DeSean Jackson leaves Redskins practice with ankle injury


The Patriots have seen the Redskins up close this week in joint practices, but they might not see much of their starting receivers when they play in the preseason opener.

Per multiple reports, Redskins wideout DeSean Jackson left this morning’s practice with a left ankle injury, limping to the sideline and getting a huge bag of ice taped to his leg.

Jackson has been in and out of practice in camp so far, with the team treating him carefully.

With Pierre Garcon still struggling through hamstring issues, the Redskins aren’t getting much of a chance to look at the guys they’re counting on in the passing game.

28 responses to “DeSean Jackson leaves Redskins practice with ankle injury

  1. He’s not busted. He’s resting. Resting up for another contract battle. He’s played long enough on his current deal. Par for the course for desean.

  2. With the way Tom Brady has been going through their Swiss cheese defense during practice, RG3’s inability to read defenses or stay in the pocket, plus the loss of Garcon and MeSean Jackson for who knows long, we can expect a complete collapse of the team and locker room chaos by week 4.

    Same old irrelevant Deadskins.

  3. DeSean Jackson leaves Redskins practice with ankle injury.
    Yeah well he is a toothpick so that’s expected..

  4. Not a huge deal if Garcon and Jackson aren’t out there tomorrow. Starters only getting 10-15 snaps. Bigger deal if he misses the 2nd and 3rd game then this one.

  5. He’ll be fine. Like many veterans he’s not big on practice. When his number is called he is dangerous, but when it’s not everyone in the stadium knows he isn’t getting the ball.

  6. By 9pm tonight… He will be in some club… Keepin it real with a overpriced bottle of something… It’s not about doing his job, it’s about keepin it real

  7. It will be interesting to see now that Desean isn’t playing with McCoy how much double coverage he really gets.

    Just wait for it Desean is only a good teammate when things are going well!

    When bad Desean shows up he is a locker room imploder!

    The guy is super talented, but you just don’t cut a player with this talent without a reason, and it wasn’t about the Gang stuff, bukle up it’s gona get bumpy ahead.

  8. “Karma? You realize the team has 3 SB wins with the current name, right?”

    Don’t forget the two championships they won before there was a Super Bowl.

  9. I really have to question the integrity of people who come to this site, take time out of their day, and post numerous hateful comments. Find something better to do. Desean will be ready for the season. I don’t care if he jilted you in Philly. Give the guy (any guy) a fair shot before labeling him or putting him down. So much negativity… put your energy into better things.

  10. I don’t understand how people claim MeSean has talent. He has one talent and that’s speed (and maybe ‘keeping it real’ off the field). He doesn’t have the best hands and he won’t go over the middle plus he is 5 foot nothing. Fortunately for him you can’t teach speed but once teams take away the sideline they take away MeSean.

  11. cash804 says:
    Aug 6, 2014 10:21 AM

    Garcon + DJax = UNSTOPPABLE!!!


    Too bad they will hardly be on the field at the same time cause both are too injury prone

  12. Garcon and MeSean are both gonna be out this year.

    Eagles have the
    Best WR’s
    Best QB
    Best RB
    Best RB Combo
    Best Offense
    Best Coaches
    And A much Improved Defense!
    The Best QB since Montana… Period!!


  13. dallassux says:
    Aug 6, 2014 10:34 AM
    cash804 says:
    Aug 6, 2014 10:21 AM

    Garcon + DJax = UNSTOPPABLE!!!


    Too bad they will hardly be on the field at the same time cause both are too injury prone


    True that…but when both healthy, close your windows and lock the doors.

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