Marc Trestman wants to create a culture of respect and trust


The Bears didn’t attach a time frame to tight end Marcellus Bennett’s suspension for slamming a teammate to the ground in practice, so today was just another day in day-to-day.

But Bears coach Marc Trestman said Wednesday the goal of the conversations about sitting his starting tight end was deeper than a simple punishment for conduct detrimental to the team.

“The overriding philosophy is to get to know each other, to develop levels of trust between each other – coaches to players, players to coaches – and to define our behavior through respect and humility,” Trestman said of training camp, via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune. “We’re going to respect everybody around us. We’re going to treat them in high regard and we’re going to understand what humility means. Which is that we’re part of something that’s bigger than ourselves. It’s really that simple.

“If you understand the definition of those three things and you love football and want to play it and are a baller, we’ll find a place for you. We’re also in a position where we don’t expect everybody to understand that immediately. That’s a process. That’s a transformational process. It doesn’t take one week. It doesn’t take one month. It may not take a year. It may take more. But that’s the day-to-day message that we’re sending our coaches and I’m sending our players.”

That’s actually really deep and genuine, and deserves more attention than it will get in a  sound-bite driven world.

Trestman comes off as a bit of a nutty professor sometimes, but those are the words of a teacher and a counselor who has chosen to apply his knowledge to football, rather than just telling us “it is what it is.”

And it also makes it clear that Trestman is looking for something more than an apology from Bennett, and has a high standard for everyone around him.

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  1. This is still football, right? Respect is one thing, taking the adrenaline and competitive nature out of your team could trigger some problems….

  2. I’m still embarrassed at how the Packers conducted themselves when Gregg was coaching. No reason why one of the greatest rivalries in sport can’t be fought at a high level. Trestman seems quite the quality guy.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how and if players buy into this kind of Polly Anna philosophy. It’s an excellent approach for nunneries and monasteries, but I’m not sure it’s going to work with an NFL team of guys who are out to take each others’ jobs whenever possible.

    With that said, Trestman is certainly an interesting coach with some interesting ideas… just like Kelly in Philadelphia. It’s fun to compare them with the old school guys like Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan. I’d love to be a fly on the wall listening to the four of them in a private conversation discussing the nuances of being a NFL head coach.

  4. Trestman is an interesting cat. Super-cerebral, yet somehow, apparently, very able to relate to his players.

    People who jumped on him last year because the Bears regressed by 2 games from Lovie’s last year aren’t seeing the big picture. I guarantee if Lovie would have been at the helm last year — with all those injuries their D had and Julius Peppers mailing it in — the Bears would have been lucky to finish 6-10.

    I’m interested to see if Trestman can right the wrongs of last year defensively and figure out how to win some games in the division. If those two things happen, the Bears could positioned for a nice season this year with more to come.

  5. I agree with Darin G and this deserves more attention than it will get. This is the Super Bowl approach. Nutty Professor just like Pete Carroll is.

  6. I bet Trestman is saying in the photo “Hi, I’m Marc, and I am legally obligated to inform you I now live in the neighborhood.”

  7. My take on the video is that Fuller grabbed him by the facemask while snapping him around, and then tried to show him up while he was on the ground. Getting spiked on his own head a few seconds later seems justified and probably the only way a rookie like Fuller is going to learn.

  8. Let me just say this. If you’ve never watched a press conference with Phil Emery and Marc Trestman, you really need to. Even if you hate the Bears, you will be a smarter football fan for having to listened to them, I promise.

    I’m a Bears fan, so I’m biased, but still… these two dudes are SHARP.

  9. Trestman crossed the line. He is out of line on this one. The message he is sending to his team is, “we are going to be a SOFT team”. Besides, i saw the footage and what Bennett was doing was provoked and justified. The Bears will ‘continue’ to be one of the softest teams in the league. Geaux Saints!

  10. Not sure how this will play out, but I respect him for being a teacher of men. That can’t hurt given that so many of todays players are one traffic stop from charges and a suspension. Go Packers.

  11. Martellus Bennett has immense physical talent… top-5 at the position, really. But he hasn’t come anywhere close to being a Top-5 NFL because his emotions and general overall flakiness keep getting in the way.

    What Trestman is doing here is laying down a challenge. Are you ready to buy-in to a system that if followed, could make you a multiple Pro Bowl player? Or are you gonna continue to be this man-child who plays by your own rules but only ever taps 60 or 70 percent of what you could really be in this league? Stay tuned.

  12. And I like the positive vibes that they are trying to build and plus with Marshall offseason South Bear is all great team building excises. And I think people would like Jay Cutler more if they’ve listen to him on the radio.

    Just seems like an easy target, he’s finally got an offense coach, but if you heard him when he learned during a radio appearance that Lovie was fired he sounded genuine sad to hear with just a deep silence and cut his appearance short to be with the team to be their when he said good bye. But some talking heads won’t even care if they heard that, they would still call him a coach killer instead of looking at the facts. He wanted it to work out with Lovie but will truely benefit from having Trestman.

  13. deltaoracle says: Aug 6, 2014 4:19 PM

    I’m still embarrassed at how the Packers conducted themselves when Gregg was coaching. No reason why one of the greatest rivalries in sport can’t be fought at a high level. Trestman seems quite the quality guy.

    As a Packer fan who also lived through those dreadful 1980’s – I agree. Gregg was despicable. Ken Stills told the story about how Gregg ordered him to lay out Matt Suhey in that ’85 game, there was Martin and his hit-list towel, Lee, shoving Payton over the bench, etc. It was all bad and utterly embarrassing. Hate the Bears, but Trestman was an outstanding hire. This season will be interesting.

  14. Intelligent, mature message which could apply to every aspect of life. Treating men like men – only the real men will appreciate it and conduct themselves accordingly. Polar opposite of Rex Ryan.

  15. Trestman:

    “Santonio, I RESPECT your love of marijuana, and I TRUST that you will never be a WR for my team.”

  16. Please no more about Trestman, I’m starting to like him too much and I’d hate to have to root for a team with Jay Cutler at QB.

  17. Have to say that this is a very insightful numberof responses and a very funny one because although I hate to say it Tresman without a hat on, scares me! But its a very fine line… do you want to let players be players or should they be part of a solid foundation where you play hard and play smart? Im much more on the side of Tres because NO ONE is bigger then the team. The Bears dont NEED Bennet, theyd love to have him but if he is a player that cant get on board with the teams MISSION then sorry but you gots to go. You are either WITH the team OR you are NOT with what the team is all about.

  18. Actually, the Bears do kinda need Bennett, because the TEs behind him are all garbage.

    That being said… Marc Trestman is a coach who in his Canada days completely re-tooled his offense to work with 3 TEs (because that’s all the pass catchers he had healthy) — and actually won games with it — so that would indicate they may be able to adapt.

  19. Stopping Bennett in the pre-season saved a possible game win during the regular season or playoffs (?). This sets the example of acceptable. Teach what you expect and expect what you teach. With this action it is team explanatory. WithTrestman the tight end is a replaceable cog and Bennett should try out for the Diamondbacks.

  20. This never would have happened with Lovie in terms of punishment or discipline, and definitely a welcome approach. The team really seems to buy into him, and you don’t feel ashamed of the team for things like your center breaking another lineman’s face at a team outing at a gun range. I love that we finally have an offense that’s fun to watch. Hope the defense catches up.

  21. I agree with some of the comments here. It’s gotta be hard being a head coach. On the one hand you want your players to play with an aggressive nature, battling for yards and dominating the field and on the other you need to make sure everyone stays safe, respects the game and the team. Some people know how to toe the line and some don’t. I hope Bennett knows the the time and place because he is such a force on the field and the Bears need him to have the right mind set to help them win.

  22. Watching this tool Bennett on Hard Knocks when he was with the Cowboys, he didnt appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed. And dude its not the DBs fault that he took you down with one arm off balance. Be mad at yourself for being soft. I mean you are that big and you got tackled by a rookie with one arm. Sounds like he not only needs to be respectful, but dude needs to stop being a wuss.

  23. I have been a Bears fan for 52 of my 60 years.
    Humility, is a quality that can’t be taught enough.
    I have known a few people in my life, who have
    been very humble, but could also pound the
    ever loving chit out of you! Marc Trestman
    is a VERY wise man! GO BEARS!!

  24. I love how the Trestman and the Bears have handled this. Clearly with MB getting in several scuffles throughout camp, it’s not been an isolated incident and needed to be addressed.

    It sounds like even his own teammates (Brandon Marshall) haven’t been to get through to him. So Trestman and co. are taking the message-sending to the next logical level. But even in suspending him, note in these kinds of wise comments from Trestman, which make it clear that MB is still a highly-valued member of the team. “We are a family, and families fight….it’s about respect, and the team” etc. etc.

    Perfect response – Bennett gets a strong message, and a valuable lesson, yet without being made to feel like he’s being put down, left out, or ostracized. I guarantee this will all blow over, and once the games begin, we’ll see the same great chemistry and production out of the Bears offense (including TEs) we saw last year.

    (And for those ragging on the defense – after ONE down year due to piles of injuries to key players at every level – have faith: Bears defense will be right back to where it always is and is supposed to be, among the top 10 in the league).

    *Lions fans take note: I know this is a completely foreign concept to you, but this is how a professional football team is managed and coached – with class and consistency.

    When a player steps out of line or engages in conduct which is detrimental to the TEAM (another foreign concept for Lions fans), the coaches (that would be the guys in charge) respond with reason, respect, reassurance, wisdom, and – when necessary – discipline. You don’t let the inmates run the asylum.

    I can’t wait to see how Trestman continues to guide and shape this team – I see good things in store for the Bears.

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