Saints add fullback Greg Jones

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The Saints have added some veteran depth at fullback, announcing the signing of Greg Jones on Wednesday.

The 33-year-old Jones appeared in all 16 games for Houston in 2013. He played 332 snaps, according to Pro Football Focus records.

An 10th-year pro from Florida State, Jones (6-1, 251) has primarily been a blocker throughout his career, with the bulk of his 272 carries coming early in his career with Jacksonville.

The Saints’ addition of Jones comes on the heels of blocking back Erik Lorig missing a few days of practice. According to Nick Underhill of the Baton Rouge Advocate, Lorig is dealing with a leg ailment.

17 responses to “Saints add fullback Greg Jones

  1. Lorig is a good solid FB, very reliable if he comes back. He is all the Saints will need at that position. Hated to see him leave TB…but he is getting on in years.

  2. Jones left the jags hoping for a playoff run with the Texans, would have been better off staying with the jags. In Houston Foster killed his chances of staying with them, if you don’t have someone to block for you don’t have a job.

  3. With below average running backs on the saints, they could use solid blocking fullbacks. After the league imposed multiple suspensions and ended their bounty program, they haven’t looked the same. With numerous veterans lost this off season, I can see this team going 7-9.

  4. Leg ailment?! They wouldn’t have signed another FB if it were only a leg ailment. One of his knee ligaments must be torn.

  5. They’re going to need more help at any position bc the cheater Saints are done unless they plan to have bounty again. Vikings offer Christian Ponder for 2 first round pick.

  6. Sounds like Lorig is done. Saints have another backup fullback on the roster already. But 33 years old? Why pick up this guy?

  7. Because when you have an offensive mind like Sean Payton, you know when to be adverse in all types of play calling which means having every type of weapon necessary. Teams generally don’t carry FBs anymore because its a passing league. And to be quite honest, I’m not sure too many coaches nowadays know how to utilize their talents correctly.

  8. Love how Payton is an “offensive mind”. Before Brees got to the saints, and the team collaborated a bounty program, Payton basically helped the cleaning crew for NYG,Eagles and Cowboys. NFC East was too tough for him at the time so he jumped to the south when the division was at a weak point. 7-9 season for the saints

  9. Any team that wants a real fullback should be calling Vonta Leach. He may not fit pass heavy offensive schemes, but if you want a grader for your RB, he’s the standard.

  10. Greg Jones was a beast at FSU. Google the hit the put on Shawn Taylor if you don’t believe me.

    I thought he was going to be unstoppable in the NFL, he never had the career I thought he would, although, 11 years later, the man is still playing

  11. Ya Payton was so intimidated by the NFC East, the division that we routinely dominate. And besides the NYG 2 SB wins who else has won a SB from that division since Payton left ? Those teams barely even make the playoffs.

  12. Saints must beat up on your team all the time for you to really predict a 7-9 season. With half our team suspended including the GM and coaches and loss of all kinds of draft picks, we still went 7-9. And we still had a better record than half the league. Get some football knowledge partner, cause you apparently don’t have any.

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