Kam Chancellor, Russell Okung on schedule from offseason surgeries


After being relegated to spectator duty over the first 10 days of training camp, safety Kam Chancellor and left tackle Russell Okung both returned to limited participation this week as they continue to recover from offseason surgeries.

Chancellor had surgery to fix a troublesome hip that has bothered for the last 5-6 years dating back to his time at Virginia Tech University.

“It’s something I dealt with for a while,” Chancellor said. “Some of the pain I fought through it, but now it’s good.

“I’m on schedule for where I want to be. I feel like I’m getting healthy. I feel I’m on a perfect schedule to get right back on the field and ready to go.”

The hip issue didn’t appear to be too much of a hindrance last season as Chancellor was arguably Seattle’s best defensive player in the postseason and put together an MVP-caliber performance in the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos.

Okung missed eight games last season due to a torn ligament in his toe, He was placed on the short-term injured reserve list and returned for the stretch run and playoffs. However, the injury was still causing problems and Okung elected for surgery this offseason.

“We just got to sit down with the coaches and the training staff and we just thought it was my best move going forward. We didn’t really want to struggle with it anymore,” Okung said.

“I’m feeling pretty good. It’s great to be back out here after a really long offseason, at least to me. Now that I’m on my path to recovery, I’m just very grateful to be out here.”

With Seattle’s offensive line currently unsettled due to injuries and a position battle at right tackle, the return of Okung to anchor the left side of the line would be a welcome sight. Chancellor is the enforcer of Seattle’s talented secondary and will also be a boost.

While it’s uncertain how much, if at all, Chancellor and Okung will play this preseason, both players appear to be on track to be at full strength for Seattle’s season opener against the Green Bay Packers on Sept. 4.

19 responses to “Kam Chancellor, Russell Okung on schedule from offseason surgeries

  1. Bam Bam Kam was quoted on local radio saying that even he’s afraid of how much harder he’s going to be able to hit people now.

    If Welker runs a slant on the first offensive play this Thursday, we might see the first preseason death ever.

  2. Chancellor is a heck of a player, rarely hurt. When he is hurt, he finds a way to play through the pain. He is just a man’s man.

    Okung, who could be just as talented, is always hurt. I want him to be healthy, I want him to play because of all that talent. Certainly the average to above-average offensive line really needs him. But once again, we are probably looking at a season where he plays half a season at best.

    They are both hurt, but for Chancellor it is a rare occurrence. For Okung, it happens far too often.

  3. PC is always cautious with players returning from injury, so he’ll probably rest them more than they need to be, especially considering it’s preseason and that gives others a chance to compete.

  4. Seattle fans love to whine about Ped jokes being old, but jump right at the chance to make a santa clara comment and about how kam knocked out vernon. Kam laid a hell of a hit but Davis was never ko’d

  5. We have one guy on our roster who ever tested positive for PEDs. You have like 10 guys who’ve gone to jail on the last year.

  6. I don’t think there is any doubt that Okung when healthy is a All Pro/Pro Bowl LT. I really believe part of his injuries have been bad luck, lineman rolling up on his legs, Trent Cole judo flipping him after the whistle but just as the fellow fan was saying I think the “soft” word is starting to come up more and more.

    Kam could have easily been named MVP of the Super Bowl and can’t wait to see a season with him fully healthy.

  7. Kam Chancellor dated Kenny Easley’s daughter when Chancellor was in high school. Imagine if they married and had a son, that son would be the Ivan Drago of defensive backs.

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