Marquess Wilson has surgery, no timetable for return


The Bears lost wide receiver Marquess Wilson to a fractured clavicle on Monday and they’re not ready to say when they think their third receiver may be back at work.

The team announced Tuesday that Wilson had successful surgery on the injury, but General Manager Phil Emery said that there’s been no timetable worked out for when Wilson might be ready to resume his duties.

“Like most injuries, everyone is individual,” Emery said, via Chris Emma of CBS Chicago. “Let’s see how he heals, and we’ll make decisions moving forward based on that and how he progresses.”

The Bears could use their one spot on injured reserve designated for a player who can return during the season, but that move would keep Wilson out for at least eight weeks before he could play again. With a month to go before the regular season, that may be longer than Wilson, who has received plenty of glowing notices this offseason, needs so the Bears could also decide to keep him on the 53-man roster and make him inactive on Sundays until he’s ready.

Emma reports that Eric Weems, Chris Williams and Josh Bellamy saw reps in Wilson’s place on Tuesday, although the Bears’ ultimate plans while Wilson is out of the lineup remain up in the air at this point.

9 responses to “Marquess Wilson has surgery, no timetable for return

  1. Well at least they didn’t waste any time getting the surgery done. The sooner it’s done, the sooner he’s back. I’m just hoping the fact that he’s only 21 means he will heal that much quicker.

  2. Tangent, but….what’s the deal with having to pre-designate who your “may return” guy is on IR? Can’t they just make the rule that you can IR whomever you want, and once you get to the allowed to return date, you are only allowed one activation from your IR?

    It seems ridiculous that before the season even starts and before the extent of your preseason/early season injuries are known, or before you have a feel for how certain guys will heal, you have to make that decision on designation.

  3. This kid was gaining confidence, and more importantly, was garnering the confidence of the QB group. You hate to see a freak injury like this, but 12 weeks is about right to make sure he is ready to go. He misses the first half of the season, but comes back for the stretch run, and has fresh legs in November, which will make defenses crazy trying to cover him.

    Put him on IR, make sure you have a full 53 man roster to work with for game 1, and then cut someone in mid season to make room for him.

  4. poorcalvinisstuckonthecrappylions says:
    Aug 5, 2014 3:33 PM
    Here come the Viking’s and Lion’s fans trolls….


    Nah, Vikings fans are too busy trolling Packer stories. That’s all they know, and it’s all they ever do.

  5. I’m pretty sure the Vikings fan will troll any NFC North team articles, but I think even they can’t troll any fluke injuries.

  6. At least its already done. I never understood why players would wait weeks or months to undergo surgery. Chris Conte waited probably 3 months before getting work done on his shoulder, and now he is still recovering. No one cares about him though.

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