Martellus Bennett, Kyle Fuller brawl at Bears camp


It’s about that time in training camps across the league where players are getting tired of running into the same guy every single day.

Players are ready to hit someone else for a change and preseason games are quickly approaching to give teams the opportunity to do so.

However, tensions can still get heated in practice and the most recent scuffle in training camp comes at the hands of the Chicago Bears.

According to Jeff Dickerson of, tight end Martellus Bennett and cornerback Kyle Fuller got into a fight during practice when Fuller inadvertently pulled Bennett to the ground while attempting to strip the football away.

Bennett jumped to his feet and slammed the Bears’ first-round pick to the turf in retaliation and argued with receiver Brandon Marshall for several minutes before getting his emotions back in check.

“It’s practice. Practice is practice. I know I sound like Allen Iverson right now, but it’s practice,” Bennett said. “[Expletive] happens at practice. You learn from it. That’s why it’s practice.”

Luckily for the Bears, no one was ultimately hurt in the tiff between Bennett and Fuller. However, the sooner players can begin hitting players wearing a different uniform for a change, the better off we’ll all be for it.

Chicago opens the preseason Friday night at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.