Chip Kelly on depth charts: Seriously, I don’t care


The Eagles have distributed their first unofficial depth chart of the preseason. Coach Chip Kelly kindly requests that you ignore it.

Kelly said the Eagles put out a depth chart only because the NFL asks every team to do it, and that the order of the players on the chart has no bearing on how the coaching staff actually plans to allocate playing time.

“Seriously, the depth chart, I don’t care,” Kelly said. “I think [Eagles PR Director] Derek [Boyko] did it. I mean, it’s absolutely nothing. I know we’re going to get questions on it, and I’ll be honest with you, I do not care. . . . I said a long time ago, it’s written in sand, it’s written in water, it can be written in anything. That depth chart means absolutely nothing. The only reason we make one is because they tell us to make one. Call it whatever you want to call it.”

Kelly’s opinion of depth charts is similar to his opinion of the NFL draft. Fans may be interested in it, but Kelly thinks it’s much ado about nothing.

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  1. Top 5 Greatest Eagles:

    1. Norman Van Brocklin
    2. Harold Carmichael
    3. Duce Staley
    4. Jerome Brown
    5. Asante Samuel

  2. So in the past few days Kelly has attacked Draftapalooza, and now he is taking an indirect swipe at fantasy football. I love it, but I don’t know how all that will fly with the powers that be.

  3. Boy, Kelly’s disdain for draft hype and depth charts really bothers conformists. I guess those people look down on thinking outside the box.

  4. He said it when he came here, “the best players will play.” Putting out a depth chart just makes some starters complacent, better to let everyone believe their job is up for grabs. Dudes a mind game artist.

  5. “Set plays? I don’t care… call them what you want. I’ll just be sittin’ over here with the parents under a shade tarp. Anyone want coffee or donuts from the commissary?”.

  6. This is one of the reasons why I love Chip. Full disclosure as well, I am a Giants fan (yes, I know Eli looks slow). He is a true football coach. Most teams in the NFL might have 5 or 6 firmly entrenched positions, but the rest is up somewhat to competition. Asking for a depth chart this early in an offseason just proves NFL thinks it’s fans are a joke. Any knowledgeable fan knows that competition is key in training camp and depth charts are nothing more (at this point) then a waste of time.

  7. Chip Kelly will be gone soon as his coaching style will be exposed for what it is.

    The passing game will crumble, as Cooper was a flash in the pan and Foles will be exposed for what he is without DJAx- and that is an average at best QB.

    Sproles is acquired 3 years too late to help the Eagles in any long term sense of the word. As it stands this team should be renamed the Philadelphia LeSean McCoys.

    The Eagles will see this and enter rebuilding mode by 2017 at the absolute latest following several subpar seasons.

    You’re welcome for the insight.

  8. I almost feel like he’s more disgusted with the rule forcing him to put a depth chart out, as opposed to disgusted at the idea that he would have some idea which 11 guys on offense/defense he plans to take the field to start the game.

    I would hope he takes the starting lineup seriously.

  9. Chip Kelly is the next style of coach. Football is changing. The NFL wants a more exciting game and it fits right into his coaching style. I hate the Eagles, but damn are they fun to watch.

  10. He didn’t stay in college because of an NCAA show cause penalty, which ends next year. So expect the z hipKelly back to college rumours to fly at some point near the end of the season.

  11. He’s such a genius. Maybe this is the year the Eagles reach the Super Bowl and play full speed all four quarters.

  12. love it. the depth chart, draft hype, its all a money game to the NFL powers. i totally agree with Chip, it means squat. glad he speaks his mind.

  13. LOL America’s Team is God’s Team…that’s quite a wishful list of predictions coming from a fan of a perpetually mediocre team. I’m starting to think Jerrah doesn’t even care about winning. He just likes being the ringmaster.

    As for Chip, I love it. Great response.

  14. He seems pretty cool to me so far.

    Long Live The Hoodie, can’t wait for real football to start!!!!

  15. If your an Eagle fan you know the depth chart and the only thing that will change it is injury.

  16. And to think.. last year his players were just learning the basics of the mad scientists genius..Gulp nfl

  17. These fans who come up with and what has he accomplished do they ever enjoy the ride or is it the last game and only the last game that gets them off!

    Has their favorite team won the championship every year? Is that all there is?

  18. Kelly’s statement that he does not care about a depth chart just doesn’t add up. He sure enough cared about it last hear. There was a pretty good QB battle between Vick and Foles, but eventually Kelly started with Vick and remained with him for half the season, even though it was obvious Vick was not the answer.

    Is that what he means about not caring about depth charts?

  19. this guy is a fool, nfc east is garbage, one and done whomever comes out of it….what a mess of a division.

  20. chip isn’t changing football. Get over yourselves. Now what has he won exactly to warrant all coaches to be like him? He won the NFC east when all the other teams were pathetic and got sent packing in the playoffs by a real coach Sean Payton. Other than that he thought the draft was a joke which shows by his picks and got rid of his best receiver because he challenged his Ego. Keep on trusting in him.

  21. I’m a Redskins and I don’t like this fraud of a coach . He had 1 season and they lose in the 1st round of the playoffs . His offense score points very fast and his defense sucked. Everyone knows defense wins championships so the Eagles are doomed .

  22. Nick Foles will be exposed this season because Riley Cooper will get shut down. Macklin is injury prone. McCoy is nice but he won’t have as many yards this season and hold up

  23. Remember the Read-Option was the new scheme 2 years ago. Guess what, it’s over after one off season of study. Very similar situation here….

  24. As I am from europe I have many questions about the NFL and things I dont understand, however surely if teams are mandated to produce depth charts, surely they have to be accurate or the whole concept is pointless?
    Personally I agree with his reasoning but imagine if every team released depth charts purely because “they had to” – they could just release them in alphabetical order for example, what then?
    Seems like the league wants accurate depth charts, or why ask teams to produce them?
    Why does the league ask for them anyway?
    I can imagine Kelly being in breach of league requirements at this rate if the depth charts are at all important to the league.

  25. Wow Chip your coaching style is sooo revolutionary! Look out NFL! To bad that one guy in New England already pulled the I don’t give a sh8t card long ago

  26. Everyone is acting like he is some kinda revolutionary…

    You really think coaches like Billichick, Parcells, Schottenheimer and so on really cared in depth about all that?

    He was just saying what a lot of people were already thinking.

    Try to outsmart all you want…

    Still need talent.

  27. I like how the Washington Slur Word fan’s who’s team got decimated and embarrassed by the Eagles last year are the one’s hating and talking all this trash, followed by the soon to be 3-13 Cowgirl fans. You guys understand that when it comes to coaching, Kelly is ten times better asleep at coaching than Junior Gruden and that Dunce Garret in their best moment. It took Chip one year in to a team he was/is rebuilding to annihilate the division in terms of coaching. You guys are hating because you are beyond nervous about what is coming from the Chip, the team got better and now he can truly open his playbook. But hey, keep hating and telling yourselves he isn’t dominating your sad little coaches. I hope Gruden is renting in DC and that Garret gets a good price for his home once that mental midget Jerruh fires him.

  28. I love how he dissed the draft and then said this. He is right, two of the lamest things about football. I bet all the fanboys are pissed and sent him down their list of fantasy football coach choices. Lol.

  29. Be calm eagles fans.

    This is the first season no one is running their mouth. Coach is just saying what he feels.

    The rest of the NFL is indeed scared.
    “no one player on this team scares you” ??
    Good, because we put TEAM first.

    everyone is running their mouth. But come game time, when your defenses are sucking wind and we are only getting stronger, i want you to think back to how unafraid you were right now.

  30. I don’t get the hype for this guy.

    Heard hype about him all last year, then my Saints stomped his team in the ground.

    Don’t see how he’s worthy of the “Belichick Jr.” title. I mean, in the NFL, what has he actually done? Installed a gimmick offense that gets crushed by real coaches (e.g. Sean Payton)?

    A good coach would use that depth chart as motivation for the players to compete even harder for those starting spots…

    All hype till playoff wins start coming in.

  31. Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins fans clamoring that Chip has “zero” rings…you are correct. I believe. Neither Garrett or Gruden have won anything, and I believe it took Coughlin 12 or 13 years to collect his first ring as a head coach. As an outsider, your “ring” argument against the Eagles is old, and quite frankily is irrelevant as it’s pretty clear that the team from Philly is on the rise while your teams are sinking faster than Jerry Jones’ marriage…

  32. This coach has on ok season at 10 and 6 and won the east div cause of injuries on Giants and Redskins so now they are siddenly a great team with a great coach..haha..well the Giants and Redskins are healthy again and now films exist to styludy the offense and the coach cuts his best offensive player..yeah we shall see…

  33. Skins fan who is not hating and thinks CK has the Eagles heading in a scary direction for the rest of the division. Having said that he doesn’t care about depth charts because he like every other coach out there already knows who his starters are and is waiting for feedback from the position coaches before determining who the 2nd and 3rd stringers are.

  34. Chip Kelly is Buddy Ryan’s lost offensive minded son. A true conceited Rebel who advocates “my way or the highway” approach. He will have to adapt to the NFL this season as Foles and the Eagles come back to reality.

  35. I’m a Pats fan but I absolutely love this guy, and I hate most of BB’s friends. It’s like he says what BB really wants to say instead of mouthing those mumbles we get in the pressers. And he’s hilarious.

    They showed a clip of Kelly this morning talking about the wisdom of showing McCoy and Sproles on the field together in preseason and he says something like,” It’s not like it’s some big secret and teams don’t know that they will see them together on the field.” But the way he put it was so funny. I might go to the Eagles website just to listen to his pressers.

  36. Chip accepts the fat and surly part of being a head coach, why can’t he accept this and direct a staff member to fill out a frikkin chart to appease the fans?

  37. Coach Kelly is a great hire by the eagles. I like his atitude. I also like he is condering changing the ugly bluegreen jerseys that the loser Ray Rhodes brought in to copy the Cowboys. I never understood why more fans didn’t put a stop to late long ago. Remove the stain of Rhodes forever.Switch it back to Kelly green.

  38. Ooooooh. Chip is so edgy and controversial. He doesn’t like the draft. He doesn’t like the depth chart.

    Boy, he really tells us like it is.

    Way to go out on a limb and say something provocative. Tell us, Zippy, what are your thoughts on Gatorade baths or those foam #1 fingers? Any insight on worst beers for tailgating?

    Eagles fans will eat up anything. The guy’s a fraud.

  39. I’m so tired of how all these people think they know what the cowboys record is going to be. I’ve seen 3-13, 5-11, 6-10. no one knows what’s going to happen, no one. so quit trying to be psychics and let the season play out, by the way Chip Kelly’s a bum live with eagle fans.

  40. I love this forum. Last year, all the Chip haters said he would be sent packing at the end of the year after his team finished in the basement. That is “college offense” wouldn’t work in the NFL. That is approach would not work with NFL caliber players.

    Well, the experts on this forum were wrong. He took a lousy team to the division title. Yeah, they went out in the first round, but the defense he inherited and had little opportunity to change sucked badly. And he still won the division.

    Now, you can say that the division is soft, but the Giants were certainly not soft, and the Redskins (whose know-nothing supporters here bragged ad infinitum) collapsed badly.

    Yeah, he’s not the model NFL coach, but his team — a joke of a team according to the know-nothing Redskin fans — put up a TON of points last year.

    Depth charts do mean nothing at this point. And yes, the Eagles will have certain spots that are going to be according to depth rules we all know work. The QB and O/D lines will be worked out well in advance. The Dbacks a little less so.

    But if you Redskins fans learned nothing, let me fill you in. The Obacks will switch in and out so much you will be looking at your player roster when the next play kicks off. Our offense will put up record yardage against you. And the #1 clown on the Redskins — DShawn — will get knocked out in the first games.

    Book it.

  41. “The Giants were certainly not soft”???

    Dude, they started off 0-6. The Redskins defense was only slightly better than the Cowboys, which was historically bad. SOMEbody had to win the worst division in football and it was the Eagle’s turn.

  42. Eagles happy because they best the Redskins 2 times last season . Well If I recall you won both games by less than 10 points . We were horrible last season and RG3 was coming of major knee surgery. Good luck beating us 2x this year . What’s your excuse going to be Philly ? The Birds take a step back the season

  43. As a USC fan I remember when sold his Oregon players on his system, and they TOTALLY bought. He then went on to dominate the PAC-10 and later the PAC-12.

    I don’t think Pete Carroll was given much of a chance to be successful with the Seahawks. “His rah-rah style won’t work in the NFL.” And so on, and so on. I think Kelly’s players will also buy into his system, just like the ‘Hawks did with PC. And then look out.

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