..

  11. Normally this would excite Jimmy the Greek in Las Vegas. However, this impacts a different part of Las Vegas – the Wayne Newton, Justin Bieber part.

  12. I just don’t get why all the hate on this guy, especially if your a Browns fan. he is one of us for crying out loud. Let’s go Johnny light it up run for your life whatever it takes.. Wouldn’t it be sweet if he comes out and beats Pittsburg, then what would people be saying I would love for that to happen? SO back off of him and let’s see what he can do. And so what if he makes money on endorsements so the hell what. But I’m for Hoyer too I don’t care who is the QB for us just win or even be competitive and I’d be happy, like we were when Hoyer started those game for us last year. What a breath of fresh air he gaves us in just those 2 games he played. That’s what Im looking for playing like a pro team this year not a team that hasn’t got a clue out there or playing scared. And I’m thrilled that we don’t have to watch weeden anymore so all is good, I mean how bad can it be after having to sit through that anyone will be so much more fun to watch and can Not be any worse so let’s get it on. Go Browns!!

  13. And Brian Hoyer begins his fall from Browns QB Messiah to his normal position of Career Journeyman Backup.

  14. Ok, ok, here’s more:

    Johnny Football is like the Biebs,
    A real tough guy in a world of dweebs
    He will take the first team reps,
    He will take those baby steps.

    He will throw the ball so high
    The Stealer backs will try and try
    To pick him off and run it back
    As they can’t get him in a sack

    Justin B. will be right there
    Helping Johnny fill the air
    Footballs come from Johnny’s arm
    And with the Biebs, both will charm

    The Cleveland poor and destitute
    To have a team which they can root
    Johnny is the guy for them
    And Biebs there too? Just say ahem.

  15. @indians4ever

    Ummmm… there was a 5’11” guy very mobile who just won a ring and a very tall guy 6’5″ not very mobile who got it handed to him… again. The ability to dance in the pocket is great, (I loved Marino, Manning, and Brees), but these DT’s are 320 lbs and running a 4.6 these days. ROFL It is better to never have to be in their direct line of fire.

  16. Memo to Cleveland: Get out your old flims of the man everybody loved to hate because he didn’t play for their team, Fran Tarkenton. Brush up and enjoy. Oh, and votehut, the DT’s run 4.6’s, but they still can’t cut. Manziel is going to drive them into the nuthouse.

  17. The only reason Manziel is getting reps with the 1st team is because the Browns are trying so hard to save face after drafting this buffoon. They’re forcing the situation, trying to rush him into his savior role so they can ride the current wave of apparel sales. $$$ is the bottom line and, trust me, the Browns would rather see him win even a handful of games if it means the jerseys will keep flying off the shelves and the gameday tickets are selling out– they’d rather see that than have a winning season.

    Sad stuff.

    Browns, stop trying to make Johnny Football “happen” and just hand it to the guy who actually looked like an NFL QB last year.

  18. So not even 24 hours ago the consensus was that Manziel had shown so far he’s got a lot to overcome and a ways to go to grasp the Browns sysem. And now he’s “closed the gap”. LOL @ today’s sports media. Can I go back to the 80’s when the sports media had some credibility?

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