C.J. Spiller has “a fire burning” after last season


Bills running back C.J. Spiller may have only run the ball once in the Hall of Fame Game, but his physical condition wasn’t the reason for the light workload.

Spiller feels 100 percent healthy after battling injuries that hampered him throughout the 2013 season. Spiller saw his average per carry drop to 4.6 yards after averaging six in 2012 and says that he heard and read people doubting that he would prove to be more than a one-year wonder. He also says he’s driven to prove them wrong.

“Oh yeah, it’s definitely a fire burning. I haven’t forgotten what was written out there,” Spiller said, via the Associated Press. ”I’ve got my axe ready to chip away some wood.”

Spiller’s downturn last season, a contract extension for Fred Jackson and the addition of Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon have all combined to lead to some speculation that the Bills may be planning for a future that might not include re-signing Spiller when his contract is up after the season. Spiller brushed off those concerns, saying there’s mutual love between him and the organization. There will be even more love from the Buffalo side if Spiller’s production spikes this season and, more likely than not, more money for Spiller to go with silenced doubters.

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  1. He’s going to be a complete steal in fantasy this year. He could barely walk in half the games last year and he still had a better average and more yards than Fred Jackson.

  2. If the Bills coaching staff fails to get Spiller in space again this year, and subsequently fails to take advantage of their most electrifying player’s talents, is this the coaching staff you really want for your team’s future? This kid has so much talent, would be a shame for it to be wasted by an uncreative OC. It’ll be the same story if the Rams OC can’t get Tavon Austin the ball more often where he is best, in space.

  3. Not sure why the Bills needed to invest in Spiller with Marshawn and Freddie in tow. He is a nice talent but they won’t get back full value in trade. But that’s what Spiller needs, is a change of scenery and a more stable work load.

  4. I love me some Spiller but he’s not going anywhere unless EJ Manuel wakes up. Defenses will not respect Manuel enough to ease up on the run D. Stacked boxes all day.

  5. edavidberg says:
    Aug 7, 2014 4:03 PM
    Not sure why the Bills needed to invest in Spiller with Marshawn and Freddie in tow. He is a nice talent but they won’t get back full value in trade. But that’s what Spiller needs, is a change of scenery and a more stable work load.

    At the time, Lynch was coming off the worst season of his career and was dealing with the possible legal ramifications of a hit and run. The Bills didnt know if hed recover from either. And Fred Jackson, at the time, was a 29? year old productive career backup. This was before his breakout season in 2011 where we came to know how good he really was.

    It made sense for the Bills to unload the problem and try to fit a new HB in front of the productive veteran

  6. The future in Buffalo is looking good, Bryce Brown and CJ Spiller/Fred Jackson the NFL isn’t ready. These teams could barely stop spiller with a gimpy leg its over

  7. Well, the Seahawks would probably make a fair trade for Spiller after the season if he maintains his “paltry” 4.6 yard average. Hell, I love Turbin but Spiller is a speedier version of the same thing. Neither one is particularly great at blocking. But Turbo is getting better.

    Spiller probably just needs a change of scenery. Hey, it did wonders for Lynch.

  8. Not a Bills fan but was forced to watch them as I sank all of my eggs in Spiller’s basket (had him in all 3 of my leagues). Spiller is to be commended for trying to tough it out with that ankle.

    The problem is with “short bus” Hackett. His offensive philosophy would make the creators of the t formation look like the greatest show on turf. Time after time he kept running Spiller into the back of his offensive line gaining 2 yards and a cloud of dust. Never getting him in space and ignoring him in the passing game. Not to mention, he got no love in the redzone. I was hoping to see a different offense in the HOF game but it is still the same stagnant pee wee football crap I had to stomach last year. E.J. Manuel 5 yard crossing patterns, Spiller dive left, Jackson dive right, and punt. So lame. But hey, their uni’s are hot.

  9. Spiller’s been getting +2 yards, -2 yards, +2 yards etc., since he was a rookie. He won’t follow his blocks because he’s always trying to bounce outside for a big play. Which he does get, sometimes, usually once in the third quarter.
    His extreme aversion to contact results in a complete lack of pass protection, and half as many first downs as Fred Jackson, because he does his casual-jog-out-of-bounds routine a yard short if someone happens to be standing there. No “change of scenery” is going to fix that.
    If he’s in, teams can stack the box and stuff the run, figuring that if it’s a pass, it’s probably going to be to him anyway.

    He’s been riding on his speed and talent for a couple years too long now. He needs to become a student of the game and work on being a more complete player, otherwise he’ll end up as an over-priced punt returner on some perpetual 8-8 team like the Cowboys.

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