Trent Richardson has high goals for 2014


Trent Richardson was a major disappointment in Indianapolis last season, rushing for just 458 yards and 2.9 yards a carry in 14 games after the Colts shipped a first-round draft pick to Cleveland to acquire him. But Richardson sees big things ahead this year.

Asked if he thinks he can gain 1,000 yards this year, Richardson scoffed that his goals are a lot higher than that.

“A thousand is not the goal. For me, it’s personal. I’m going to keep it to myself. But a thousand is not it for me. It’s higher,” Richardson said, via the Indianapolis Star.

This year Richardson believes his greater understanding of the offense will allow him to play a greater role on the team.

“I can’t wait to be involved in the passing game, even if it’s just pass blocking,” Richardson said. “I’m trying to be a three-down back. It would be four if they let me play special teams.”

Richardson may find himself relegated to special teams if he doesn’t play a lot better in 2014 than he did in 2013.

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  1. After playing so poorly his goals should certainly be high or higher. What’s he supposed to say? He has his work cut out for him with his patchwork O line. Plus he probably looks pretty good practicing against his own marginal defense, which was not improved in the off season or by the draft.

  2. There are two team’s GM’s I’d like to thank…Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills!
    from a BROWNS fan!!

  3. As supposed to years past, when his goals were to get out of bed and tie his own shoes?

  4. He better step his game up. 2.9 YPC usually gets you 2.9 carries per game. He should rebound nicely in 2014. With more time to understand the Colts playbook and the returns of Dwayne Allen and Reggie Wayne, Richardson could end up being a quality back this season

  5. Indybear, Arthur Jones and D’Qwell Jackson? Camp reports are that Jonathan Newsome has been pretty effective for a rookie, Bjoern Werner has built strength and become more fluid in the 3-4, and the ILB depth competition has really heated up. The only position not improved on defense is safety when Bethea left. Quit crying and enjoy the fact that Colts football is back!

  6. The last knee operation robbed him of his explosiveness. Hasn’t been the same since. Good kid, though. I’m rooting for him.

  7. A guy can work on quickness and strength. A guy can’t learn how to see where the hole is and anticipate where the hole is going to be. Richardson has horrible field vision – often running into his own blockers. I don’t see him improving much, unfortunately.

  8. Charles White
    Archie Griffin
    Rashaan Salaam
    Trent Richardson

    It’s not an easy deal to translate college success to NFL success. Many star running backs don’t make the transition. It looks like Trent may not.

  9. When I see this guy’s name I think of one word….


    There’s actually another word that can be spelled with that too if you fill in those blanks. That pretty much describes everything he says about how he’s going to tear it up.

  10. Maybe I’m oversimplifying things here, but if you’re a running back that’s not featured in the pass game (routes or protection schemes) and you’re having problems learning the offense, you’re probably not too bright.

    But hey, Mark Ingram wants to be the best running back ever. At least Alabama provided these guys with solid educations…

  11. I think he will be amazing and certainly hope nobody else in my fantasy league gets to him before me in the first round. That would be terrible.

  12. And then he added, “I plan on being the best running back in the league. Even better than Ingram.”

  13. How stupid could the staff at the Colts have been when anyone that every watched him play in the NFL could tell you he was terrible. The great Jim Brown saw him and within a minute said he did not have it — what were the Colts looking at?

  14. Shouldn’t the Colts below-average o-line carry some of the blame for his abysmal performance??? I mean, it’s not like he’s running behind those mammoth offensive lines he had at Alabama…

  15. I remember last year reading e everyone’s comments on here and everyone saying how dumb the browns were. Now, you’re all acting you knew from the get go he wasn’t going to be spectacular. All you saying thanks Indy and Richardson sucks are the same ones who criticized the move from Cleveland’s side last year. You don’t know a damn thing. Second thing, this is pretty much the exact same thing beastmode went through a few years ago. You’re all gonna fell pretty stupid in a few weeks when t rich lights it up! Go Colts!

  16. “A thousand is not the goal. For me, it’s personal. I’m going to keep it to myself. But a thousand is not it for me. It’s higher,” Richardson said, via the Indianapolis Star.

    And for the next 6 hours amazed bystanders looked on as the Indy Star Journalist incremented his guess by one yard at a time in order to hunt down the elusive figure from Trent.

    After reaching 3,456 yards the confused Richardson consulted with his coach and then confessed that the number was actually 1,000.

  17. Trent, I would like to rush for more than a thousand yards myself but like you, I don’t have the skill set to accomplish this goal. Isn’t it ironic that the Browns are on the winning side of a trade for once?

  18. Richardson was the product of having a superior offensive line and a superior coach in college.

  19. He was my first draft pick in fantasy last year. Don’t need to say any more about how I did or what I think he is going to do this year. Elite players do NOT have years like his last year. Done with this guy.

  20. “isphet71 says: Aug 5, 2014 12:47 PM

    He was my first draft pick in fantasy last year. Don’t need to say any more about how I did or what I think he is going to do this year. Elite players do NOT have years like his last year. Done with this guy.”

    I guess that means you probably finished last then. Tough break for you. I think he had a lot of people fooled and like many have mentioned, I thought the Browns were crazy until I saw him run with 50% effort with the Colts. Probably the only goal this guy has this year is to fool some team into giving him a big contract.

  21. He had 28 carries their last 4 games. He’s gotta get the ball in order to gain yards. He was a stud at Alabama against the best teams in College Football…give him the ball!!

  22. And comments like these are the reason none of you guys have jobs in the NFL, cause if you did it would look crazy out there.

    Why don’t you type in Trent Richardson NFL highlights in your search engine and then judge what he’s capable of before just rattling off about him running into OLINEMAN- there isn’t a running back alive that hasn’t ran into his offensive lineman, not one! Hence the word blocking, you tail your blocker, if the guy is an idiot and can’t run fast or don’t know his back is behind him that is on him, not the running back, the running back is doing his job using the blockers to gain the extra few yards, trent is fast and impulsive some times, I’ve seen many cases where he got over excited and ran his blockers over, but like I said, there’s not one running back that hasn’t done that! He will settle in and learn the offense, but you guys need to cut him some slack,keep forgetting he was the # 3 overall right after luck and RG3, there’s something to be said about that alone.

  23. Oh, elite player don’t have years like he did last year? Or are you a cry baby that didn’t win his fantasy football last year? Here are some examples of elite players that never had years like TRICH ok! Emmitt smith in 2003 2.8 yards per carry and 256 yards!, Walter Peyton 1987 533 yards on 146 attempts and 12 games started!, adrian peterson in 2011 people like you said he was washed up because he turned in 970 yards all season, said he would never make a come back, the following year he turned in over 2,000 yards!, ladanian Tomlinson 730 yards in 2009 on 14 games started, 1996 Marshall Faulk started every game and only had 587 yards with a 3 yard per carry average!

    The fact is that most running backs struggle, it’s the tuffest position on the field, these guys get pounded on all day long, over and over taking hits 20 times or more a game, they usually do have a bad year at least one time early on in their career, or later, or if struggling with injury’s!

    So all those guys I mentioned were not elite players huh? Not at all! Only the best to ever play the game! Sorry your final fantasy got messed up and you bet on the wrong guy last year, but cut him some slack!

  24. If he is smart ( which I don’t thin he is ) he would keep his mouth shut and keep working to get better.

  25. If he is smart ( which I don’t think he is ) he would keep his mouth shut and keep working to get better.

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