Saints owner Tom Benson taken to West Virginia hospital

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The Saints players love practicing in the cool mountains of West Virginia, but their boss is having some problems with it.

According to Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Saints owner Tom Benson had to be taken off the field in an ambulance this morning.

The 87-year-old Benson was taken to a local hospital to receive oxygen, and a team spokesman said it was a result of elevation.

The Greenbrier Resort’s website refers to the 2,000-foot elevation, which is quite different than the sea level-or-below the Saints are used to at home.

It’s been a rough few months for Benson, who took a spill at the May owners meetings, but was reportedly fine afterward.

26 responses to “Saints owner Tom Benson taken to West Virginia hospital

  1. 87 years old and still on the practice field! I tip my hat, Mr. Benson.

    Hope you get better soon….

  2. Man that’s too bad. I sure hope he’s gonna be okay. Mr Benson saved the Saints when he bought them back in the 80s. Then he brought them to the power house they are by hiring coach Payton. He loves the Saints and he loves New Orleans. The most popular hero Louisiana has ever had hands down! Geaux Saints!

  3. Get well Mr. Benson.

    Put aside the debacle that was the 2005 season and your attempts to take my Saints from me. You have committed to turning around the franchise, opened your wallet and as a result we are always in contention, for this sir, I tip my hat.




  4. The hiring of Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton and the subsequent best pickup of a Free Agent in NFL history in Drew Brees has to go down as some of the best moves by an owner in NFL history…
    Get well soon Mr. Benson!!!

  5. There is a sizable difference at 5k but 2k? That elevation would be unnoticeable to the average person. Maybe his age or respiratory problems are to blame or they are more acute at higher elevations. Stay away from Denver

  6. New Orleanians basically breathe hot water…it’s like the movie Abyss. He’s out of his element. 2,000 feet is 2,005 feet too high above sea level 🙂

  7. Really! Giving a thumbs down to bloggers wishing that a man get well, is just PATHETIC. I hate the Cowboys but I would even wish Mr. Jones a speedy recovery, if he was ill. Some of you haters out there REALLY need a hug.

  8. I feel bad for the guy, but this is the guy who famously snapped that he wouldn’t refund season tickets after Katrina. He’s held Louisiana hostage for pay-outs to keep the team in NO. But he was all set to go to San Antonio until Tagliabue stepped in and blocked the move because it would have been an NFL PR nightmare. He brought “respectability” to the Saints franchise, but anything was a step up from the laughingstock that was John Mecom and his cocaine-riddled teams.

  9. For reference, our ears typically ‘pop’ going up over 10 stories down here. 2000+ ft. is a big difference to us, especially if there are any type of respiratory problems, or over-exerting yourself causing one to ‘suck air’. Hope for a speedy recovery Mr. Benson. Come back down into the soup & wait it out with the rest of the rest of the WHODAT NATION.

  10. whodat5150 says:
    Aug 5, 2014 12:39 PM
    Really! Giving a thumbs down to bloggers wishing that a man get well, is just PATHETIC. I hate the Cowboys but I would even wish Mr. Jones a speedy recovery, if he was ill. Some of you haters out there REALLY need a hug.

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    Go right ahead and wish Mr. Jones well then… he’s mentally ill.

    He thinks he’s a great G.M.

    He’s admitted he would have fired a G.M. who performed like he has… yet he keeps himself operating the team.

    When one says they want the team to be great and to win and then runs the team and admits he’d fire a G.M. who performed the way he did and then he remains in that post…

    Well there’s something not quite right about his thought process.

    Jerry’s chosen to continue running the team even though the results have been mediocre (like exactly .500 for like 17 years running).

    The proof is in the pudding folks.

    Jerry is OK with accepting mediocre results.

    Just check out their results with him running the team.

  11. 2000ft could do it. I get dizzy standing on a thick rug. Btw, you mean to tell me that teams don’t have oxygen on the sidelines. Must suspect something else. Hope he’s ok. Starting to loose the old timers.

  12. Agree with the blog giving thumbs down on well wishers, and the knucklehead that keeps harping about giving the Vikings their 2009 Super Bowl should give it a rest, besides, they lost in the NFC playoff game, had they won that they would have gotten beat in the Super Bowl…

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