Report: David Wilson’s career “most likely” over


Giants running back David Wilson is meeting with the surgeon who performed his career-threatening neck surgery, to find out of his recent burner is a career-threatening injury.

And practically no one, it seems, feels good about the meeting.

According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, a league source said Wilson’s career is “most likely” over because of the recent injury.

Wilson has been hopeful throughout, as he has to be. But the Giants made a contingency plan beyond hope, signing veteran back Rashad Jennings and drafting Andre Williams.

The hope is that Wilson hears from the doctor today that he should still be able to enjoy a full and fruitful life. Anything he hears about football feels so secondary, and it seems that’s the approach the Giants are taking as well.

41 responses to “Report: David Wilson’s career “most likely” over

  1. An electrifying player who would have been a lot of fun to watch. Life isn’t fair.

  2. No, his career is not over. Poland develops cyber-netic spines in 2018, and he’s one of the first successes of the project.

    Check your future before posting carelessly.

  3. And this is a large part of the reason they get paid what they get paid. Couple that with the fact that very few people in the world can run a 4.4 forty, much less at over 200 pounds and you see why they make so much. Even at my peak of athleticism in my mid twenties, when I was 195 pounds with 2% body fat and could bench 225 eighteen times I would have been laughed off of the field and rightly so. The laws of supply and demand folks. Supply is very low and demand is high.

  4. As much as I would have loved to see his potential come to fruition on the field, I worry more about his safety and health. Good luck.

  5. Very tough for anyone to lose a career doing something that he loves that pays a lot of money, but being able to live a full and healthy life apart from that career is much more important.

    A player with a somewhat similar injury situation, Jermichael Finley, might try a comeback from neck problems but I doubt it. Finley has insurance that pays out several million dollars tax free if he is unable to continue his career. Reports are that teams interested in him would offer a minimum or not much above minimum non-guaranteed contract. It would be a very bad financial decision for Finley to push to pass a physical and sign a low value non-guaranteed contract because passing a physical and signing a contract would prevent him from receiving an insurance payout. He would get much more from an insurance payout (which is untaxed) than from a close to minimum NFL contract.

  6. This is awful news regardless of what team you root for. Hopefully this doesn’t affect his quality of life at all, and hopefully he has a successful career in a different area if his football career is over

  7. Lots of people find themselves limited to non-contact sports for one reason or another. He should be sitting very well financially for a 24 or 5 year old, with more than enough money to go back to school and get another degree if the first one was in football. Disappointing for him, but he still got off to a good start on the rest of his life.

  8. wow, was expecting a bunch of inappropriate comments. I’m impressed. either the commenters have matured or the folks that delete comments are not busy.

  9. He shouldn’t be allowed back on the field. We always hear about players who are struggling post career do to injuries. This is a situation where a player needs to be protected from himself.

  10. Hate to see any player’s career end this short. Giants really wanted Muscle Hamster that year, but the Bucs traded up and took him right before NYG.

  11. “Giants really wanted Muscle Hamster that year…”

    Every year someone trades up … and every fan base says it’s to take the guy their team wanted. There’s absolutely zero proof the Giants wanted Martin. It’s 100% speculation and denied by the organization.

  12. Either someone will make an asinine comment thanks bux1022 for puting that idiot in place, or someone is going to revisit revisionist history. At this point what does it matter, any decent human being with a brain and compassion will wish Wilson the best and that is all that matters in the present.

  13. This is horrible news. I wish David the best no matter what happens but hopefully he can continue playing without future repercussions throughout his life. Get well soon Mr. Wilson.

  14. Coming from a Pats fan this news is probably devastating to the kid. He obviously loves the sport and he would have been a hell of a back in the NFL if he could continue his career. Imagine being told you will never, ever again do the activity you love and have been getting yourself in shape for. Best of luck to you Wilson, and whatever is in your life next

  15. He can always fall back as a spokesman for Butterfingers. They are crunchy and delicious.

  16. he signed a four year deal worth almost 7 million with 5.6 MILLION guaranteed……still feal bad for him….now get back to your jobs while he never works again in all reality

  17. Would’ve been a great talent for us. This is a very dangerous sport so a neck injury definitely is a major factor. I rather see him walk away than carted off n confined to a wheelchair. Best of wishes to you David Wilson.

  18. How can anyone say that his career is most likely over with a straight face if he hasn’t even talked to his doctor yet? It’s sad how much people love to gossip especially on the doom and gloom aspects of life.

    How about this. We let the guy actually meet up with his doctor before we start excitingly picking over his corpse for a tragic story we can exploit. So we can pat ourselves on the back after saying we hope he stays away from football because his life is more important, and that he is in our prayers.

    I hope his doctor tells him he’s perfectly fine and everyone that was predicting his demise are idiots who need to stop playing doctor. That way he can play and rub it in the face of all these fake well wishers who would like nothing more then him never playing again so they can have the opportunity to show how they’re such good human beings they are.

    -Eagles Fan

  19. Classy thing to do would be for the Giants to IR him for 2014 so he gets one more year of salary to secure his future beyond active football.

    It’s a shame because you can’t coach or teach that kind of speed – NYG radio analyst/former great Carl Banks nicknamed him “Turbo” for good reason.

  20. Is this the same guy that cried after he fumbled against Dallas, because if so, that is truly sad… He had a lot of passion for this game and you could see it every Sunday.

  21. This is very sad and prayers to Wilson and his family. As a person with chronic pain and arthritis I understand how he feels when an in jury or illness prevents you from doing something you love. I hope and pray that the Giants find some other employment for him in the office. With my condition, being a professor is all I can do so now that he is limited, perhaps the Giants can use him in an administrative position. God bless David Wilson.

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