Knee issue puts Lions claim of Jon Baldwin on hold

The Lions claimed wide receiver Jon Baldwin off of waivers from the 49ers earlier this week, but problems with his physical may stop the first-round pick from getting a chance with  a third NFL team.

Baldwin took a physical on Tuesday and coach Jim Caldwell said that the condition of his knee left the team “in the process of evaluating his medical situation at this point.” Caldwell said that no final decision had been made about how to proceed.

“I’m not sure exactly the timetable on when we have to [make a decision is],” Caldwell said, via the Detroit Free Press. “[General Manager] Martin [Mayhew] and those guys stay on top of those kind of stuff, but we’re evaluating him right now.”

If the Lions decide not to move forward with Baldwin, they’ll simply go back to the group of players they have on hand fighting for spots on the depth chart behind Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. Baldwin, on the other hand, will have to find another suitor that is satisfied that his knee is sound and that he can help the club. That may be tough for the former Chiefs first-rounder to do at this point in the summer without injuries opening up a door.

10 responses to “Knee issue puts Lions claim of Jon Baldwin on hold

  1. I hope Baldwin stashed some of his rookie signing bonus. He’s not a guy who’s especially easy to pull for, but if his NFL career is over already, wow.

  2. Worthy of note is the fact that AJ Jenkins is still on the Chiefs roster. That should put an end to any discussion about who got the better end of that trade.

  3. What a loser. He didn’t take care of himself, didn’t listen to medical staff, follow through with his rehab exersizes, he didn’t work out and he didn’t try to catch anything during training camp. This exit was too long a time in the making. He has hurt a lot of teams with his lackluster lethargy.

  4. This may actually be a blessing in disguise for the Lions. Baldwin comes with a LOT of baggage and with the Titus Young fiasco still fresh I’m not sure that’s what 1st year HC needs.

  5. Jon Baldwin is a big bust. His best catch was a non-catch. Good riddance! Meanwhile, AJ Jenkins looked great in the limited time he has been playing for the Chiefs. We hope he continues to develop and make Coach Harbaugh sorry he gave up on him!

  6. I think it’s unfair for us to make all these claims with no real sources to back them up. How can you even compare him to Titus young ? He has never been in any trouble at all and Titus was a cancer to all. We don’t know how long he’s had a knee issue or what the true specifics are with his knee to make these kind of speculations. I’ve posted on this topic before but it was erased for some reason. I’m a chiefs fan and I was born and raised in Kansas City and I work from home so I always visit chiefs training camp practices for years and while Baldwin was here he was the guy doing the extra things before practice(catching balls from a machine, latter drills, running routes). He would also have Matt Cassel , Ricky Stanzi, Alex smith, and Chase Daniels throwing him passes after every practice literally leaving off the field last every day. I’ve met him a few times and he’s very humble I always payed a lot of attention to him when he was in KC because he was under so much scrutiny that I wanted to see if he was really what people said about him and he’s totally not a bad player. If he was used the way he was used when he was in college I could see him having a good career. If it’s the end for the guy I feel bad but I hope it’s not because if you were to meet him one time you would leave a conversation with him wishing he was successful.

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