Raiders first depth chart has Andre Holmes, Maurice Jones-Drew on first team


The Raiders signed wide receiver James Jones away from the Packers as a free agent this offseason to improve a lackluster receiving corps, but a holdover from last year is ahead of Jones on the team’s first depth chart.

Andre Holmes is listed as a starter at wide receiver along with last year’s leading receiver Rod Streater, relegating Jones to the second team ahead of the team’s first preseason game this week. Holmes had a strong close to last year, catching 22 passes for 366 yards and a touchdown, and it would seem the Raiders want to see if he can keep it up this year.

However things shake out on the depth chart, all three receivers will likely be in for significant amounts of playing time come the regular season. The same is true of running backs Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren McFadden, but, for now, the Raiders are opting for new over old.

Jones-Drew is in the top spot at tailback with McFadden behind him, perhaps because the Raiders think his mix of inside running and help in all phases of the passing game makes him a better fit for the first team. This could also change or the Raiders could just keep things as they are with McFadden entering the fray when the Raiders want to change things up.

40 responses to “Raiders first depth chart has Andre Holmes, Maurice Jones-Drew on first team

  1. This is just the beginning of our greatness

    We will win the Afc west and will sweep the donkeys

    Andre Holmes will make the Cowgirls regret releasing him

    Khalil Mack> Clowney and Barr

  2. what a waste of talent re: mcfadden. this guy could have been one of the all-time great RB’s but everything just got washed away because of injuries/inconsistency. hope he has at least one magical season in him.

  3. You think that’s thin? Think about this– Outside of Tom Brady, the Raiduhs have more talent than the Patriots.

    Amazing what a great QB can do for a team.

  4. Broncos always have 3 bye weeks in a season
    (2 vs raiders & 1 real one ) #realtalk
    We say you suck period & you guys say we suck cause we lose playoff & Super Bowl games wow typical debate via raider fans

  5. McFadden and MJD will have huge holes to run up. Our Guards are 330 and 340 lbs each and Wiz is 320 and all are great.

    Streater had 1,000 yards in sight last year and we reverted to Pryor and that was it for him but to get 900 yards off McGloin and Pryor says a lot. he is Pro bowl potential this year if Schaub is money.

    Mack will be Defensive Rookie of the Year, Tuck will have his usual dozen sacks and Woodson will match TJ Wards stats or better them, just like he did last year.

    We will be great. Haters hate.

  6. Yeah congrats– Still living in the past. There are millions of people who have been born, gone through high school, college, get married, have children, and have those children almost grow up since the last Super Bowl win. Thirty years, man!

    Here’s your last eleven years:
    Zero winning seasons. Two 8-8s. Three 5-11s. Foru 4-12s, and of course a 2-14.

    Now you play in a sewage-filled stadium and your past history of moving from city to city, having terrible seasons, some of the worst coaches in NFL history makes no one want you.

    Just go on the road for 16 games– probably a lot easier.

  7. Holmes showed he can be a big deep threat, Steater will be a pro-bowler, and Jones provides depth and leadership. Good core, but the key is of course Matt Schaub. Needs to stay upright in the pocket, when he moves his picks start happening. The run game is strong and deep, don’t sleep on Latavius Murray. They have a brutal skd, if the D improves, 7-8 wins would be major progress

  8. James Jones is not going to impress you in practice…he shows up in games. I’m not sure I like Holmes ahead of Jones. Holmes is a one trick pony (jump balls)…Jones is a chain mover. I guess we will see how this plays out.

  9. Anyone who watched a Raider game last year knows Holmes was the best receiver on the team and MJD led the league in rushing three years ago. Why does this surprise anyone?

  10. therealtruth210 says:
    Aug 4, 2014 7:05 PM

    No we say you suck because you choke in play off games and Super Bowls and you don’t have as many Lombardi Trophies as we do


    You, sir are hilarious. Do you realize that the Broncos have won only one less Super Bowl than the Raiders and have played in seven Super Bowls to your five? To top it all off, they won the Super Bowl 15 years more recently than the Raiders. You Raider fans are just too easy to pick on.

  11. Wait…is it even allowable fer a chefs fan to even refer to the Super Bowl? Ain’t hoisted a trophy since the moon landing. Hmmm… Makes ya wonder. Was that a hoax too?

  12. raidadon says:
    Aug 4, 2014 7:47 PM
    Wait…is it even allowable fer a chefs fan to even refer to the Super Bowl? Ain’t hoisted a trophy since the moon landing. Hmmm… Makes ya wonder. Was that a hoax too?


    I was talking about how the Broncos are a far superior franchise than the Raiders but if you want to talk about the Chiefs, let’s talk about the Chiefs. Since the Raiders last went to the playoffs, the Chiefs have made it four times, including last year. Now I know what you’re going to say and I’ll say it for you: they can’t win in the playoffs. Guilty as charged. But at least they’ve shown signs of life and are in a far better position at this time than the Raiders. You Raider fans talk about your glory days like they were yesterday. Wake up and realize that the rest of the league is laughing at you.

  13. @broncoholic

    So you are bragging about losing 5 Super Bowls , you are the one who is hilarious. And you have the biggest choking qb in the league. Please get a clue dude.

    Just like malosos said 3-2 end of debate

  14. Even after having the longest losing streak in NFL history, the stats show that the Raiders still have the highest w/l percentage, most playoff-appearances and the most SBs in the afl west. Look at the numbers on and then think about what those numbers looked like before 2003. History shows that the Raiders are the top team in the division. Teams have good and bad streaks all the time, it really only takes one player to make the difference.

  15. Therealtruth210 nah it’s #therealtruthHURTS this year I heard raider games are being televised on the HISTORY CHANNEL This season !!!!
    5more years easy b4 that team starts competing in the west !!!

  16. So Matt has his new ‘Andre’. The way Holmes came on last season, he has the tools to be better than Schaubs’ original favorite receiver in Houston.

  17. @fsanchez724 says:
    Aug 4, 2014 10:22 PM”History shows that the Raiders are the top team in the division.”

    Were. I think you meant, “were”.

  18. The Raiders have finally creatied and are sticking to a plan and we expect that to show on the field this year. This squad is way more talented and deep than what they’ve played with the last two years (just check out the OL and QB positions alone).

    I like having the same coach 3 yrs in a row and building from within (OL/DL and QB play is still the winning formula even in todays NFL).

    7-8 wins would be great, a few breaks and some confidence and they may add a couple more, who knows.

    The Broncos are still the class of the division as long as #18 is playing. KC and SD are also talented, but I feel the gap has been reduced this off season and with the cap money not being committed and a plan to build through the draft, the future finally looks promising for the Raiders.

  19. Wait…is it even allowable fer a chefs fan to even refer to the Super Bowl? Ain’t hoisted a trophy since the moon landing. Hmmm… Makes ya wonder. Was that a hoax too?

    And the Raider last hoisted a Lombardi in 83. Probably shouldn’t reinforce your argument with 30 plus year statistics. No one under the age of 35 can even remember the last time the Raiders were considered “good”. SMDH

  20. This order of WRs is the logical sequence placing talented youth, (Holmes and Streater) ahead of age, (Jones) and bodes well for the WR corps. Now, if the O-line is good enough that the Raiders can actually mount a consistent run game; then they can employ two very good receiver like RBs’ in Drew and McFadden equally. Use them like the Eagles employ McCoy in Philly. In addition, the Raiders have Reese, a very capable receiver out of the backfield. Having this kind of depth with the added dimension these RB’s bring the Raiders is very positive indeed.

  21. When I used to drive to Raiders games I would listen to the pre-game broadcast, UNTIL they went to another rendition of “Great Moments in Raider History,” at which point I’d change the station. I was sick of my team living in the past!

    I do think they’re finally headed in the right direction. My concern is that their owner will decide clean house unless the Raiders win the Super Bowl, even if progress has been made this year. I’m not sold on Derek Carr but I am sold on Reggie Mckenzie for drafting for the future instead of trying to win now and save his job. I hope Mark Davis has the brains to realize that teams with meddling owners win nothing. I’m not holding my breath.

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