Report: Packers lineman Don Barclay tears ACL

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Offensive lineman Don Barclay proved to be a valuable reserve for the Green Bay Packers a season ago, starting 14 games at right tackle in place of an injured Bryan Bulaga.

Now it looks as though the Packers will have to get by without him.

According to Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Barclay suffered a torn ACL during Tuesday’s practice.

Barclay fell awkwardly on his right knee and was carted off the field. He was set to enter this season as the primary backup at both guard positions and right tackle.

“You typically don’t get a sixth guy that can play that many positions and has had that much experience with 20 games or started. That will be a big one if he’s down,” guard Josh Sitton said.

Barclay has appeared in 30 games over the last two season for Green Bay with 18 career starts.

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  1. Thats too bad, I didn’t like him as a starter at RT. But I liked his versatility and think he could be a starter at Guard someday for the Packers or another team. He will be back strong again next summer. Get well soon Don.

  2. In all seriousness, that really sucks for that dude. How many Packers have to have serious injuries over the course of several years before the NFL conducts an investigation?

  3. The Packers are starting earlier this year. Usually they don’t start with the whole getting hurt thing until at least week 3. At this rate they may even have enough time to have a second round of it before the playoffs.

    Seriously though, how is that every year the Packers and Bears get banged up a bunch, but a healthy Lions can’t capitalize and do better than 3rd in the division? And no, 2011 was a fluke.

  4. We haven’t even played our first preseason game yet, and already we have two guys out for the season. How are the Packers so snake-bit by injuries?


  5. Time for a change in the medical and training staffs in that organization. Or a karmic cleansing of the practice field. Maybe both. I’m a Bears fan, but this is just out of control for the Pack the last few years. My team got hit hard last year but it has become an every season thing in GB. Something about what they’re doing up there isnt working at all.

  6. No worries. Someone will step up and become the next diamond in the rough, the kind Ted Thompson has been so good at unearthing.

    2014 NFC North will look like this:

    Packers 12-4
    Bears 10-6
    Lions 9-7
    Vikings 3-13

  7. Prediction: by mid-season the Packers will again be the most injured team in the NFL. Nothing changes. Yet instead of taking advantage of the Packers weakness, the rest of the NFC North will stumble, bumble, rumble, fall, toss their cookies, then complain when the Packers limp to the division title. Then Green Bay will play someone in the playoffs, get knocked around, lose and go home.
    The coaching staff and administration will say it was in part due to the injuries, but “the next man must step up”. Then they will spend the entire off season trying to fix the problems only to have them return again in the fall.
    And the cycle repeats.

  8. Thats it. No more training camp and no more preseason games. Go right to the regular season and maybe we’ll be able to field a team, but this has been happening all over the league.

  9. I swear it’s the curse of Favre. Hopefully by retiring his number the curse will end, but it seems since he left we’ve leaf the NFL in injuries every season.

  10. At some point the coaching staff mainly strength and conditioning has to be blamed. It’s no coincidence the packers have way more injuries than any other team has ever had. Last year was the year of the hammy. And no one could make it back from it. This year is the year of the ACL

  11. Can tear your ACL just getting of bed in the morning.. Surprising it doesn’t happen more in sports in general. Not worried until we see the Hammy injuries popping up..

  12. Every team goes through injuries, so you people that think it has to do with the training staff need to wake up.
    You can’t prevent certain injuries. It’s just common sense.
    You going to blame the Redskins training staff for Thiesmans injury? What about Petersons knee injury.
    The list goes on people.
    Yea, GB has had some bad luck with injuries, but its not the training staff or how they practice. Its FOOTBALL!! (I’m yelling at ignorance)

  13. If the NFL gave out a trophy for the most injuries, Green Bay would win it every year. Sure injuries are part of the game, but this trend is getting ridiculous. Somebody should look into what’s going on up there.

  14. I realize that the training staff has been under scrutiny lately because of all of the soft tissue injuries, but there is nothing they can do to prevent ligament tears. At least with early camp injuries, we have time to give another player the reps. On the other hand it’s time for the law of averages to kick in since GB has been in the top five of most injured teams in four of the past five years.

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