Lions list Fauria ahead of Ebron on depth chart


Eric Ebron was a Top 10 pick in this year’s NFL draft, but in Detroit, he’s a third-stringer.

At least, he’s a third stringer on the team’s unofficial depth chart, where Brandon Pettigrew is the first-string tight end and — in a bit of a surprise — Joseph Fauria is the second-string tight end. Ebron is the third-string tight end.

The reality is, however you rank them on the depth chart, all three tight ends could get a lot of playing time in the offense run by new head coach coach Jim Caldwell and new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi. Ebron may technically be third on the depth chart, but he also could find himself on the field in the base offense quite a bit. The Lions may even use all three tight ends on the field at the same time in some situations.

Among the other noteworthy positions on the Lions is the running back spot, where Reggie Bush is first, followed by Joique Bell, Mikel Leshoure and Theo Riddick. But the reality is that Bush and Bell are more like co-starters, while Riddick will likely see more playing time than Leshoure, a former second-round pick who hasn’t done much in Detroit.

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  1. Wow you guys are fast, I checked the site for a Depth Chart not very long ago and it wasn’t there. Fauria is well respected here in Detroit and he knows how to do a good job, and his job is to make it difficult for Ebron to leapfrog him. But if Ebron can be an effective catcher then he’s going to be on the field with the ball in his hands more than the other teams would like.

    And sign me up for using all of the players on the roster and coming up with very creative formations and plays. That sounds swell.

  2. some coaches ALWAYS put veteran over rookie at this stage, with the first depth chart before first preseason game.

    Saints have Cooks at 3rd string on first official depth chart. They have Meachum starting. Stills 2nd team.

    Cooks is at least 2nd team. Meachum is in battle to make team this year.

    Media loves these first depth chart lists before first preseason game.

  3. I thought drafting Ebron was a mistake. I mean they already got Pettigrew who can have a big game and Fauria who can be good. Instead of Ebron they coulda drafted a NEED instead of a luxury pick they couldn’t really afford.

  4. I say half-duh!

    I understand why Fauria is ahead of Ebron, but why is Pettigrew ahead of Fauria???

    This is no big deal anyways. First round TE picks aren’t that good. Go look at Pettigrew, Gresham, and Eifert. TEs are better when they’re discount picks and ex-bball players.

    Go ask Gronk, Aaron Hernandez, Zach Ertz, Jimmy Graham, Dennis Pitta, and Julius Thomas.

  5. Why a team would use a Top 10 pick on something that’s not considered a need is beyond me. I wish them the best, just doesn’t make sense for me.

  6. Fauria will get more playing time in the red zone… But yeah, it’s not like Ebron won’t get a ton of playing time this year… They’ve had 2 or 3 practices with full pads.

  7. Did you just list Aaron Hernandez as a good draft choice?

    Anyway, out of all the guys you just listed only Thomas and Graham played basketball in college.

  8. @rajbais I think Antonio Gates would agree but Tony Gonzalez would not. While the same can be said for any position, QB for example. For every Peyton Manning there is Tom Brady Kurt Warner Matt Hasselbeck Tony Romo. While there are also the Jamarcus Russell Akili Smith Tim Couch Cade McNown and most famously Ryan Leaf. It’s up to Ebron to showcase his talent and unlock his potential, unfortunately it will not be this year. When Pettigrew is gone its Ebron’s time to shine…….or not.

  9. “….Instead of Ebron they coulda drafted a NEED instead of a luxury pick they couldn’t really afford.”

    Using your philosophy the Lions should have passed on Calvin in 07. There’s a reason why fans aren’t GM’s

  10. I agree with the Miami Saint guy. The depth charts in play as relates to rooks, are very skewed toward listing vets as starters — but they will be adjusted significantly by the time the games actually count in the standings.

    And yeah — he’s right about Cooks in New Orleans too. That guy is going to shred it — been preaching this for almost 3 months now.

  11. 2 notes.
    The depth chart was put together by the media, not the team. One had David Akers listed as starting kicker.

    Larry Warford was listed as 2nd/3rd string until the 3rd week. He started all 16 games. H/t to @prideofdetroit.

  12. A) It’s the first week of August.

    B) Fauria has a pretty specific role. Until he can do more than catch a jump ball, he’s not playing except in the red zone.

    C) Look at the Lions’ receivers not nicknamed Megatron. Expect both Ebron and Reggie Bush to spit out quite a bit this year.

    Golden Tate? C’mon man…

  13. I thought taking Ebron was a bit of a head-scratcher as well. I thought for sure the Lions were going to go defense with their first pick, after taking Ebron I could’a swore Matt Millen was back in the building…

  14. dsburke, there is a point where you take best available player I believe, especially when you have a freak talent like Megatron, but in Ebron’s case, I don’t think he was really worth it. They have 2 competent tight ends and just signed Golden Tate. And how was Calvin not a need in 07?

  15. Well Lions spent a draft pick on what could be a pretty good short yard package, not sure its a cap friendly idea. But hey its Detroit. And I have heard he has two bricks taped to his hands also.

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