Martellus Bennett fined and suspended after practice scrap


Bears tight end Martellus Bennett wasn’t at practice today, but it wasn’t because of any injury.

According to John Mullin of, General Manager Phil Emery said Bennett was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

Emery said the decision was made last night, after Bennett was involved in a brawl with teammate Kyle Fuller in practice yesterday. He reportedly argued with wide receiver Brandon Marshall for several minutes after slamming Fuller to the turf.

The fine and unspecified suspension is unusual for a training camp practice scuffle, which tells you Bennett must have taken it to another level at some point.

UPDATE 11:20 a.m. ET: Yep, this video of the incident makes it pretty clear that Bennett was out of line, and could have injured a teammate with a response better suited to a wrestling ring.

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  1. Would his actions resulted in a disqualification during a game and the resultant penalty? If so, getting suspended from practice is a good way to get his attention before it cost the Bears a game.

  2. Aww that’s cute.

    The little cubs are fighting in practice.

    If you actually want to watch fierce competitors, come to Mankato for a Minnesota Vikings practice.

    You’ll see it there.

  3. Thank goodness MosesBread wasn’t there with him…might have gotten in trouble with his brother.

  4. It is the new NFL where players get upset because they were tackled instead of two hand touch.

    Initiating a scrum because of an open field tackle is rather childish and I am glad the Bears are slapping him down for his immaturity, lack of discipline, selfishness, unprofessional conduct.

  5. As somebody who grew up in Minnesota but is a lifelong Bears fan, thepftpoet is my favorite account on here. Still not sure if he’s an elaborate troll or delusional fan, though. Either way, good for Chicago to send a message. Fuller is the next important piece if the secondary, and as much as I love Bennett he’s a temporary side-piece to an offense built around Cutler, Marshall, Jeffery, and Forte. Don’t burn too many bridges.

  6. 2 things of note after seeing the video:

    1.Fuller practically grabbed him around the neck trying to tackle him

    2. Bennett is a STRONG man.

  7. I didn’t think it looked that bad…comparing it to something you would see in a wrestling ring is a bit of an overstatement in my opinion…

  8. The Bears will be drafting a TE in the 1st round next year. Bank on it. Trestman is not on board with this kind of stuff at all, and Bennett’s production on the field has not bought him the latitude to act like this.

  9. If he was on the Ravens he would have gotten a standing ovation. Assuming Fuller was his girlfriend.

  10. If you watch the video, you can tell he was going for the ball! That’s what the defense needs!

  11. I don’t see what the problem is.

    Fuller went to far and Bennett let him have it right away.

    If that is a problem in chi-town then we know why they can’t win the division.

  12. Are you people all nuts? did you watch the video? Bennett was reacting to a very high clothesline to the neck tackle that brought him down. I’d have gotten up and dropped the punk too.

  13. This is at least the 3rd such incident this training camp in which Bennett has been involved. Bears beat reporters have also noted that Bennett has been going through the practices at his own pace — which is a pace considerably slower than the coaches want — and that his lack of effort in practices has caused other teammates to call him out right there on the field.

    It looks and feels like this is a culmination of a lot of different things and that Trestman has decided it’s time to try more drastic measures to get Bennett with the program.

  14. I think the most important thing to note is how no one was backing up Bennett on the video. Even Cutler came over to check on Fuller. Look, nobody wants to injure a teammate in practice, or in camp. What Fuller delivered was a high tackle as a result of going for the ball. Maybe borderline, but certainly not ill-intended. You would think a 260 lb TE would have been able to handle it, and definitely should have been able to handle it without losing his cool.
    Sad thing is the Bears have nothing at TE behind him, but Zach Miller and Matthew Mulligan are at least passable, and with the receiving weapons in Marshall, Jeffrey, and Forte, we can get by with passable. Throw Rosario into the same category as passable.

  15. wydok says: Aug 5, 2014 11:50 AM

    If he was on the Ravens he would have gotten a standing ovation. Assuming Fuller was his girlfriend.


    People are so dumb.

  16. Wonder if he would be suspended if this was a rookie free agent corner and not a first rounder.

  17. IMHO, Fuller didn’t get slammed hard enough. What the heck was he thinking? Even if he was going for the ball, it was stupid on his part to tackle like that. Hope Fuller learned his lesson. I agree with a few posts here, Fuller actted like a punk and got his butt slammed for it. Good.

  18. It is hot August, everybody wants their place in the pecking order, a rough sport and tempers flare. Fuller may have tried too hard to do something impressive, Bennett got way too hot headed over it. The two should have shook hands and moved on. Obviously, Bennett wasn’t willing to, so he got some encouragement.
    Not a huge deal, but newsworthy none the less.

  19. bobnelsonjr says:

    It is the new NFL where players get upset because they were tackled instead of two hand touch.

    It’s the new NFL where you get fined and suspended for a scrap at practice. Surprised we haven’t heard “bullying” claims yet.

  20. Not a big deal, internally speaking for the bears. They are not bothered much by this. The adrenaline is so high for those few seconds, and they’ve been at each others throats for over a week. The disciplinary actions are to make the point that even in these tense moments, keeping your cool can be the difference between a game won or lost. The suspension is to send a message to the entire team, not lay the “smackdown” on Bennet.

  21. I’m sure it also didn’t help that the Bears’ promising young #3 WR Marquess Wilson was carted off yesterday with a broken collarbone. Coaches already have enough challenges keeping their rosters intact with injuries happening outside of their control. The last thing they want are “friendly fire” incidents like this.

  22. joefelicelli says: Aug 5, 2014 12:18 PM

    I think the most important thing to note is how no one was backing up Bennett on the video. Even Cutler came over to check on Fuller.

    Excellent point. That may give some idea on how Bennett’s teammates feel about him. Another poster mentioned this wasn’t Bennett’s first temper tantrum so maybe this is Trestman’s way of telling him to knock it off. The problem now is they are stuck with him. It’s not like they can cut him now since they have invested (wasted) a lot of money on him. Another poster mentioned they may draft another TE next year to replace him. That is certainly a possibility.

    I can understand he was upset with the tackle but I’m not a big fan of his response. It would have been nice to see one of his fellow secondary guys to take issue with Bennett when he did it but nobody did. That makes me wonder if Fuller hasn’t exactly endeared himself to his teammates either.

  23. the fine and suspension are more about this being a continual issue for Marty. He does this every year and got into a scrum last week with Lamar Houston

  24. Pretty clear that Bennett was out of line????? No. If I’m Bennett and a ROOKIE wants to rip at me like that in practice. I’m responding.

  25. Wasn’t this guy a headcase in Dallas too? I’m not sure a time-out is going to do the trick here.

  26. If he’d had just thrown him to the ground, no big deal, but he head dropped him and could have cause great damage to his neck. In todays lawsuit world, they have to (this may sound weird) protect (workers) players from hostile actions. Remember teams are employers and players are employees.

  27. The Black Unicorn (blunicorn or bluney to Giants fans in the know) is his own man… from whatever galaxy he may have been sent here, even if Fuller tacked him a little high. With Brandon and Alshon at the X and Z positions Chicago is stacked at WR… coming from a Giants fan who wishes we had drafted Alshon to go with Cruz, Randle and Beckham. Now those are targets with whom Eli, even as a 2-time Super Bowl MVP, could light up a scoreboard (instead of lighting up the interceptions leaderboard).

  28. This is when I really wish the light would have come on for Fendi Onobun. As another poster pointed out, the depth behind Martellus is pretty weak.

  29. The Bears are a joke, they paid top dollar for head cases to avoid a rebuild. It’s going to be hilarious when this all comes crashing down.

  30. I’ve seen the video and Fuller grabbed him by the neck to tackle him that’s why Bennett got upset. I think a suspension is a bit ridiculous considering that fights happen all the time during training camp. But I guess Chicago’s management had to set an example. I understand why they did it but I feel like they might have overdid it here.

  31. I just watched it on YouTube. It should’ve been Fuller who got suspended. It looked like he grabbed Bennett by the throat. Hopefully, though, if anything similar happens to Bennett during the season he’ll let the officials handle it and NOT retaliate.

  32. This isn’t just about this incident, Bennett is a locker room cancer and the Bears are trying to avoid disaster.

    Also, those cry babies that think Fuller grabbed his neck are blind, he grabbed his shoulder pad, quit crying. You’re starting to sound like Cutler.

  33. If you just glance at the video it might look like he was high but look closer 2 or 3 time (it happens fast) he is below the shoulders on the chest pad. Who ever noted that the whole team goes to help Fuller is right. Maybe they know something about Bennett that we don’t? Tressman has been preching against these distractions at camp and it happens with Bennett a lot. He will be back sooner than later, Bear have no other options. The coach is making a point.

  34. wydok says:
    Aug 5, 2014 11:50 AM

    If he was on the Ravens he would have gotten a standing ovation. Assuming Fuller was his girlfriend.

    Now that’s funny, wydok!!!

  35. I love how the Bears have handled this. Clearly it’s not been an isolated incident, with MB getting in several scuffles throughout camp. It sounds like even his own teammates (Brandon Marshall) haven’t been to get through to him. So Trestman and co. are taking the message-sending to the next logical level. But even in suspending him, note the comments from Trestman, which make it clear that MB is still a highly-valued member of the team. “We are a family, and families fight.” etc. etc.

    Perfect response – Bennett gets a strong message, without being made to feel like he’s being entirely ostracized. I guarantee this will all blow over, and once the games begin, we’ll see the same great chemistry and production out of the Bears offense (including TEs) we saw last year.

    *Lions fans take note: I know this is a completely foreign concept to you, but this is how a professional football team is managed – with class and consistency.

    When a player steps out of line or engages in conduct which is detrimental to the TEAM (another foreign concept for Lions fans), the coaches (that would be the guys in charge) respond with reason, reassurance, and discipline. You don’t let the inmates run the asylum.

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