Eagles talking about bringing back kelly green uniforms

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The Eagles hired Chip Kelly to be their head coach last year and he could be coaching players in kelly green uniforms at some time in the future.

Eagles president Don Smolenski was a guest on WIP Radio in Philadelphia on Wednesday and said that the team has talked to the NFL about a return to the look they sported until 1996, when they switched to their current look.

“We have talked about it and there are some rules with the NFL that provides some restrictions that we’re trying to work through, but that’s going to take some time,” Smolenski said. “It’s there, and it’s something that we do talk about, but until some things change at the NFL level it’s going to provide restrictions for us. It is being talked about it, yes.”

Smolenski didn’t outline the specific restrictions, although they may have to do with a waiting period for major uniform alterations. If that’s the case, there shouldn’t be much stopping the Eagles from making the move if they decide that a return to the look that Chuck Bednarik, Wilbert Montgomery, Reggie White and others sported when they played in Philly.

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  1. Those abysmal Ron Jaworski/Bill Bergey kelly green unis are hideous.

    The Eagles finally have a cool look with their Brian Dawkins/Shady McCoy unis, and they’re going to regress into that hideous retro look from hell???

    You have to be kidding me.

    Use those unwatchable unis on that one week a season we revert to throwbacks. If I heard the Steelers were converting to the bumble bee gear permanently, let’s just say there’d be an immediate raid on my liquor cabinet.

  2. I know it’s a money ploy, but just do it…I’d buy a jersey just to put on my old mans grave…the memories I have with my pop and uncles at the vet, are more meaningful to me with each passing day..the tailgating, the realization that they were good men, who took care of their families, but lunatics on Sundays… Makes me smile… Just do it

  3. I think they should come back with the Kelly green uni’s with the white helmet and the green wings on it…sorry, just kidding. Those were some ugly uniforms.

  4. I’m trying to understand the “NFL restrictions” on this. The NFL is greedier than a group of 40 year old hedge fund managers so the flood gates should be open for uniform changes and greater merchandise sales.

  5. I’m for it. Definitely liked the 60’s throwback uni’s. I do however like the current eagle’s head logo and you have to keep the wings on the helmets.

  6. “The Eagles have Zero Superbowls in their existence”

    Says the guy who’s team as just as many Super Bowl wins. But at least they loss twice as many as the Eagles have.

  7. Kelly green uniforms were my favorite, not sure if its because they are the uniforms I grew up watching the Eagles play in or because they actually looked better.

  8. The Minnesota Vikings actually have 1 NFL Championship in 1969.

    Plus we’ve been cheated out of multiple Lombardi’s – Including the recent one in 2009.

  9. thepftpoet says:
    Aug 6, 2014 10:27 AM
    Sounds like a bad idea to me.

    The Eagles have Zero Superbowls in their existence….


    In their existence they have 3 championships.

    In the storied history of the minnesota vikings they have won nothing, ever, unless you count the off-season, on paper championship they win every year.

    But last I checked they don’t give out rings for those, only laughter.

  10. Why does everyone assume they go to a retro look, my thoughts would be that they’d go to their original colors with a whole new cut, like the Seahawks.

  11. Nice to know the Eagles have been listening to the fans. I figured this might happen when the Lurie’s got divorced seeing that Christina Lurie was the reason the jersey’s changed in the first place. I’m sure they wouldn’t go back to the exact uniforms. They probably would be the old colors with a modern uniform style twist. I like it.

  12. I would like to see them, the Jets the G-Men & the Bucs & Falcons all go back to their old uni’s! That would be awesome!
    Still don’t understand the big deal about having multiple uniforms & helmets anyway. Heck, if anything it would bring more revenue to the league & we all know the commish is all about the cash!

  13. I prefer the darker green, personally, but I honestly don’t care all that much. Just win a Super Bowl for crying out loud and it won’t matter what color you’re in.

  14. The Oregonification of the Eagles continues. Pretty soon the bill of the Eagles mascot will become, flatter and a bit wider with the feathers becoming a little more white in color. The shape will become fatter…. a bit duck like.

  15. When the KellyGreen Eagles lose ONE game with the new uniforms, they will be sent back to the lockers…for good.

  16. I think its cool when teams change their uniforms.. each team should have to do it every two years. Think about all the Jersey sales.. “Oh I have the rookie manning jersey but now I have to get the manning superbowl years jersey”

  17. The Uniform they wore in the packers opener when kolb went down is the good kelly green one, though. Just green with sliver wings, no outlines, silver numbers on green jersey. Silver pants. grey mask. If that was the one they brought back, I’d be cool with it. Otherwise, the midnight green is better.

  18. thepftpoet says:
    Aug 6, 2014 10:41 AM
    The Minnesota Vikings actually have 1 NFL Championship in 1969.

    Plus we’ve been cheated out of multiple Lombardi’s – Including the recent one in 2009.


    “But why do you even ponder passing…”

  19. So why the picture of Randell? Those aren’t the Bergey type jersey. Anyhow, I always liked the Kelly green uni’s with all the stripes. Bring on Norm Snead!

  20. Please don’t get rid of midnight green!!! Maybe merge the two together somehow but don’t totally abandon it. And definitely don’t get rid of the logo!! I have it tattooed on me.

  21. bunkslurpscrabmustard says:
    Aug 6, 2014 10:34 AM
    I’m trying to understand the “NFL restrictions” on this. The NFL is greedier than a group of 40 year old hedge fund managers so the flood gates should be open for uniform changes and greater merchandise sales.
    It probably has to do with remaining jerseys available. Similar to when a player wants to change his number.

  22. Whoever the poster was who said the eagles have the best unis in football must be blind. Get your eyes checked at least. Those wings on the helmets are lame.

  23. Best part about the owners divorce; she’s got no say about the uniform anymore & the fans have been begging for this for awhile. One group even had a petition going with a decent number of signings

  24. I think all the teams should get a new twist on their uniforms, I’m a die hard Dallas fan but the same old blue and white jerseys look boring.

  25. thepftpoet, you said SBs not NFL championships. So yea, just like the Eagles the Vikings are without a SB victory. A SB equals a NFL championship but a NFL championship does not equal a SB. Robbed of a SB win in 2009? At most robbed of a NFC championship in 2009, still would’ve had to win against the Colts.

  26. Flyer fans were booing Crosby, not the add. And this is hockey fans you are talking about. They don’t have two brain cells to rub together.

    The vomit thing… whatever, that happened once by some 21 year old Jersey punk. Better than killing a fan on another team (looking at you, Bay Area).

    And Santa? That was over 50 years ago!

  27. thepftpoet says:
    Aug 6, 2014 10:41 AM
    “The Minnesota Vikings actually have 1 NFL Championship in 1969.

    Plus we’ve been cheated out of multiple Lombardi’s – Including the recent one in 2009.”

    And the Eagles have three NFL championships (’48, ’49, ’60) plus played the Patriots during Spygate. What’s your point?

    When you are in your “drinking the kool aid” mode, it’s kind of funny. But this is just a dumb argument. Stick to being over-the-top about your team, it works better for your character.

  28. At least the Vikings have Paul Allen, the great radio broadcaster who added such wonderful dismay and disgust to his calls of the Josh McCown miracle TD pass that ended the Viking season in 2003, and the Brett Favre “I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now” NFC Championship Game interception versus the Saints.

  29. Come on, PFTpoet – how could you claim the Vikings 1 NFL championship without doing the research and knowing Eagles fans would come back with their 3? It makes you look bad. I’m getting concerned about you.

  30. harrisonhits2 says:

    Sounds like nothing more than a marketing ploy to up their jersey sales.

    So? Are you a socialist or something?

  31. The Kelly green jerseys are some of the best uniforms in the game. The current ones are some of the worst.

    Detroit Lions have the same issues. Niners did too but thankfully they switched back.

    Glad the Bears have never changed and hope they never will.

  32. Seriously, what’s Goodell going to do? If you’re an owner, send your team out with whatever unis you want…..throwback (with different helmets) or otherwise). Who’s the boss and who’s the employee in this scenario?

  33. The last time they wore them was Week 1 against the Packers back in 2010. I thought they looked really good and was hoping they’d wear them more often.

    I never really cared for their current uniforms. I just don’t like the dark green and black combination. I think they should definitely go back to the old uni’s

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