Patriots holding Rob Gronkowski out of work with Redskins


The Patriots are getting some work in against the Redskins this week, but they’re not using one of their biggest stars.

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is being held out of the joint workouts.

There have been no reported setbacks in Gronkowski’s return from knee surgery.

He said recently he wasn’t going to change his playing style, but the Patriots are clearly modifying his work load so that he’s ready for the regular season opener. He’s been doing individual work during Patriots camp.

If that means not letting him work against players who don’t have the same goal, and would view him as a bit of a target, so be it.

38 responses to “Patriots holding Rob Gronkowski out of work with Redskins

  1. When ryan clark and meriweather exist and want to prove a point, who is the easiest target : gronk feel sorry for him he might never play this game again people will take cheap shots at him like tj ward to prove a point….He is done in the league

  2. It’s only the first week, of a 5 game preseason. They have more than enough time to get him ready, than to trot him out there to risk anything. This guy is BEAST MODE, and has dealt with 2 “can happen to anyone” injuries that he couldn’t do anything about it.

    Best tight end in the game.

  3. People talk about Graham this, and Graham that, but forget, that the last time Gronk was healthy he was clearly the superior TE by far. Not only did he have better numbers, but there’s just no comparison in the run game.

  4. i think Gronk will be okay this year.. The forearm injury was very “flukey” (broken bone on PAT attempt) and his knee will hold up.. Guys come back much sooner now from ACL than ever before in all sports. .. He just needs to go down earlier on tackles (stop trying to gain and extra 2 yards on every touch!!) and run out of bounds more often… “play smart”.

  5. Good plan….can’t stay on the field during the season…so lets make we get use to that in the pre-season.

  6. why do so many people want him to fail? It’s one thing to not be a Patriot fan, but being a hater against an exciting player like Gronk is classless.

  7. Well, you have to hold him out. He’ll likely break in half just walking across the field. : /

  8. Pointing out that he has a huge, lingering, constant injury problem is not hating on him … nor is it wishing him to fail. It’s simply the reality of the situation.

  9. It is the voice of logic to keep him out.The ones who are really upset are the fans of the Washington football club who don’t get to see the best tight end in the league during shared practice.

  10. Some would rather he fail because of the fans that put him up on an undeserved pedestal and love to declare him the best of all time even though he could NEVER stay healthy.
    NEWSFLASH: One has to at least stay relatively ‘healthy’ to be mentioned as the best lol

  11. Staying healthy is a problem for him??! Huh!??!? Look at the injuries he faced, no way he could’ve controlled those at all. Pats haters, excuses coming out of every area.

  12. Gronk is being held out of activity?

    So in other words, he is already in mid-season form I see.

    Great TE, too bad he is as fragile as Leg/Lamp.

    But I will say this, the 8-10 games he does play, the dude is an absolute Force.

  13. @ bostonian13:
    Yeah, I think any human with an average IQ can surmize that staying healthy has been a major problem for Gronk lol

  14. unbiasedravenfan says: Aug 4, 2014 10:08 AM

    Gronk > Graham. It’s not even a competition.

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with you there.

    To be great, you have to be on the field.

    When they are both Healthy, Gronk is the better all around TE, but Graham is the better player, as he plays A LOT more than Gronk does.

    And I love Gronk, but he is not long for this game, his body keeps breaking down.

    It’s too bad because the NFL needs more guys like him, who are all about Working hard, Playing hard, and just having fun.

  15. I hope Gronkowski is healthy when the Patriots visit Baltimore in January. He will likely be out of the game by the end of Q1. The game could likely be over that quickly again.

  16. Pats@Baltimore 2013. 41-7. Gronk didn’t play. They didn’t need him to knock the ravens out of the playoffs. LOL. Have fun with another 7/8 win season, while the Pats go to to the AFC Championship game for the 4th yr in a row. At least.

  17. Swagger52…
    Was in your house last year when you could’ve heard a dollar drop on Baltimore Street after the first half…

    Your days are over.

  18. @ swagger52 I hear ya bra pats got their hand picked refs every time yall play …When ravens knocked them out afc champ gm the Ravens petitioned league to change refs and out come was the beat down of the finesse beoches in foxboro that is the key to Baltimore staying on top can’t allow refs to control who wins an who losses like it has Ben since got dam tuck rule with no matter how many time u read that rule and watch that replay it still doesn’t apply and hence why it has.since Ben removed so pats can’t lose bye it # goodell works for kraft and the league works for goodell

  19. yes, cause it’s so hard to replace a tightend who take five steps and turns in our out…wow, what a brilliant receiver and athlete…

    goof grief, brady’s career has been built on the five yards, catch and run and hope vinitari or the cameras can get us a win…..

  20. Gronk is the Ryan Braun of the NFL….. probably not a real NFL talent but used the roids to make it……now body breaking down… glad nfl contracts are not guaranteed and this still wont be getting paid for too long, unlike Braun

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