Cam Newton attempts to clarify comments on Rob Chudzinski

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was seemingly critical of the way he was handled by former offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski during his early days with the Panthers.

However, Newton feels his comments on Chudzinski didn’t accurately represent what he was trying to say about his former coach and sought to clarify the remarks in an interview with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Newton had previously said that the offense was too complicated for him to digest as he attempted to make the transition to the NFL.

“It kind of was a learning curve, especially when you was here, with having coach Chudzinski,” Newton told Marty Hurney of ESPN 730, via Black and Blue Review. “He opened the floodgates with material right from the jump. I didn’t like it then because coming from a hand signal philosophy from Auburn, it was kind of force-feeding a kid with carrots. I didn’t want to learn it, and I was always trying to complain about the workload.”

Newton elaborated on those comments Wednesday night.

“What was said in the interview was ‘did I think it was a good idea on the method of me learning?” Newton said. “I said I didn’t like it for one reason. Everyone knows (that when I) was coming from Auburn, it was a one hand signal (offense) and I was gone. When I came here it was a culture shock. There were things that were thrown at me that I never would have even imagined. The whole college system was somewhat training wheels and whatnot and without the appreciation for me with having coach Chud around, I would not have had the season that I did have.

“I’m very appreciative of that man – him as well as coach (Mike) Shula – believing in me from day one. The way I read the article, it was not portrayed that way. I just wanted to say that if it wasn’t for coach Chud believing in me, first off I wouldn’t have believed in myself.

Newton then relayed a story that when the lockout briefly lifted in 2011, Chudzinski brought Newton in for a meeting and gave him a sheet of paper laying out “the blueprint of success for Cam Newton.”

Newton said it’s something he still carries around with him in his wallet every day.

“He gave me the things that I had to do to one, gain the trust of my teammates, gain the trust of the people in the organization as well as the fans but most of all gain the trust of myself. I appreciate him for that,” Newton said.

17 responses to “Cam Newton attempts to clarify comments on Rob Chudzinski

  1. I’m not a fan of Cam, but I’ll defend him a little on this. Why doesn’t anyone inform these kids about the drastic change in plays & playcalling? Especially if they are expected to be drafted. Makes no sense at all.

  2. I like Cam and think hes a great player. Hes doing alot better than i thought he would. That was classy of him to clarify his comments. Not too many players will even remember what they said, but to go back and clarify, shows maturity.

  3. Newton is the ultimate loser, a real crybaby wannabe QB who only cares about himself.

  4. Sounds like he’s maturing as a QB and as a person. Being that he doesn’t get in trouble, I’d say so far he seems to be a fine young man with a bright future.

  5. Ok lets think about this how many of you have started a job and felt overwhelm with the information given to you. I feel that is what Cam is saying and that info never stopped. I am proud to say Cam is the Panthers QB now and in the future.

    GO PANTHERS and Cam!

  6. I gotta defend him too on this. It’s not like he was complaining about the standard transition between college and NFL offenses. Chud’s offense is a circus act with a playbook the size of a dictionary.

  7. Poor little Cam. Upset he had to come to the NFL and work hard for his millions. SMH

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