Eric Ebron: I’ve already hit my rookie wall


The Lions made Eric Ebron the first tight end picked in the 2014 draft with designs on having him catching passes in the middle of fields cleared out by defenses focused on Calvin Johnson.

Those plans took a little bit of a hit in Ebron’s early practices as he experienced some problems holding onto the ball while simultaneously working to learn a new offense. Ebron caught a long touchdown pass in a weekend scrimmage, though, and said that it was the first moment where he realized he was just playing the game instead of thinking about what he was supposed to be doing. That epiphany left Ebron feeling like he’s turned a corner.

“I’ve already hit my rookie wall,” Ebron said, via the Detroit Free Press. “I felt like that last week of the learning process and getting over the curve, that was it for me. Now it’s about staying true to who I am and doing everything that got me here, and better.”

Coach Jim Caldwell says Ebron is learning what amounts to four different positions and “getting better all the time.” Whether or not that helps him avoid the more traditional rookie wall in December remains to be seen, but Detroit wants him to be an integral part of their offense this year and it sounds like he’s getting closer to making that a reality.

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  1. By Rookie Wall he mean’s, he’s moved on to a bust!

    You’re complete failure already, anyone who is a rookie and already speaks to this level of arrogance will most likely be a bust! Sucks to be a Detroit fan, team full dirty arrogant criminals!

  2. yesrowntreeyesgrosvener says:
    Aug 5, 2014 10:52 AM
    Hmm…seems to me that the more accurate headline would be “I’ve already broken through my rookie wall,” but okay.


    Seems to me that the headline is a direct quote, but okay.

  3. I’m not exactly sure how responding to a beat writer’s questions in an honest fashion makes this guy a diva or the next coming of Nate Burleson.

  4. Dude talks too much. He’s already given more quotable material that Calvin has in 7 years with the Lions.

  5. Eric “The Wall of Sound” Ebron has done more than enough talking so far and hasn’t even played a meaningful down yet. I wonder if all his talk has got the coaches climbing the walls. Hopefully, the coaches are getting through to him and don’t feel like their talking to a wall.

  6. ajmojo says:
    Aug 5, 2014 11:06 AM
    yesrowntreeyesgrosvener says:
    Aug 5, 2014 10:52 AM
    Hmm…seems to me that the more accurate headline would be “I’ve already broken through my rookie wall,” but okay.


    Seems to me that the headline is a direct quote, but okay.

    Yes, and isolating that quote is misleading because it totally disregards context.

  7. “Im going to be rookie of the year”

    “I hit my rookie wall in week 2 of the preseason”

    Man…I cant wait to see what this guy has to say come week 12 or 13 when a typical college season is long over, and he still has a month to go.

  8. As great as he thinks he already is, Ebron should do ok. Then again, most TEs would with Johnson drawing double and triple-teams away from him.

  9. I am a Detroit fan who has bled Honolulu Blue for too long. Calvin is full of humility. Stafford doesn’t give em much to talk about. Fairley is doing work. Suh in contract talks. I would rather read about Raiola not paying child support that Ebron’s rants. “Ebron loves him some Ebron.” Remind you of TO at all? Will one of you says something with some content so I don’t have to hear any more BS from this guy? Do work son, then maybe you won’t have time for so many interviews.

  10. These guys just talk talk talk. Take a lesson from guys like Peyton and Brady who NEVER talk yet have more right than any of these guys to talk. HUMILITY.

  11. Ebron will be given every chance to succeed in the first 4 games…it will all depend on his targets to catches ratio whether he will be a star or not..needs to shut up and concentrate on his routes and hands!

  12. The average rookie season for first-round tight ends is 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. This is because there are so many different things you have to learn as a tight end. Don’t set your expectations too high this year.

  13. He answered a reporter’s question. How naive are people on here that they think Eric Ebron is just running up the media and spouting comments off unsolicited?

    Learn about how the media and practices work before accusing a guy of “talking to much” or needing to “shut his mouth.”

  14. “Hitting the wall” does not translate to “getting it and ready to hit your stride.”

    It means something entirely different and darn near the polar opposite. As probably everyone who follows this site recognizes — it means coming to that point where it’s very very tough to give your best performance, generally by a combination of exhaustion/physical punishment.

    The good news for Detroit is you don’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to excel as a Tight End. Still, it’s nice to have players who are not quite so clueless.

  15. Oh man. This kid is attending the Reggie Bush School of Media Relations and he is passing with flying colors. His best grade will come in “Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth: Jinxing your Career 101”

  16. This isn’t uncommon. The things you need to remember as you go up the ladder in football are ridiculous. The average NFL playbook is like four inches thick. Good luck, it takes more than talent to make it in the NFL.

  17. Good luck, I think you will be great to the Lions organization.. I know we are hoping for the best so lets see what the new coach has for us this season.. The team is stacked with great players so good luck Eric!!!!

  18. Wow, quite a bit of hating going on – what are you afraid of, him succeeding?

    Jimmy Graham caught 40 in his first year and doubled it the next year. His comments were that the offense took a long time to understand – his roll is not just TE but slot receiver and many other options.

    You would think the posters on here were all former NFL players who actually knew what they were talking about.

  19. With each passing day, the Lions confirm my decision to cancel my Sunday Ticket for the 2014 season.

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