Morris Claiborne to miss third straight preseason opener


It’s safe to say that the Cowboys’ selection of cornerback Morris Claiborne in the first round of the 2012 draft hasn’t produced the desired results for the team’s defense.

Claiborne has struggled when he’s been on the field, in part because he’s missed parts of each season with injuries that have hindered his development. Year Three is looking like more of the same as Claiborne has been sidelined for almost a week by a knee injury that will keep him out of the team’s preseason opener against the Chargers on Thursday.

It’s the third straight year that Claiborne has been unable to answer the preseason bell and injuries have limited him to just two exhibition contests overall. Despite that, coach Jason Garrett is optimistic about what he’s seen from the corner so far this summer.

“Well, you want players out there, obviously,” Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News. “And Mo has really had a good offseason, like we talked about, and a good start to camp. He has missed the last few days. We do anticipate him being back fairly soon and having the bulk of training camp in front of him to continue to grow and develop. But you don’t want to lose sight of the fact he’s off to a good start and doing a lot of good things.”

This sets up as a crucial season for Claiborne as the Cowboys will have to make a decision about exercising his fifth-year option before the 2015 season and he hasn’t come close to making it clear that he’s a player worth keeping around for the long term. Staying healthy is essential to changing that around, but both the past and present illustrate that there are better ways to get rich than betting on that happening.

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  1. Claiborne and Sean Lee cannot stay healthy. The Cowboys should try and trade them to the Redskins, who have always coveted washed-up Cowboys.

  2. Jerry has a long record of finding players that as soon as they get the big bucks fail to perform shortly there after for various reasons. This is why we are struggling with talent on the defensive side of the ball and can’t afford to sign free agents or draft impact players in this years draft as well as some of the previous drafts. I guess it has something to do with the GM.

  3. “jlbutler66 says: Aug 5, 2014 5:32 PM

    Jerry has a long record of finding players that as soon as they get the big bucks fail to perform shortly there after for various reasons.”

    And this applies (even if it were true,which it is not as even a casual examination of the facts will attest) to Claiborne (who is still on his rookie deal) exactly how?

  4. Claibust.

    Behind Brandon “everybody torches me” Carr and Orlando Scandrick on the depth chart, somewhere the Rams are smiling at the NFC Least double desperation.

  5. Yo! 4qmagic. Kinda hard on Claiborne dog. 2 words: DeMarcus Russell. Now that’s a bust. Here’s a guy with no injurys ever! He just SUCKED!! Claiborne has played with injury after Injury on Sunday. To me that says something. This is just his 3rd year. Let’s see if he can get and stay healthy going into the regular season. Then if he doesn’t stepup this year, then maybe a bust. Healthy I think he makes the Pro Bowl.

  6. Yo! X factor.

    Stop embarrassing football fans like Pftpoet continues to do.

    It is Jamarcus Russell not DeMarcus. I’m a boys fan too but at least get it right if you are going ti be critical of anothers post.

    Here you go:
    Jamarcus Russell
    DeMarcus Ware
    DeMarcus Lawrence

  7. This isn’t what makes him a bust! Everything else he’s done up to this point + this, is what makes him a bust!!! Lol. Definitely hasn’t lived up to moving up to the #8 slot.

  8. 700level is WAY more annoying than PFTpoet… he’ll be in here any minute to post his stupid slogan about the Cowboys being the most mediocre team in blah blah blah…

  9. its preseason it doesn’t matter, its the postseason that he needs to be ready for. wait wrong team, he will be home watching on his TV…

  10. Not much you can do with a player like Claiborne. Every “draft expert” had him pegged as the best defensive player in that draft. Obviously they should not have traded up but they were desperate for secondary help.

  11. There is two ways a player can fail to perform. One is the player doesn’t have the skill set and the other is the player is not physically up to the wear and tear of week in week out play at the pro level. Claiborne scores really low on both counts. Yep,he’s is a bust any way you look at it objectively. Wish there was some other way a reasonable person could look at it but I can’t think of any. Jerry you might want to re think your statement ” this defense can’t get any worse” unless we get lucky it just might unless other teams manage to play worse then they did last year. Anything is possible but I am far from confident, we are scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as top level defensive talent goes because several of our best defensive have moved on for one reason or anther or are out with injuries.

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