Bortles may not see first-team reps in preseason opener


When the Jaguars host the Bucs in the teams’ mutual preseason openers on Friday night, Chad Henne will start at quarterback.  The team has not yet addressed publicly whether backup Blake Bortles, the third overall pick in the 2014 draft, will get reps with the first-string offense.

Coach Gus Bradley is due to address the media on Thursday, and the topic undoubtedly will come up.

When it does, don’t be shocked if Bradley says Bortles won’t get reps with the starters, and that the only first-stringer who may be on the field with Bortles is second-round receiver Marqise Lee.  If so, that would be a gutsy play by Bradley, since it would expose Bortles to the second-string offensive line — and in turn to backup defensive players from the Bucs who are hoping to catch the eye of the coaching staff by doing something memorable.  Like getting a big hit on Bortles.

Of the three teams that took quarterbacks in round one, the Jaguars seem to be the most serious about benching Bortles to start his career.  Right or wrong, it flies in the face of the current trend to throw first-round quarterbacks into the fray right away.

Then again, with the Jaguars putting Bortles on the field behind something other than the team’s best line of blockers, maybe they are.

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  1. This is the right approach to take with Blake Bortles in my opinion.

    We have seen many naive quarterbacks thrown to the wolves the second they ink their name to the paper and the results haven’t been pretty for the most part.

    Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers and Eli Manning all held the clipboard when they were rookies.

    Bortles will benefit from sitting behind Chad Henne and watching the game from the sidelines. Learning the offense and watching the tendencies of NFL defenses.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars invested a lot in Bortles, allow him time to understand the game and most importantly his responsibilities.

  2. Derek Carr couldn’t hold Blake Bortles jock strap! Blakes hot GF already has the job!

  3. In all seriousness about the tarps, it’s because Everbank Stadium is huge and was designed originally for the Florida Georgia game every year and it holds 84,000 seats. That’s too many for almost every NFL team so the tarps cut it down to a more reasonable 67,000. Still the plan is to replace the tarps with swimming pools which will be much nicer.

  4. Yeah, even at 67,000 capacity it was still pretty good size, but the size with no tarps was just not feasible. They fixed that by removing the unnecessary seats, but they can be added back for special events, so the stadium’s permanent seating is more suitable for the NFL and it can still pack in more for events that might attract more folks.

    Weaver didn’t want to invest in fixing that issues. Khan put his money where his mouth is.

  5. Painful to be drafted by Jacksonville. This has to be the worst smelling city in the US, with stray dogs running everywhere, and a fan base of redneck high school dropouts.

    Hang in there Blake.

  6. Really.. stray dogs? Guys obviously never been to Jacksonville. Jacksonville only smells bad if you don’t like coffee. The smell of Maxwell house factory can sometimes take over downtown.

  7. I’m excited for this game, I would love to see both the Bucs and the Jags look good this season and bring some credibility back to Florida football.

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