Without Carl Nicks, the Buccaneers have a mess at guard


Sometimes you look at the unofficial depth charts teams put out, and you immediately realize you shouldn’t put too much stock in them.

But it doesn’t take a long look at the Buccaneers’ to realize they’ve got kind of a mess at guard.

For a team that used to have solid, expensive veterans such as Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph inside, they now have a bunch of question marks.

Oniel Cousins and Jamon Meredith are listed as the starting guards for now, with Patrick Omameh and Kadeem Edwards the backups. If you’ve never heard of those guys, consider yourself in the majority. They have a grand total of 33 NFL starts between them, with Meredith’s 24 and Cousins’ nine the extent of the experience.

While it’s clear Nicks wasn’t ready to play, the lingering uncertainty of his status might have kept them from fixing an obvious weak spot.

The Bucs also might be planning something new on defense, as their chart lists 12 starters. Since coach Lovie Smith considers his nickel back a starter, that allows Leonard Johnson a chance to be a first-teamer, along with cornerbacks Alterraun Verner and Mike Jenkins.

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  1. Guard has been a mess in Tampa for several years. Now, with Nicks having finally been cut, it’s just a less expensive mess than it used to be.

    Meredith has been at least serviceable. Serviceable-ish, maybe. Guard is clearly the biggest hole on the roster, but, to be fair, it’s been a hole for a while now.

  2. The media experts have all proclaimed Tampa Bay as set to make a massive improvement this season. Lovie wouldn’t have just forgotten about the Guard position. Trust in Lovie’s plan. He knows precisely what he’s doing. Nicks was just another expensive mistake of the really bad Schiano period.

  3. It’s only August 5, a month before opening kick-off. There is time to sort this out. It’s a little early to call this a “mess”, especially basing it on the depth chart.

  4. Expect Meredith and the rookie Edwards to start.

    Meredith is no Nicks, but he can play. He is not a turnstile. The rookie is unknown. But as we have seen at the OG position, first year players can perform at a decent level.

    Davin Joseph is a great person. His play last year was heinous, however. Bucs are upgrading at RG no matter who plays.

  5. With the skill set the Bucs have the better not let a gaurd position stop them…. All they need is a decent starter and they can take that division… The Bucs are my NFC sleeper team because they are loaded both sides of the ball so front office tighten up and fix it…Indeed…

  6. Oniel Cousins?!?!? Wow, kind of feel bad for the Bucs fans. I saw this revolving door play for the Browns and it wasn’t pretty. If he plays, mark my words you will scream at your tv in anger.

  7. coldwater32301 says…”With the skill set the Bucs have the better not let a gaurd position stop them…. All they need is a decent starter and they can take that division… ”

    Are you serious? Trying to figure out if Carolina or Tampa Bay will be worse…

  8. Carl Nicks was hurt all of last year. So its the same mess as last year for 4 mill cap savings this year and 8 million next year… I’d say that makes it better.

    Same goes for Davin Joeseph….

    The have 3 pieces in place that are fine with LT,RT, C.

    Watch out for Kadeem Edwards, he’s a Nasty Hog of a 1AA player that will likely excel at the NFL Level…

    Just one hole as you say… and that hole has 24 nfl starts, not exactly, a bum.

  9. Don’t worry, Lovie. I am sure the Bengals will be cutting some guys as training camp progresses, since Tampa Bay is basically Cincy South after this year’s free agency.

  10. Will the Bucs be able to hang with an improved Top 4 Saints Offense and Top 4 Saints defense?
    I highly doubt it!

  11. Well at least you got Jeremy Zuttah! Oh thats right he is in Baltimore now.

    Lovie off to a less than stellar start…

  12. Hard to believe Cousins is even on an NFL roster much less being considered a starter … the worst OL I’ve ever seen in a Browns uniform and I’ve been watching the Browns for 50+ years. If he’s a starter on opening day for Tampa I’m betting my house on a Vegas site that they go winless.

  13. vernonwillis says:
    Aug 5, 2014 3:32 PM
    Trade D Bowers for Alex Boone!!!!!!!

    Best guard that MAY be on the market, I’d be on the phone to the niners right now.

  14. In addition, let’s just say that Tim Wright, Brandon Myers, and Austin Sefarian Jenkins together is a waste.

    I have felt that way. Therefore, Why not trade Wright to a team for an o-lineman? It makes sense.

  15. Oniel Cousins? Are you serious, Bucs? first of all vs. Dolphins last year he got called for one pre-snap penalties and two holding calls, and pretty much let Fins D line do whatever it wanted…Brandon Weeden had vitually no chance in that game. Browns running game wasn’t a lot better. Too bad Richie Incognito is waaaayyy too much more trouble than he’s worth, plus Bucs fans you don’t want PFT and others to speculate on when your own bullygate will happen.

  16. I’m open to both the idea of trading Doug Martin for a proven veteran guard or signing Incognito. Tampa Bay has made it well known that they are not in a rebuilding phase and they are pushing to win now after a 12 year playoff-win drought. Desperate times call for desperate measures and we are VERY deep at running back.

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