Snyder says other owners have been “very very supportive” of team name


Some believe that the name of Richard Nixon’s favorite team will change in the same way that Nixon’s presidency ended, 40 years ago today.  Others who were able to influence Nixon persuaded him to give up the fight against impeachment and walk away voluntarily.

Washington owner Daniel Snyder eventually could have a similar experience, with a handful of influential owners privately persuading him that Snyder’s personal interpretation of the name is irrelevant to the manner in which the name is interpreted by others.

For that to happen, other owners would have to be sufficiently troubled by the name to try to persuade Snyder to change it.  Via the Washington Post, Snyder’s interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines addresses that issue.

They’ve been very very supportive,” Snyder said of his fellow owners. “It’s been great.”

“So you’ve not heard one dissenting voice from within the NFL community?” ESPN’s John Barr said.

“It’s been great support,” Snyder said. “I think that whether it’s the owners or people at the league, most people understand what the team name means.  They look at is as we all do:  As honor, respect.”

Snyder avoided answering whether he has privately heard “one dissenting voice” from within the NFL.  And to the extent that other owners have been “very supportive,” who are they?  And why haven’t they expressed the support publicly, where Snyder and the team need it most?

The other owners have been silent because they don’t want the effort to change the name to land on their doorstep, via arguments like the one raised to Vikings owner Zygi Wilf regarding the profits his team realizes from the name through revenue sharing.

In the past, it was easy for other owners to stay quiet on the issue because Snyder wasn’t saying much about it.  Now that he suddenly has decided to personally make the case, it’s appropriate to pose the question to other others, and to expect an answer more direct than the one Snyder gave as to whether he has heard “one dissenting voice” within the league.

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  1. Uh, Dan… if the people you say you “honor, respect” don’t like the name, it isn’t honor and respect. How is that hard to understand?

  2. “I don’t think anyone has ever named their team to be uncomplimentary to the entity or person or group or namesake,” Jones said on KRLD-FM 105.3 in October 2013. “All team names have always been a positive attempt at the namesake. The intent is very positive.

    I approve this message

    Jerah Jones

  3. It might be time to heed the advice of Idina Menzel
    to quote

    Let it go, Let it go
    Synder’s NEVER going to change the name
    Let it go, Let it go
    “Over my dead body” he did proclaim
    He don’t care, what your going to say
    Let the (media) storm rage on
    He never liked journalists, anyway

  4. And for over 40 years we’ve been complaining about the name. The Dolphins were my second favorite team (after the Packers) for many years after watching Super Bowl VII when I was a kid.

  5. When you see the narrative switch from to “the name is controversial and an insult” to discussing how much $ Snyder stands to lose with a change– that’s when you know the government bailout of the Redskins is near.

  6. The only way Snyder will ever consider changing the name is when sponsors or the television networks refuse to air the Washington football team on PRIMETIME!

  7. Its a stupid issue. Leave the team name alone and stop being so damn sensitive people. No one calls Native Americans by ANYTHING racist, there are no racial epithets for Native Americans! What a freaking joke

  8. I support keeping the name, mostly because the whining and stupid half-logic annoy me, and hope Snyder breaks out a Ranier Wolfcastle quote.

    “Mr. Snyder, how do you sleep at night?”
    “On a big pile of money, surrounded by many beautiful ladies.”

  9. Gee, the Billionaire’s Boys Club protecting one of their own against the unwashed masses they own. Who would have thought?

  10. Owners stick together. Surprise.

    Again. Stop talking about this. Stick to the game of football.


  11. Holy moly…is this ever going to go away? This isnt even a story anymore, and yet there are still “articles” written about it here. Let the horse be dead already.

    Its been beaten so much its just about falling apart…

  12. I will support a name change of the WASHINGTON REDSKINS as soon as the Red Mesa High School, located on the Navajo Reservation in Red Mesa, Arizona, a public school in which nearly 100% of it’s students are Navajo Indian, change their mascot from the REDSKINS to something more politically correct for white people.

    Now go ahead and delete my comment before anyone sees it because you dont like anyone to disagree with you Mikey

  13. Let’s beat the dead horse over and over again and not even call it by its real name… REDSKINS!!!

  14. If Jesse Jackson bought a football team and changed the name to the Honkies, and when asked about it said, “Shut up, whitey. It’s meant as a term of honor and respect,” would you feel honored and respected?

  15. JackedUpSports says:
    Aug 6, 2014 2:17 PM
    i hate 21st century sensitivity
    I hate 1950’s racism in the 21st century.

  16. If being called a name (no matter who or what it’s intended for) offends you then you are the one with the problem unless maybe you are a child. Words can not offend. Maybe their intentions can but not the words themselves. I’ve always believed that if a word offends you then it probably resembles you and you were the one with the issue to begin with. Think about it.

  17. He also was asked if there “wasnt one owner who had a problem” which he then just repeated that he had a lot of support. Translated: I’ve got like 4 guys who back me

  18. I support the name as well and do so partly because those opposed are neo-communists who have nothing better than to invent racial issues so that they can profit from it.

  19. Is it possible for a word to have more than 1 meaning?

    Sort of like “cracker”?

    Is it possible that, when this name was first created, that it was being used in a positive way?

  20. No matter how liberal sports writers think it will end, an owner should stand for what they believe in. If you think the name represents honor and respect, then be proud of it.

    Giving in and compromising your beliefs will only lead to regret.

  21. And for everyone pointing out the high school team with the same name that are all natives. Answer me this, how many natives are on the Washington NFL team ? That’s what I thought… False argument. Just like African-Americans can call each other the N word I’m sure Native-Americans can call each other the R word. You white people need to stop trying to justify your racism.

  22. How many Panthers are on the Panthers? That’s what I thought… False argument. African Americans would never name even their own High School with that term, because it is offensive. Native Americans have, because they do not consider it to be. I am looking to the Native Americans for guidance on this. Not my opinion, not yours, not fans, not haters, not republicans, not democrats. Native Americans.

    Overwhelmingly, they have said. “Don’t Change It!!”

  23. theravenmaniac says: Aug 6, 2014 2:38 PM

    Uh oh NBC will be trying to strong arm the other owners now

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing as I was reading this article. You better believe that those in control at PFT will be telling each and every one of their reporters to pound that question at each NFL owner, each and every time they’re interviewed.

    asimonetti88 says: Aug 6, 2014 3:06 PM

    If there’s only one dissenting voice, what does that matter? Doesn’t majority rule?

    Apparently not, when it comes to the Redskins name. According to PFT, if even one person is offended, then the name should be changed. Since that’s the case, let me go on record that these stories about the Redskins’ name offend me. Please stop writing them.

  24. Another shift in Snyder’s responses. He is in implying that all 3o other owners and the Packers brass agree with his position? He gets dangerously close to a point where another owner may have to disagree publicly with him.

    Again, Snyder displays terrible leadership and PR principles. It’s like the only liquid he has to fight the fire is gasoline.

  25. I’m sure the other NFL owners thoroughly enjoy all the negative publicity, public lambasting. legal issues, and political s-storm Snyder is experiencing.

    Why on Earth would they want to end!!!!

  26. I mean why would an owner support a name change of the Redskins? There are so many people who take offense with any & everything they know they could next on the list.

  27. If I am to understand the people here supporting the name, the term “redskins” – which explicitly references skin color – is not now and never was a radial epithet. Someone went so far as to claim there are no racial epithets for Native Americans. Are we that uninformed? Does no one realize that red man, redskin, etc. are inherently derogatory terms? They spin this like it has always meant “brave native warriors.”

    What a bunch of horse crap. It was a way to collectively refer to the “barbarians” who were occupying space America wanted. It’s no less dehumanizing than any other racial or ethnic slur. Just because “kraut” is somewhat anachronistic doesn’t mean I would be pleased with a team being called “the kraut brigade.”

  28. When did Dan Synder buy the state of Washington? Is that even legal? I knew you could buy islands if you’re rich, but States?

  29. “And to the extent that other owners have been “very supportive,” who are they? And why haven’t they expressed the support publicly,”

    And who are the owners that want the name changed and why are they not out campaigning on this worldly issue?

  30. Short Man Dan has brought as much honor and respect to his franchise as he has playoff wins.

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