Snyder digs in even deeper on name of team


It’s been more than a year since Washington owner Daniel Snyder went all caps never when addressing the possibility of changing the team’s name, and more than six months since he wrote a letter to the team’s fans elaborating on his refusal to dump a term that has evolved into a dictionary-defined slur.  On Monday, he addressed the issue again, via an interview conducted by a radio station he owns, via questions from one of its employees.

The Washington Post has the transcript.  To summarize:  (1) Snyder reiterates that the term connotes respect and pride, despite its current dictionary definition; (2) Snyder explains that he has visited with tribal membership and leaders in several states; (3) Snyder suggests that those expressing concern about the name are merely looking for Internet traffic; (4) Snyder laments that not enough is being done to address more important issues affecting Native Americans; and (5) Snyder insists that the effort to assist Native Americans has nothing to do with P.R.

The Change the Mascot campaign, led by the National Congress of American Indians and the Oneida Indian Nation, has responded to Snyder’s assertion that the media believes “it’s sort of fun to talk about the name of our football team, because it gets some attention for some of the people that write it, that need clicks, or what have you.”

“Washington team owner Dan Snyder’s comments are proof that he is living in a bigoted billionaire bubble,” the Change the Mascot campaign said in a statement released Monday night.  “For him to claim that a racial slur is ‘fun’ is grotesque.  For him to say that opposition to that slur is only from ‘people who need [Internet] clicks’ adds insult to injury, considering the fact that groups representing hundreds of thousands of people of color are calling on him to change his team’s name. There is nothing ‘fun’ about his desire to continue promoting, marketing and profiting from a term screamed at Native Americans as they were dragged at gunpoint off their lands.  Mr. Snyder would know there’s nothing ‘fun’ about this had he not refused to meet with the scores of Native American groups who are urging him to change the mascot and stop mocking their culture.

“We are certainly glad to see that after decades of silence, Mr. Snyder suddenly has an interest in the plight of Native Americans.  Some of the money he recently spent was for burgundy and gold parks adorned with the very mascot and epithet that Native Americans are imploring him to change.  He doesn’t understand a simple fact:  No matter how much of his fortune he spends trying to convince the world that slurring people of color is acceptable, it is not.  The more he clings to this racist epithet, the more he walks in the footsteps of his predecessor the segregationist George Preston Marshall, who originally gave the team this hideous name.  If Mr. Snyder truly wants to help Indian Country then he could provide financial support, while at the same time ending his callous use of this racist epithet that hurts Native Americans.”

Peter King has predicted that the name will change by 2016.  It sure doesn’t sound as if Snyder is operating on that same timetable.  Regardless, the opposition has become as entrenched as Snyder’s insistence on keeping the name, which means that the debate will remain for as long as the name does.

148 responses to “Snyder digs in even deeper on name of team

  1. I dislike Snyder.
    I am not a fan of the team or city.

    But I am 100% in agreement with him on this whole bogus nickname, mascot garbage cooked up.

    Very few % of Natives are offended.

    I know this deteriorating country is more and more politically correct ever day, with this Idiot in charge and his racist liberal cronies downgrading everything…. but if everything must cater to the few, the minority who keep complaining and whining, then we’re all doomed.

    Well, we as a nation already are.

    But this crap is just evidence of how far we’ve fallen.


  2. If this word was screamed at Native Americans while they were dragged off their land at gunpoint, then why are there Native American tribes who still use the word as the name for their schools?

  3. I hope the name remains, as is and I applaud Snyder for standing up to all the phonies trying to further their bogus p. c. cause.

  4. I am a Redskin and let me tell you, being a Redskin is actually a great thing. we have beautiful people and we have ugly people. just like any race. I for 1 am a great person, have great friends, and i take care of every one that is in my life and i am glad to do it, and for that i have people that love me around me. also, Redskin parents are one of the best parents you can have. sometimes they can be really strict, but they will take care of you no matter what, and they will buy you what ever it is that you need. as long as your not a selfish butthead. Also, we all have great jobs, lots of money and a family that we all love and take care off. Mike you can go flip off saying he finds our name offensive, people who find the word redskins offensive are the racists involved here.

  5. One bullet point paragraph summarizing snyders comments.

    Two full paragraphs, verbatim, copied and pasted by his opposition.

    Tolerance is indeed a one way street.

  6. Mike, being at the Skins and Pats joint camp today in Richmond (as a Pats fan) it is without a doubt unanimous among every race gender creed or walk of life in a diverse city as is Richmond that the name is embraced and loved.
    I have a pretty cool photo of a guy outside on the street walking into the Facility of a street performer playing drums with a shirt saying only “Save The Name”.

  7. I would think that someone who writes for a living would realize that word meanings change over time and the Webster’s Dictionary even adds and subtracts words and changes the meaning of some from year to year. I’ve never even heard of a person call anouther person a “Redskin” unless I was watching a western flick. This is P.C. Feel good non-sense. If you say the word Redskins and think of people and not a football team, then you are the problem. As for me “Redskins” meanings, Football and Family.

  8. I find it interesting that the Change the Mascot organization releases a statement about kids having a racial slur yelled at them as they were being dragged off their lands at gunpoint as if they are stating some matter of fact point. I also like the way the Change the Mascot refuse to address the fact that their own people use the term to describe themselves. They are the ONLY race I know of that say a word is a racial slur and then use it as a High School mascot. I guess if Daniel Snyder were a Native American, he could use the term as the name of HIS pro football team.

  9. (3) Snyder suggests that those expressing concern about the name are merely looking for Internet traffic;

    It works!! and many make money off the “controversy.”

    Keep rehashing it because internet traffic is money in the bank.

  10. I am Ravens fan…but long live the Redskins!

    If the Indians have a problem with it, they should change their name. Nobody thinks of the Redskins as a racial slur, they think of a football team based in Washington DC.

  11. Good for him. I hope he stands his ground. The name wasn’t an issue for so many years and now because one idiot decided it was, a bunch of other idiots decide to jump on the bandwagon and pile on. Merica at it’s finest

  12. You’d be better off watching a mattress than his team on a Sunday. Just make it a Six Flags Mattress!

  13. It’s been kinda nice lately not hearing anything about the name. Getting back to football, training camp, the good stuff! Disappointing to hear about the debate again.

    Now here’s hoping they keep the name well beyond 2016. Can’t imagine a Cowboys/Redskins rivalry not involving the Redskins. Not that that’s a reason to keep the name, of course. I know as a white male my opinion means zilch in the debate, but if they renamed them the Washington Crackers I wouldn’t be offended lol. Never rooted for Snyder before, and probably never will again. But I hope he keeps his stance on this.

    Keep the name.

  14. All you politically correct people can shove it..everything is an insult nowadays, I can’t even say merry Christmas at work, I have to say happy holidays? ? What about MY beliefs??? As a RAIDERS fan I hope Mr Snyder has the balls that Al Davis had and sue the NFL for this crap.

  15. Its too bad this country doesn’t have a popular vote on controversial topics like this one. Every two years have a non-binding national vote on important topics and lets see how the majority of voting Americans really feel.

  16. “The Change the Mascot campaign, led by the National Congress of American Indians…” Is this the same National Congress of American Indians that were so upset in the 1960s when the Redskins had dropped any reference to Indians in their logo, uniforms and merchandise? The same people who went to the Redskins front office with photos of Indians in full headdress and said, “I’d like to see an Indian on your helmets,” which then sported a big “R” as the team logo. Thought so.

  17. I am not a Redskin fan or a Native American! But feel a sense of pride in the Washington emblem. That sense of pride in all of the teams nfl nhl college hockey that promote Native Americans! I understand what the term redskin means. But why can this not be turned into a positive? I think we all need Native American history to remain in the present day. The question is the Washington redskins do that in a sense but how can it be a positive not a negative?

  18. At this point, I don’t care what happens. Either way, I’m sick and tired of seeing the social justice “activists” spout their fake outrage and the anti-PC people who won’t shut the heck up about it.

    Both of these groups contribute NOTHING to the discussion at all.

  19. Since being exposed to the NFL on TV in the mid 1960’s I have always furrowed my brow a bit when hearing/reading the Redskins name.
    I’m not a Native American and so, do not find “Redskins ” offensive but, I am a European American.
    I read a suggestions a few months ago suggesting they change the name to a N.A. Nation/Tribe of the Chesapeake Bay region. I can’t remember the name but … it sounded pretty cool to me.
    Maybe Snyder can get off his high horse and meet/talk with the local N.A.’s , agree on a “Redskins” name change and get this behind ALL of us.

  20. Where is the dead horse? Its been macerated by all the people stomping in the name of political correctness.

    What ever happened to free speech and freedom? Dont support the team if you find it offensive. If “the redskins” name is impeding on your freedom, is the only true solution to impede on the freedom of others by demanding they change there name?


  21. You want to change the team name, buy the redskins and change it. Otherwise as long as no laws are being broken. no one has a rate to tell anyone what to do with his or hers property.

  22. So then it’s settled!?! He said it himself… It’s not changing. If you Love it, awesome! Our team keeps,it’s non-racist, football name. If you hate it, too bad so sad. Looks like you butt hurts lose. Keep wasting your time whining about something you have zero control over. See how far that gets you. If you don’t like it, don’t watch skins games and buy the team. If not offending people is what you care about so deeply… Well, you imposing your views on me and others offends me! Do you care? I doubt it. If that’s not reason enough I’m sure I can do as you’ve done and conjure up something more meaningful to be offended by.. Would you care? I doubt it. Am I gonna whine and cry about it? Nope 🙂 HTTR forever!

  23. Let’s change things up around here and bring some actual facts into this debate for once…I literally just searched for “Redskins name origins”…

    Smithsonian Institution senior linguist, Ives Goddard, proposes as an alternative the emergence of the term from the speech of Native Americans themselves. He cites as the earliest example a 1769 set of “talks” or letters from three chiefs of the Piankeshaw to an English officer at Fort de Chartres. The letter from Chief “Mosquito” had the following passage in French: “I shall be pleased to have you come to speak to me yourself if you pity our women and our children; and, if any redskins do you harm, I shall be able to look out for you even at the peril of my life.” Another letter in the set, this from a “Chief Hannanas,” contained the following passage: “… You think that I am an orphan; but all the people of these rivers and all the redskins will learn of my death.”

    That was taken from Wikipedia. Whether you think the term has since become some sort or slur, or whether you think people are trying to convince other people that it has become a slur, ahem, there’s pretty strong evidence that the actual origins of the name come from Native Americans speaking of their fellow Native Americans in a completely benign sense.

  24. I think that “media fatigue” on this issue will eventually fall on Dan Snyder’s side. I’m already so sick of hearing about it that I wish it would just go away. I used to have an opinion on the issue, but I just want people to stop talking about it now.

  25. Since when were NFL teams named out of disrespect?

    The Redskins are named the Redskins because it’s a name that generates pride and respect. That’s probably why multiple Native American high schools bear the Redskins name.

    Only the most racist among us even think about it in terms of a racial slur.

    Nobody names their football team the “moronic idiots” for good reason. That’s because it doesn’t generate pride and respect for the team. Same story with the Redskins; whether that be the NFL team or the multiple Native American High School teams that bear the Redskins name.

  26. The NFL umbrella is becoming so detached from morality and reality it’s perplexing. Ray Rice’s feeble suspension compared to Josh Gordon’s looming year long suspension, Jerry Jones saying the dude who was drunk and killed a friend had a roster spot, the Skins name debacle. What happened to common sense?!!

  27. Many of the public personalities, politicians and media figures demanding the Washington Redskins change the team nickname haven’t shown any genuine interest in the issues that truly affect the lives of Native Americans. They have exploited this issue for their own personal gain because it’s a headline-grabber. At least on that point, Dan Snyder is correct.

    The biggest example was when Senator Harry Reid announced that 50 US Senators, all Democrats, were in opposition to continued use of the Redskins team name.

    The letter to sign this petition was circulated to Democratic Senators only. If any Republicans had wanted to join the petition, they did not have a chance. Senator John McCain for one, would have signed that petition, and has said so publicly.

    But it was never about taking a genuine stand against the name for Senator Reid. He wanted to ingest a partisian political topic into the national media news cycle and create a distraction from far more important events.

    Senator Reid’s announcement on May 22nd was two days after the VA scandal hit the national media, a 48-hour cycle where the President’s administration was facing heavy criticism from journalists and American citizens.

    Look, there’s nothing wrong about having a balanced debate about the name of the Washington Redskins. However, you should ask yourself if the motives of public figures who have come out against the name are truly out of concern for the name’s alleged negative affect on Native Americans.

    Or are they just trying to distract your attention from the more important issues of the day? Issues where they are failing the American public.

  28. Have we really become this hyper-sensitive now in society? Everybody gets their feelings hurt by everything. I mean I’m white and I couldn’t give a damn if they were the Washington Crackers. Get over it already.

  29. I would like to personally bet Peter King $10,000 that his Redskins name change by 2016 prediction will NOT happen. No way, shape or form.
    King is drunk on his liberal beer. He needs to stick to sports writing and stop all the PC bull crap in his column.

  30. Good for you Dan. Stick to your guns. Don’t let pressure from a SMALL portion of the American population dictate what you do with your team. The percentage of us that think there is nothing wrong with the name, is still in the majority.

    Even though I’m not a Redskins fan, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

  31. Again, PFT is falling pray to PC and again, did not write the name REDSKINS in this article or the article which appeared on PFT yesterday about Jerry Rice Jr., getting cut from the REDSKINS!

  32. Never a Redskins fan , if they keep the Redskins name , I Will Be !!

    F#*K the PC crowd !!

    PS it has nothing to do with racism !!

  33. No matter what the eventual outcome to this standoff is, the team will always be the Redskins to me and all of the other true fans they have. In no way do I intend to celebrate a racial slur, I am just pulling for my team! Out of all the problems that people could be concerned about for Native Americans, it bothers me that this one is upfront and in the news everyday.
    BTW- I am part Cherokee…….

  34. And, since Snyder still owns the team, the name of which he had no part in its being given to the team he owns, by the way, can keep the name as is for as long as he chooses.

    As long as America is still a free country and we still have freedom from those who would silence us because they dislike what we say, Snyder can continue to run his business as he sees fit.

    If it affects his bottom line, then he may choose a different course, because that is the true test, isn’t it? And by the looks of things, he isn’t in trouble there.

  35. And who exactly is Dan Snyder except for being one of the least successful owners in sports. Has his team even won a playoff game in over two decades?

  36. I get tired of hearing about the “current dictionary definition” like that’s the end-all. Just because some liberals want to force their brand of morality on everyone else, they think it’s up to them to decide such matters because, you know, they are smart and anyone who disagrees is stupid. Anyway, if the Redskins ever change their name I hope it’s to the Bullets (another so called dirty word in the liberals pocket dictionary).

  37. The response from the Change the Mascot people only serves to prove Dan Snyders point. Nowhere do they address ANY of the real-life issues the Native Americans across our nation are facing… They instead choose to shed light on a single word (“fun”) that they remove from its context. The truth is that Dan Snyder is pulling back the curtain and revealing the selfish agenda behind the minority who have fostered this circus. He spoke truthfully – those groups/individuals are having fun picking at the name to garner attention for themselves. They do not care about their fellow people. They do not care about those really suffering on reservations. If they did then they would spend some of the millions they milk from the American gambling epidemic to actually help.

    Dan Snyder is proving that talk is cheap… putting his money and influence to work in addressing real needs (not inventing offenses). I stand fully behind Dan Snyder in this… as we must put a stop to political & media bullying in America.

  38. First of all this group claims to represent ” hundreds of thousands of people of color”…….. What evidence do they show to support that claim? Do they have members? Have they had a petition drive with hundreds of thousands of signatures? My guess is they don’t represent anywhere near that many people, much as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson purport to represent all African-Americans but they really don’t have nearly as unanimous support as they claim…..My suspicion has been from the beginning that these groups are assembled by, and funded by, left wing political groups….. Native Americans root for the Redskins and Chiefs, not the Cowboys and Bills.

  39. Normally his radio station employees delight in pointing out Little Danny’s many foibles, but on this issue they have chosen to support him, out of fear they will alienate their listeners.

    Little Danny thinks he has found an issue that will make the team’s fans not revile him, for once, and he is desperately playing it for all he can. Insecurity is a powerful force.

  40. This story is fading away at hyper speed now that camps have opened. It really should stay dormant from there. Otherwise we’ll need to address the Fighting Irish, the Browns, and I’m sure other names. Of course none of those are offensive, but when a crowd is looking to be offended, and their not that bright to begin with, they usually start with the lower hanging fruit.

  41. “the team’s fans elaborating on his refusal to dump a term that has evolved into a dictionary-defined slur.”

    Isnt that kind of the point. 3 years ago it was the name of a football team. Not a derogatory term. Not a slur. Just a football team name. I am yet to hear anyone use it in the context of a slur. The point is, the team name was nothing but a name until a bunch of liberal azzhats decided that for some reason, they wanted to change the definition from the name of a professional football team to a racial slur. And if we know one thing about liberals, they have this my way or the highway approach to everything, and want an all encompassing answer to every question.

    It is like the old joke about, if a conservative doesnt like something, he doesnt use it, or buy it, etc. If a liberal doesnt like something, he crafts laws to make it illegal for anyone to own/buy said thing.

    This is the same thing. If a liberal doesnt like it, you must change to appease them. Soon we are going to have to change the name of the Patriots, because it is offensive to all of the illegal aliens, sorry, “undocumented citizens” in this country who are not Patriots and have no patriotism.

  42. Tick, tock, tick, tock

    5 years… Take the under.

    Decades ago there were lots of names that white people had no issues with when referring to African Americans. Now most are only the domain of neo nazis and tea party folks.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock

  43. As a midget the Giants offend me. Walking around ass level to most is a challenge. The name Giants is offensive to the vertically challenged. Change the name immediately !

  44. Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year. I am honored to be at Red Mesa High School as their Principal. Red Mesa High School has a long tradition of students who have achieved in academics, and athletes who have excelled on the field. I want to build on that tradition. Redskin Pride will be promoted in all programs and activities this year. We will call it “Pursuing Excellence with honor”.

    The school is located on the Navajo Reservation and is a public school. We have nearly 100% Navajo students.

  45. 109 Elected Officials oppose the Redskins name, ONE of which is a Republican. Honestly curious, does that mean republicans are bad people? Or just that Dems like to get in a hizzy about every single thing that might offend someone… food for thought

  46. They should be after the Vikings to change their name too since they were the first ones to arrive in North America and start plundering…

    Jebus, next thing you know team names will be limited to the LA Fluffy Bunnies and the San Antonio Prancing Unicorns…

    Enough already

  47. If a vast majority of people (including the supposed offended) believe a word isn’t a slur, doesn’t that make it not a slur?

    My guess is that the majority of those who use it is a slur aren’t fighting to change it, but also aren’t fighting to keep it.

  48. Faulty Points people are making

    1) I have never heard it used as a racial slur

    Just because some of you didn’t realize it was a racial slur used by the European settlers when killing natives doesn’t mean it wasn’t. Also, since the native (only) population is less than 1% of the US population with those claiming mixed race only bringing the total up to 1.6% it has become a word that isn’t used as widely as it once was.

    2) If they have to change their name other teams like Fighting Irish and Brows will have to change their names too

    Those aren’t racist terms so unless a team out there is called the N word your point is invalid.

    3) Why is this coming out now, the name has been there for so long

    You are just hearing about this now because of mass media, it has been an issue for a long time. I started following football in the 90s, liked the Chiefs Tomahawk Chop but then read an article from Native american spokesman asking the Chiefs, Braves and FSU to stop the chop. The Chiefs no longer promote the chop. That same article also specifically mentioned two other items they were not happy with, the Redskins team name and Chief Wahoo.

    4) There are more important issues for the Native American people to be worrying about

    Sure there are but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that there is a Professional sports team with a Racial slur as their name. There are more important issues than the pothole on your street but you will still wanted fixed won’t you?

    5) Well some Native Americans are okay with it.

    But some aren’t so they don’t matter? If there are other derogatory terms used towards either people of a race or ethnic background that people are okay with does that make it okay to use them for a team name?

  49. 1) I don’t care if people a couple hundred years ago used it as a slur, we don’t today. It was a term originated by Native Americans themselves. Only only a small minority of Native Americans have claimed it is offense. A large majority support the team and the name.

    2) You write out the term Redskins, but you don’t write out the N-word. Right there shows that you know it is different and treat it that way. How about Chiefs, Indians, etc. Are the offensive, because some are asking for them to also change their name.

    3) Mass Media has been around a long time, and it hasn’t been any issue. Really, it still isn’t an issue, except among a small percentage of Native Americans, and a small percentage of the population. What’s different is that they are louder.

    4) I don’t say there are more important issues, because I, along with a majority of Native Americans, don’t consider this an issue.

    5) Be honest, not some, most.

  50. What’s next? Do the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Florida St Seminoles, KC Chiefs all have to change their names?

  51. Redskins Owner Buys ‘Keep the Name’ T-Shirts from Stunned Vendors

    The Washington Post reports that Sean Labar, 26, and Shelby Myers, 24, who have been selling “Keep-the Name” T-Shirts in Richmond, Virginia, had the biggest supporter of keeping the “Redskins” name stop at their corner to buy T-shirts this weekend: Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

    Standing on the corner of Leigh and Hermitage, Labar and Myers watched a black Escalade approach them. Labar said, “It came across three lanes of traffic and pulled up at the sidewalk. Two security guys popped out. One guy said ‘Mr. Snyder wants to talk to you.’”

    Snyder climbed out of the Escalade, and shook the young sellers’ hands, exclaiming, “Love the shirts, guys, love what you’re doing.” When Labar said he would ship some of the shirts to Snyder, Snyder responded he wanted to buy them, which was followed by Snyder’s wife emerging from the vehicle and buying four herself while praising the sellers.

    Half an hour later, the Snyder’s security team came back to the corner and bought six more shirts; Labar and Myers sold over 70 shirts on Saturday.

  52. I used to be in favor of a name change until Amanda Blackhorse declared that after the Redskins change their name they’re going after the Chiefs. The Chiefs!?!? What could possibly be offensive about Chiefs? Now, I’m firmly against the name change. Hang in there, Danny! Keep the name. Let Amanda (African-American)Horse find some other cause.

  53. Polls, let’s look at one. The Washington Post in June of 2013.

    Keep in mind this is in the Home Team’s city, interviewing their own fans.

    2/3 say the name should not be changed. Pretty solid margin. I would have expected higher given all the poll numbers spewed out about how native american’s overwhelmingly support this. You’d think non-natives would support it at a higher approval rating than 66%.

    But, the devil is in the details. Of that 2/3 supporting not changing the name, 56% of them thought the term “redskin” was inappropriate.

    To me, that’s fandom. For instance, when a player assaults his wife, everyone is appalled, unless its a highly popular player with his home fans. And you see a large disparity in leniency home fans view him with as opposed to nationally.

    So in your home town newspaper’s poll, 56% of those saying don’t change the name, acknowledge the word “redskins” really is an offensive word.

    This shows me the majority of the Washington area fans know right from wrong, but being a fan gets in the way. You can sure tell that in the posts on PFT.

  54. I have to add, and this is hilarious. It may be because I am located geographically less than 30 miles from Landover.

    At the top of profootballtalk’s web, there is a rectangular bar about an inch tall and 7 inches wide that shows various advertisements. One of the ads I see over and over and over is one for the Redskins. It says something about we are all redskins. I laughed out loud this morning when I noticed it at the top of this very story. I should have taken a screen shot…

    In true liberal fashion, “we here at PFT are offended by the term and thingk the team name should change, but we will gladly accept money from them to advertise on our page…”

  55. Polls, lets look at one that matters (responders being Native American)

    Annenberg Public Policy Center
    Most Indians Say Name of Washington “Redskins” Is Acceptable
    While 9 Percent Call It Offensive, Annenberg Data Show Most American Indians say that calling Washington’s professional football team the “Redskins” does not bother them, the University of Pennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey
    shows. Ninety percent of Indians took that position, while 9 percent said they found the name “offensive.” One percent had no answer. The margin of sampling error for those findings was plus or minus two percentage points. Because they make up a very small proportion of the total population, the responses of 768 people who said they were Indians or Native Americans were collected over a very long period of polling, from October 7, 2003 through September 20, 2004. They included Indians from every state except Alaska and Hawaii, where the Annenberg survey does not interview. The question that was put to them was “The professional football team in Washington calls itself the Washington Redskins. As a Native American, do you find that name offensive or doesn’t it bother you?”
    Some Indian leaders have called upon the team to change the name, but the Redskins’ owner, Daniel Snyder, has insisted it will keep the name it has had ever since 1933, when it played in Boston. The team moved to Washington in 1937.

    There was little variation among subgroups of Native Americans. Eight percent of men and 9 percent of women said the name was offensive, while 90 percent of each sex said it did not bother them. Ten percent of Indians under 45 found the name offensive, compared to 8 percent of those 45 and older.

  56. 99% of the morons commenting on here do NOT think the name is offensive. The name WILL be changed so enjoy this ridiculous slur while it lasts, morons.

  57. trumb1mj, you know your argument is weak when you present no facts, but only call names with no basis

  58. Nice to know the logic of fans.

    The poll taken of it’s own fan base which points to majority of people understanding the name is wrong, from the home newspaper, in their own home city, doesn’t matter.

    Your own fans tell the truth, kind of. But you reject it. What people will say and do in the name of being a fan!

  59. Change the name already so we can start to forget all about native Americans. At least that’s what will ultimately happen. Instead of embracing the word as a tribute people have decided its a slur . So it’s stricken from language and is one more way that native Americans will once again be pushed to the corners of our collective mind in the United States.

  60. I side with the ones who matter in respect to the name, the Native Americans. I, unlike you, am not telling them how to feel, but listening to how they feel. They are the ones whose opinions matter to me. I guess they don’t to you.

  61. Wow, talk about leading the answers in a poll.

    The question you quoted is actually two different questions: “As a Native American, do you find that name offensive or doesn’t it bother you?”

    Why not stop at “do you find the name offensive?” A simple yes or no would have been great there. There are a number of things that are offensive that don’t really bother me.”

    I find Confederate flags offensive, but they don’t bother me.

    The questions can help frame results.

  62. 99% of ignorant, arrogant PC ideologues will keep banging their little PC “change the name” drum despite any inconvenient things – like facts – that get in their way.

    How about instead of whining and screaming they hold their collective breath until the name changes. That way it’s a win-win situation.

  63. There’s one problem calling in question the “fandom” of the responses….

    They are from all of the other teams as well! Not to mention most of them hate the Redskins as a franchise. That argument just doesn’t make sense.

  64. The name will change. The only people who don’t know it are Snyder and Washington fans. To everyone else, it’s obvious.

  65. Many of you pro-redskins people argue that only a small percentage are offended by the name. How many other NFL team names are offensive to even a small percentage? None. And before you say it…..the Chiefs name is a lot different than Redskins for reasons obvious to anyone except Washington fans.

  66. If this were a Redskins site, then that could account for the “keep the name” comments getting a huge majority of thumbs up. However, this is a site for all football fans, so if it was so obvious wouldn’t all the fans of other teams be siding with the name-changers? But, they aren’t. Not by a vast majority. In all these threads, we have seen many posts stating, “I am a fan of , but I side with the Redskins and say “keep the name”. And still the vast majority of “FOOTBALL” fans side with us, not just Redskins fans.

    And don’t kid yourself that they aren’t going after the Chiefs, they are.

  67. Mike needs to learn the meaning of the word “usually”, as in “usually offensive” It’s not a slur in the case of the NFL football team. But if you call a Native America a “redskin” to their face…offensive. Get it? Got it? Good.

  68. That is your decision to make the inference. However, you are basing that on incorrect data and your own inability to understand the truth. So….

  69. If there is one thing you do, Mr. Snyder.. dig in, do not compromise one iota or even dignify these name changers

    Redskins is a source of pride to us fans.. and to the overwhelming majority of native americans

    Hail to the Redskins! To hell with the Libs!

  70. I love all these long winded reasons why “if it doesn’t offend me as a middle America white guy, then it’s not offensive”.

    As Rolling Stones said…

    Tiiimmmmeeeee is on our side, yes it is.

    As someone above said…

    Tick, tock, tick, tock

  71. hugeredskinsfan says:
    Aug 5, 2014 1:47 PM
    There’s one problem calling in question the “fandom” of the responses….

    They are from all of the other teams as well! Not to mention most of them hate the Redskins as a franchise. That argument just doesn’t make sense.


    Yes, there are “some” supporters from other cities that post keep the name support. But come on! PFT is a fan based site. Do you tend to click just as much on every team’s stories or more on the ones for your own team and city? Come on now little buddy…be honest!

    Fans flock to stories of their team primarily. Next, the teams they hate. Then, the bigger stories. Tebow, Ray Rice, arrests, etc.

    I’m all about making sense. Fans flock to their own team’s stories. Now this name issue has picked up prominence. But who cares the most about it? Again, be honest! Redskin fans do! Put it in ALL CAPS!

  72. I love how you ignore the argument that a vast majority of Native Americans don’t find it offensive.

    tick tock, goes your 15 minutes of fame.

  73. bunkmcnulty, your condescension really doesn’t help your argument. Makes you look like a bully. Which is technically what you are trying to do here. But, regardless, your statement is generally true, unless (like the Ray Rice stories) there is an obvious disgraceful or inflammatory situation. In that case fans love to come in and blast the offending team/player/owner/etc.

    That isn’t happening here. I wonder why that is? Could it be that most fans don’t find it disgraceful or inflammatory, and in fact many come in to defend. Many more than come in to attack.

    The countdown until you go away is starting

    Tick, tock, tick, tock

  74. @gettingnorespect

    You mean the argument based on the poll that asked the skewed question you quoted above?

    The tick tock, isn’t the fame meter, you hear.

  75. Fact. Who cares most about the Redskin name issue, among football fans? Again, think real hard. Without any scientific studies or skewed polls, or hiring the Long Island Medium, it’s Resdkins Fans.

    Who is going to these stories in the greatest numbers? Do I really have to say it again? Really?

    Why do you force me state the obvious that you ignore?

  76. Bullying! Really? You ignore anything to do with the Washington Post poll. Anything. Your own city’s paper. Of your own team’s fans.

    You bring out a poll, that me, Joe Sixpack, can see the skewed questions from a mile away and defend that as gospel.

    Then I point out that Redskins fans take this issue far more seriously than anyone else and flock to these questions on PFT.

    And yes, sprinkled with a little sarcasm to make it all taste better.

    Sarcasm is not bullying, unless you feel you aren’t right to begin with.

  77. It’s not up to all you pro-redskins posters. The name will change and there’s nothing you mouth breathers can do about it. Get out of the 50’s and join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

  78. How many people need to be offended for it to be cause to change the name? One? I’m offended by how bad a qb Eli Manning is…he should change his name too.

    The facts are on the redskins side. This wasn’t even a widely publicized issue until the corrupt halbritter made it so with Oneida money. The same money he’s depriving the people of that he’s claiming to protect. Most native americans aren’t offended by the name…or rather, don’t care at all. The name has stood for nearly a century. You’d think if it were a derogatory term, it might have been a bigger issue before now. A prominent member of the NCAI designed the logo. You’d think if the name was so offensive at the time, he may have thought twice about it. Many teams on indian reservations throughout the country use the term as their mascot. How much more evidence do you need? You have all of these facts on one side and a small group of people with a lot of money screaming on the other.

  79. Anyone with a big picture view of what this whole change the name thing is actually about SHOULD care. What it’s about is the government trying to erode private property rights. Taking away the Redskins trademark is the government imposing its will on a private businessman for its own agenda with no good reason. The (pseudo)racism angle is just to appeal to those folks who need some rallying cry to whip them into a frenzy. So, even though I am a Patriots fan, I am a fan of private property rights first and I stand by Dan Snyder 100%.

  80. beginning to think stoning the libs would not really be a bad thing….. we are far too indulgent and tolerant of these tools.. Libs are, IMO, our enemy and should be treated as such

    come on Dems, out these freaks

    Hail to the Redskins! To hell with the Libs!

  81. Yes, when the government removes a trademark from a company for no logical reason, that is them exerting pressure to change the name especially since they said they did it for that reason. I don’t think I can put a link here, so just search “Redskins lose trademark” and you will see it’s correct that they admitted the reason was as I said.

  82. The name is not offensive I have on on reservations and worn Redskins jacket and gotten standing ovations saying they are proud of the 3 TIME SB Champions.

  83. Ok Mike

    Please prove that the current organization uses the name in a discriminatory way with ill intent, oh, please stay in the 21st century.

    After that. Make an argument that we should stop making movies about the titanic.

  84. ‘Washington Owner?” Since when can you buy a state?
    Why buy a state when you can buy the (government that runs the) whole country?

  85. trumb1mj, bunkmcnulty. You are both ignoring facts. Most Native Americans are not offended.

    I side with them rather than force my opinion on them.

    Yes, bullying. You are trying to force us to do something simply because you want it, not because it supports facts.

    I am not ignoring the Washington Post poll. I am saying it is immaterial. I again am looking at the poll of Native Americans, that is the poll that matters. They overwhelmingly side with keeping the name.

    Continue to reply and ignore the facts, it simply erodes your arguments when you do that.

    I would do the tick, tock thing again, but your relevance has passed.

  86. bunkmcnulty says:
    Aug 5, 2014 3:22 PM
    hugeredskinsfan says:
    Aug 5, 2014 1:47 PM
    There’s one problem calling in question the “fandom” of the responses….

    They are from all of the other teams as well! Not to mention most of them hate the Redskins as a franchise. That argument just doesn’t make sense.


    Yes, there are “some” supporters from other cities that post keep the name support. But come on! PFT is a fan based site. Do you tend to click just as much on every team’s stories or more on the ones for your own team and city? Come on now little buddy…be honest!

    Fans flock to stories of their team primarily. Next, the teams they hate. Then, the bigger stories. Tebow, Ray Rice, arrests, etc.

    I’m all about making sense. Fans flock to their own team’s stories. Now this name issue has picked up prominence. But who cares the most about it? Again, be honest! Redskin fans do! Put it in ALL CAPS!


    I guess I’m not understanding you. Fans of other teams post support for keeping the name all of the time. Fans of teams that hate the Redskins franchise. These are not just cries of Redskins fans. Look at all of the thumbs up on these comments. The large majority of NFL fans around the country support keeping the name.

    These articles are posted and are the most viewed by the readers of this site.

  87. How is the Washington Post poll irrelevant when 56% of Redskin fans who don’t want the name change thinks the term Redskin is “inappropriate.” 56% of the people that care most about this issue! How is that irrelevant?

    I don’t have to be black to know the N-word is inappropriate. I can go on with these examples if you like.

    My issue with this is a little different than some. In a country with some unfortunate periods of discrimination and violence based on the color of a person’s skin, I feel a team name based on some skin color has had it’s day. In 2014, I am shocked so many people can’t see this.

    And as I said, that poll you reference, if the question you quoted, was really the question that was used ( did not fact check you), that poll guided the results.

  88. Because it is not up to them to decide if it is inappropriate. It is up to the Native Americans, to whom the name is supposedly offensive. And, overwhelmingly so, they do not find it to be.

    No, you don’t have to be black to know that the N-word is offensive, because they have made it clear that it is. Again, it is not up to anyone to decide what term a group of people (to whom the term is aimed) must be offended by, unless they are a member of that group. African Americans have overwhelmingly told us that it is offensive to them. So much so that you and I won’t even write it. But, neither of us has issues writing “REDSKINS”, nor should we, until they tell us so.

    If someone calls you a cracker do you find that name offensive or doesn’t it bother you?

    Yes, I know that some people use the term in an offensive way, but it doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t really offend me and I am not going to give any power to those people who would intend to be racist and offensive. Go ahead Nabisco, keep calling Saltines, “crackers”.

  89. Just because some people call you a term in order to offend you, you don’t have to be offended.

    You actually have the right to choose whether you are offended or not.

    The English called us Yankees to offend us, we decided to not be offended and use the name as a proud moniker. In fact, we have sports teams with that name. See the similarities? Racists called Native Americans “redskins” to offend them (a word a Native American coined, by the way), and instead of being offended, they have taken the word and turned it into a point of pride.

  90. The original poll question was misleading and based on that alone, a new, unbiased survey should be run. If only someone would do that… Oh wait, they did…

    Cal State University, San Bernadino ran their own poll and 67% of Native Americans found the term to be “racist” or a “racial slur” and only 20% disagreed.

    So clearly, you’re ignoring at least this poll.

  91. The Cal Stat University poll. Didn’t that poll 98 Native Americans as opposed to the 768 polled in the Annenberg poll?

  92. New Mexico has one of the largest number of Native Americans of any state, but a recent poll showed most people in the Land of Enchantment aren’t demanding the NFL’s Washington Redskins change their nickname.

    In a flash poll of more than 500 registered voters in New Mexico published by the Albuquerque Journal, 71 percent said they wanted the Redskins to keep their nickname, 18 percent wanted the team to change it and 11 percent weren’t sure:

    “I was surprised,” said Brian Sanderoff, president of Albuquerque-based Research & Polling, Inc. “I just assumed in New Mexico it wouldn’t mirror the nation because of our large majority-minority population, but that was not the case.”

    According to the 2010 census, New Mexico has the second-largest percentage of Native Americans in the United States with 9.4 percent. Only Alaska, with 14.8 percent, had a higher proportion of those with American Indian or Native descent.

    Sanderoff said the poll about the Redskins nickname was conducted July 10 and the survey approximated the percentage of Native Americans in the state. In fact, Sanderoff said there were “no statistically significant differences” among Hispanics, whites and Native Americans in the results.

    State Rep. Sandra Jeff, D-Crownpoint, a member of the Navajo Nation, told New Mexico Watchdog she wasn’t surprised by the poll.

    “I think our foremost concerns should be about economic development, our economic welfare,” Jeff said Monday. “We have high unemployment, high poverty. Let’s fix those problems first.”

    “That’s probably true,” said state Sen. Benny Shendo Jr., D-Jemez Pueblo who said the nickname is racist. “The Redskins name is pretty far down on the list of things we need to change. It’s not really on people’s radar.”

    “Some people are concerned about (the nickname) and they say, ‘Hey, that belongs to Native Americans,’” said Jeff. “And then you have those who are Redskins fans, who say, ‘Hey, it’s good that we have the Redskins and their logo.’”

    “There are a lot of Native folks who are Redskins fans, which is surprising,” Shendo said.

    In fact, Red Mesa High School of the Navajo Nation uses the nickname “Redskins.”

  93. Let’s assume for a second that the original poll is 100% accurate (which is a dumb assumption imo), should we be okay that 10% of Native Americans find the Washington mascot and team name to be offensive?

    That is a huge number of people…

  94. Stand fast, Danny-boy.

    Don’t let the squeaky wheels change your mind.

    This is bigger than you and the team.

  95. First of all, the team was named by a Native American not Mr. Marshall. A Native American pushed for Native imagery on the helmet not Mr. Marshall. Several Native Americans played on the original team and the 1st head coach was Native American. Stop pushing the Marshall was a bigot thing. Maybe he was towards blacks at first, but not Native Americans. He obviously had great respect for Natives to allow his team to be named The Redskins and allow Native imagery on his team’s helmets and field. Why would he want his team representing something negative or disparaging? He wouldn’t! Oklahoma means Okla-humma in Choctaw Native Language: translation – “Red People”. If Red People is good enough for a US State name it’s certainly good enough for a football team. Also, Red in Redskins is re: Red War Paint NOT Skin color. The term Redskins was coined by Native Americans in the 1700’s as a greeting word for other Native Americans. All the bs talk about bloody scalps and bounties is Alternative History twisted to fit the activists, politicians and misinformed/misguided Anti-Redskins/change the name supporters agendas. Redskin is not a slur and frankly the dictionary definitions should be changed because they are not accurate.

    As far as the increased hits on website etc, totally agree with that. PFT sure is enjoying the extra page hits as well as many others, including the Oneida’s and Ray Halbritter especially (plenty of extra advertising for his many businesses). Politicians love this because they can use this “issue” as a re-election tool (gaining minority votes). It’s so much deeper than anyone thinks. Way more too it than a football team’s name. It’s mostly about money and politics. The activists that truly care and really think they are doing a good thing fighting the name probably do think Redskins is racist or disparaging bit they are misguided and misinformed. They haven’t done the proper research. They just see Red and Skin and automatically assume it’s racist without knowing the truth or even wanting to know the truth. They just want to keep fighting anyway out of stubbornness about their own beliefs based on Alternative History taught to them. I know the Twitter activists love the extra page follows and publicity. I see it all the time when they Tweet stuff like “hey I just hit 10,000 followers” look at me!

    As a part Native American man myself who’s Grandmother was 100% Cherokee and have enrolled uncles who are all Redskins fans… we say stop blaming the Redskins for your problems. The Skins aren’t your problem or your kids either. Stop blaming the Skins re: your child’s self esteem or suicide rates on the reservation. The real problem is they grow up in such crappy conditions they are depressed and drink. Then some want to lash out and blame a ballteam for that. It’s very simular to the African American ghettos or white trailer parks, born into a bad situation and the vicious cycle continues. Lots of Native Americans on the rez are slaves to the reliance of their measly tribal stipends, again very simular to welfare and food stamps. Hence, the vicious cycle continues. Most get just enough to survive but not enough to have a fruitful life. Just enough to live and have no incentive to work harder. Again very simular to the ghetto. Your Native American child’s self esteem problems or suicide attempts has nothing to do with the Redskins ballteam. That just a poor excuse. It’s mostly poor parenting and poor living conditions due to the vicious cycle of life on a reservation. On top of that lots of tribes teach a separatist society and mentality simular to MalcomX/Farrikaan and others. Taught to not trust the white man due to events that happend long ago. Then the kids go to school and may get picked on for how they act or what they wear due to this upbringing and mentality. Lots of schools have separate student councils etc for example: one student council and president for whites and one for Native Americans. It’s basically segregation in schools due to this refusal to assimilate and reservation/separatist society mentality. Then the child goes to a high school football game and sees Redskins or Indians playing and another kid may say something or the Native American child may feel insecure but that due to the separatist society mentality I spoke of and not the ballteam the Redskins. Maybe the child is wearing Native American clothes or has long braids etc. But, the separatist society mentality created that and not the Redskins. That’s just an easy cop out vs poor parenting and growing up in a separatist society. That’s the solution: better parenting and improving the way of life on the rez which is exactly what Dan Snyder is trying to do with The Original Americans Foundation. NOT changing a ballteam’s name which won’t accomplish anything except making many people angry. So, changing the name wouldn’t help Native Americans and make many people angry and resentful of Native Americans. Wow, that’s just a super idea don’t you think? The problems remain and you have tons of people angry at Native Americans… and for what?

    Bottom line: better parenting, improved way of life on reservations and addressing the real issues and problems facing Native Americans. Not waisting time, money and energy trying to change a ballteam’s name that won’t even help Native Americans. Stop blaming the Redskins for your problems. Do some research on the origin of the name, logo and it’s original and true meaning. Stop being brainwashed by false Alternative History and information. Stop being sheep, stop following trendy activism that operates on false and incorrect information and lead by misguided/misinformed people. Learn the truth and think for yourselves. Oh yeah… Follow The Money.

  96. I am offended that a small group of thinskinned people are offended……no offense!

  97. I’m hearing lots of complaints about all kinds of NFL Teams. Here are a few:

    “Change the name of the Bears now! It’s offensive!”
    – signed Salmon

    A representative from African Association of Wildebeests is hoping the NFL can change the name of the “Lions”.

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