Vikings sign Chris Crocker


One of Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer’s former charges with the Bengals has signed up to rejoin Zimmer in Minnesota.

The Vikings announced that they have signed defensive back Chris Crocker as a free agent. Crocker spent the last six seasons with the Bengals and also played for Zimmer in 2007 when both men were part of the Falcons organization.

Crocker has played both safety and nickel corner over the years, offering versatility to go with the experience that comes with playing 151 games in the NFL. The Vikings haven’t settled on a safety to start alongside Harrison Smith yet, so Crocker could work his way into the mix there. If not, his ability to contribute on special teams could also help him land a roster spot come September.

The Vikings released defensive end Rakim Cox to make room for Crocker on the roster.

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  1. Not a surprise. I think you’ll see more players that get released from Cincy, going to Minnesota. Crocker knows Zim’s system and will be solid for you guys. He’s not elite, but he came off the street last year, stepped in and played well for us.

  2. The best franchise in the NFL just got better.

    What’s better than a getting a Cornerback (Our biggest weakness) that’s already played and thrived in Mike Zimmer’s system?

    He will immediately contribute to the team on special teams, and have a chance for some contribution if injuries occur.

    We already have a top 5 Secondary with Future All-Star Xavier Rhodes (Did you see that one-handed pick in practice?) Another amazing Corner in Captain Munnerlyn, and now a proven CB that can succeed in this system.

    There’s nothing stopping us from taking the NFC North this year.

    We are Historic.


  3. It’s basically bringing in a player-coach familiar with system to help the younger guys learn it. If he plays well enough to make the team it’s an added bonus.

  4. Any player would wanna play for Zimmer since he’s a solid head coach, a teacher, and a fixer bc players wanna get big money after self proven on the field. Better than cheese heads drafting busted players. Barr is going to put Rodgers to bed and reminds him he’s a master in yoga.

  5. They also signed Telly Savalas as assistant DB coach – “Crockah!!”

    @poet: actually there are three things stopping Mini from taking the North this year – GB, Chi, and Det.

  6. Wow this guy’s an 11 or 12 year veteran. He has 15 interceptions and 60 passes defensed, as well as 14.5 sacks. Not crazy elite, but he sounds like an intelligent player.

  7. Love it, zero posts by Viking fans so far.
    How does the obsession with the Vikings work anyhow?

  8. There’s nothing stopping us from having a top 5 Defense this year.

    Check out our starting line-up, with defensive guru Mike Zimmer coaching them….

    (Everson Griffen) (Linval Joseph) (Sharrif Floyd) (Brian Robinson) – Our front 4.

    (Chad Greenway) (Jasper Brinkley) (Anthony Barr) – Our Linebacker core.

    (Captain Munnerlyn, Xavier Rhodes)
    (Harrison Smith, Chris Crocker) – Our secondary.

    This seems like a top 5 squad to me.

  9. In the NFC north, you need as many DBs as you can get! I think with Rhodes and Munnerlyn we now have decent starters…just need one of the young guys to step up since GB, CHI and DET are all in at LEAST 3 WR sets 80 percent of the time.

  10. Ok, this guy is 34 years old and has been a backup for most of his career, yet according to several NFL sources has a pretty good shot at starting for the Vikes. SKOLOL!

  11. Probably not going to make the team, but good insurance because of the injuries we’ve had at safety. Robert Blanton came into camp as the favorite to start but is out 3 or 4 weeks with a hammy. Andrew Sendejo just came off the PUP. Nice to have someone available who is familiar with the system.

  12. Summitmech… Crocker has been on one year deals with the Bengals the past three years. The past two he has not been with the team until roughly halfway through when injuries forced us to call him back from retirement.

    What has allowed Crocker to do this repeatedly is that he is very football smart.

    As long as he still has gas in the tank this is a great signing, Zim gets a smart experienced veteran to help mentor the current players to learn his system. Even if he doesn’t make the starting roster he will be a very valuable back up.

  13. Crocker is one of those players who has been around forever but hasn’t made a big name for himself and it always surprises me to see he’s still in the league. All the power to him though, hope he does well enough to make the Vikings past the final cuts.

  14. Glad to see the old guy still get an NFL paycheck and earn another year’s worth of retirement benefits. Good for him.

    He could very well be the starter for the vikings.

    Look for him to be on ESPN game highlights.
    Megatron, Jordy Nelson, Brandon Marshall, and Randall Cobb will see to that.

  15. Hey poet time to bring your head out of the clouds. Is this the same Rhodes who had zero interceptions last year and also displayed his fear of tackling when Lacy steamrolled him. Is this the same Floyd who couldn’t get hardly any playing time last year over an aging Williams? Is this the same Munnerlyn who has been an undersized average db so far in his NFL career? Is that the same Jasper who wasnt any good the first go around? Is this the same Griffen who has averaged 4 sacks and 24 tackles in his 4 yr career? Is this the Crocker who has been on the unemployment line and had no interest already around the league but is going to be a starter in your eyes? Wow! I could go on but I think you get the point when you are bragging about most of the players returning from a team that finished last in the NFL defensively in points allowed.

  16. As a fan of the Norsemen, there’s nothing wrong with this signing. Unless you’re a shaken & worried packerbacker. Then the comments are helplessly posted as derogatory as possible.
    Hey, anyone hear that Lord Favre is going to be officially inducted into the H.O.F.?
    Helluva Viking.

  17. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Aug 4, 2014 4:35 PM

    Carl, pftpoet is not an “NFL source.”


    Ummmmm, they mention that in the article and several other sources (e.g., rotoworld, bleacher report, essentially came the to the same conclusion. Chris Crocker probably wouldn’t make the final roster of 75% of NFL teams, but potentially has a chance at starting for the Vikes.


  18. Brett Favre:

    “I was always a #Packer. It was like borrowed time playing elsewhere. I am a Packer, will always be a Packer.”

    Doesn’t sound like someone who’s lifelong dream was to be a Viking.

  19. bobnelsonjr says:
    Aug 4, 2014 4:48 PM
    Glad to see the old guy still get an NFL paycheck and earn another year’s worth of retirement benefits. Good for him.

    He could very well be the starter for the vikings.

    Look for him to be on ESPN game highlights.
    Megatron, Jordy Nelson, Brandon Marshall, and Randall Cobb will see to that.
    Literally LOL’d at “Randall Cobb.” Guy isn’t even a Top 100 WR in the league. Vikings would sign him only to carry water for Patterson & Rudolph, and the Bears would sign him only to placehold for Gould.

  20. Wonder if this means that Zimmer doesn’t like the six zillion mediocre safety options he already has in Sanford, Raymond, Blanton, Coleman and Sendejo?

  21. Like Led Zeppelin said the song remains the same, But the band leaders have changed, If the fans of the Packers, Bears and lions aren’t worried about how good the Vikes will be!! The waste your time on a Vikings post!!

  22. Here is the real question, can he stand around while balls fly over his head into the hands of an open wide receiver? If yes, he will fit in with the rest of the Viking secondary. At some point, the Vikings might want to start charging their secondary with price of 50 yard line seat if all they are going to do is watch the game themselves.

  23. There are 90 guys on the Vikings right now and only 2 of them are legitimate starters (AP and their kicker). Not one other guy makes the starting lineup, especially in the NFCN. And how do they address it? By signing another never-has-been camp body.

    Looks like Minny threw in the towel before the preseason even began. Sad.

  24. Randall Cobb isn’t a Top 100 WR in the league? And Vikings fans wonder why people laugh at them all the time. He’d start over every Viking WR, easily. Which is why they let them have a washed up Greg Jennings.

    Betty Crocker isn’t going to save your season or defense!


  25. The only reason Zim brought in Crocker is because he has perfected the art of hand stretching and so they felt this was a good pickup to help Teddy out.

  26. I was really thinking the Vikings would be better on D this year with Zimmer. (How could they be worse). Then I saw PFT poet list their starters. Wow this is a bad team.

  27. Crocker is a Zim guy and we would sign him it seemed like game 4 every year.

    He is a great guy to have around, a little frustrating but we loved the usual week 4 signing of crock.

    If your media guys are smart you will have him on radio or tv.

    This is nothing but bringing in someone who can run the system. So either your lacking safeties or slot cover guy.

  28. He should be a great addition. The Vikings secondary can learn from him and in the short term Chris can help the team. Solid move from Zimmer.
    Thanks Bengal brotha!

  29. Take a hard look at Vince Young,… He can still play at a HIGH level,…. His NFL won/loss record right now is 31-19 as a starting quarterback… He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year….. In 2010, Vince Young had a quarterback rating of 98.6 …………………………
    The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and Vince can WIN………… ANY quarterback in the NFL with that kind of record would easily be given, chance after chance to play on an N.F.L team …… Vince Young has earned that right……. Give it to him….
    Bring in Vince Young “NOW”… Evaluate him, if he’s good enough sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal… Next year at the very least, you would have a good backup quarterback…

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