NFL not talking about whether it has seen the other Ray Rice video


By now, anyone who wants to see the video of Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging his mostly-unconscious then-fiancée (now wife) from an elevator at an Atlantic City casino has seen it.  Possibly because that video was improperly leaked to the media, far tighter clamps have been placed on the video of the punch (or whatever it was) from Rice that knocked her out.

A video definitely exists, it was assumed NFL has seen it.  After all, Rice’s lawyer strongly hinted that he has seen it, and Rice’s lawyer would be entitled to have a copy of that and any other evidence that the prosecution intended to introduce at trial as part of the discovery process.

In turn, Rice’s ultimate employer, the NFL, would be entitled to demand to see a copy of it from Rice himself, both to assess the precise nature of the behavior and to evaluate the apparent claim that Janay Palmer Rice in some way provoked Rice.  (Not that provocation would ever excuse an attack.)  If Mrs. Rice, whose presence at Ray’s personal-conduct policy hearing was not requested by the league but arranged by the NFLPA, contends that she had some sort of responsibility for getting knocked out, it becomes reasonable for the league to request an opportunity to see the visual evidence.

The league had no comment on whether it has seen the tape, continuing its position of refraining from speaking about what was and what wasn’t considered in fashioning Rice’s two-game suspension.  It’s our understanding, however, that the NFL did not obtain the video of the incident.

“When we’re going through the process of evaluating the issue and whether there will be discipline, you look at all of the facts that you have available,” Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters on Friday.  “Law enforcement normally has more — on a normal basis — has more information, facts, than we have. We’ll get as much as we possibly can.”

Given the ease with which the NFL could have gotten the video — by simply telling Rice that he must direct his lawyer to produce it to the league office — the league could have gotten the video, if it really wanted to get the video.  Either the NFL didn’t think of making that request (which is highly unlikely), or the NFL deliberately chose not to.

Maybe the league decided that there was nothing to see.  After all, Rice admitted to the behavior, and the prosecutors allowed him to enter a diversionary program based in part on the contents of the video.  Still, when Goodell says that the league will “get as much as we possibly can,” the universe of possibilities in this case absolutely includes the video.

If the league truly hasn’t seen it, the league will now have to wonder whether someone eventually will leak it to the media.  Which could result in even more criticism of the discipline that eventually was imposed on Rice.

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  1. ‘It’s our understanding, however, that the NFL did not obtain the video of the incident.’

    Did I miss something here? Where is the inference coming from that they haven’t seen it? I certainly don’t get that from the quotes provided.

  2. They didn’t get as much “information as they possible can” to prevent big lawsuits against them from needing to come to fruition. Maybe the NFL means it this time. We’ll probably have a better idea after some games have been played and we find out how well they manage those games with the information that exists that describes what is intended to happen.

  3. No one would give Goodell the tape because they were afraid he would destroy it.

  4. From what has been said about the video and the fact that the prosecutors offered the diversionary program instead of going to trial, it is hard not to believe that the missing video isn’t as bad as people think

  5. The tape probably is in the same dumpster as Ray Lewis bloody suit. Protect the shield? More like protect the Ravens.

  6. whatever is on that video must be pretty bad. if it showed evidence of some mitigating factor (i.e. he pushed her and she fell or something), you’d think that someone from Ray’s corner would be pushing to get it publicized. Unless for some reason that record was sealed in the deal that sent him to pre-trial diversion.

  7. What if the tape shows her attacking Ray before he knocked her out? Responding to any provocation with violence is wrong, unless that provocation is in the form of violence itself. The man is entitled to defend himself.

    If she started the whole thing by hitting Ray first, then the 2 game suspension starts to make a whole lot of sense.

    (I realize Ray is much stronger than his opponent/wife, but that just goes to show that she should have thought of that first, if indeed she did hit him first.)

  8. The video is in the same place as fellow Raven Ray Lewis’ white suit, Hernandez’s guns, and the Patriot’s spy tapes.

  9. Like most tapes (Pam Anderson, Hilton, Rob Ford, Marion Berry, Sterling etc etc etc), this one will pop out when enough money is on the table, or enough time elapses and the price is driven down.

  10. They’re not booing, they’re chanting “GOOOOOOdell”

    How long will this joke of a commissioner remain?

    I’m betting that he will give a slap on the wrist to one of his bosses (Irsay) and then ‘retire’ with a huge golden parachute after protecting the fraternity of owners.

  11. Best Part of being a Ravens Fan: Delighting in the rage exhibited by the many, many people who hate them.

    It makes winning so much more satisfying.

  12. Yes, I’m sure the tape shows all kinds of mitigating evidence like Ray trying to catch her and instead giving her an uppercut or Ray trying to defend himself…

    But Ray and the NFL won’t “stoop” to show they are not as bad as everyone thinks.

  13. People have never seen the video but have an opinion of what happen as if they were there , The Judge saw the video sentence Rice to diversionary program based in part on the contents of the video. If the judge didn’t think the tape was a Big deal then its not so lets move on ..

  14. those dirtbags have seen it and they’ve spent alot of money to stop the public from seeing it…it will come out eventually…and it will make the NFL look even worse than they already do…

  15. Or, quite possibly, when/if the other footage is released, it could explain 1) why he was allowed to enter the diversion program instead of having the hammer dropped on him, and 2) why he was only suspended for two games. Thatt seems more likely to me, but I’m more about using common sense than is your average washed-up attorney….

  16. Goodell likes to go with the first time offense story. No matter how violent the offense. One size fits all……..Ravens punishment.

  17. Forget what the NFL did for a minute.

    Suppose there IS video. Then the police or judge or whoever had to have seen it

    And if he wasn’t charged and was given basically “probation,” then perhaps there WASN’T much of a punch (if any) to punish him for.

    People are in outrage over what the NFL did? REALLY? I mean, if the police and courts thought it didn’t warrant anything other than counseling… Then what is the NFL suppose to do?

    As easily as sex tapes and Jay-Z(known illuminati member) elevator tapes get leaked… I find it very hard to believe that there is ANY other video that shows anything involving a hit. Otherwise… IT WOULD HAVE LEAKED ALREADY!

    What probably happened is they both got very drunk. She nearly passed out… She wasn’t “unconscious.” You could see her still moving while being dragged from the elevator. Rice could barely walk himself.

  18. (Not that provocation would ever excuse an attack.)

    i am sick and tired of hearing this repeated over and over again- you don’t get the right to physically assault someone without retribution just because you’re female

    can we just teach people not to resort to violence?

    i thought women wanted equality??

  19. Have to bring up Ray Lewis and the white suit everytime. Maybe one day you sheeple will learn lewis’ s side of the case was found not guilty due to self defence.
    Self defense
    Self defense

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