Cardinals cut Ernie Sims


Ernie Sims’s stop in Arizona was a short one.

Sims, the veteran linebacker who was signed by the Cardinals in June, was released today.

The 29-year-old Sims went to Detroit as the No. 9 overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, and he has played for the Lions, Eagles, Colts and Cowboys. Last year he played 12 games for Dallas, starting six.

Sims was signed with the thought that he could serve as a replacement for linebacker Daryl Washington, who is suspended for the entire 2014 season. But Sims has been buried on the depth chart behind not only veteran Larry Foote, who is expected to start, but also second-year player Kenny Demens.

Although Sims has said he wants to play 10 NFL seasons, he now may have a hard time catching on anywhere.

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  1. But they’ll never be able to take his potential away from him.

    I still say Greenway was the better LB prospect at the time the pick was embarrassingly blown by Detroit, plus they shouldn’t have went with a LB at that spot anyhow. That’s 2 mistakes in 1.

  2. He was signed by the Cowboys when Sean Lee got hurt in 2012. I don’t think the Cowboys signing him again is out of the question.

  3. Wow, if you are a linebacker and you get cut by the Cardinals, than your career is officially over in the NFL.

  4. Good luck, Ernie.

    For those who don’t know about Ernie, he has 1 awesome pet collection. Not one I would ever be interested in…but nevertheless, it’s awesome!

    If this is his last stops I give him credit on a solid NFL career. 1st round pick, 9 seasons…not bad.

  5. When you’re as small as he is (relatively speaking, of course), you have no margin for error once your speed starts to go. Some people like to tag him an underachiever but it’s not his fault that clown show of a Lions front office drafted him too high. He’s actually done pretty well lasting that many seasons as a seriously undersized guy playing a contact-intensive position.

  6. He was decent in Dallas considering the situation. Sounds like he doesn’t handle competition well. He didn’t have to beat anyone out of a job in Dallas.

  7. With the attrition rate of linebackers in this league, someone will sign him before too long. There is something to be said about getting a warm body in the lineup, who has some NFL experience.

  8. Just like Joe Montana thrived in a West Coast offense, Sims is probably one of those who has never landed in a system that maximizes what he can bring to the defense.

    When you force a QB to adapt to your system and go away from his strengths, that QB will fail. Same for other players in other positions, including LBs. Case in point, Dansby did better than OK when he was drafted and played for the Cards. When he went to Miami, they forced him into the wrong role and basically got nothing from him. When Dansby returned to the Cards, they placed in a spot where he excelled and dictated the outcome of games. In Cleveland, will they take advantage of his mad skills? At this point, no one has a clue because, after all, its the Browns.

  9. Last year he was a starter for the Cowboys, a defense which was historically one of the worst ever. And then this year the Cowboys didn’t even want him back, despite Sean Lee’s injury. And now the linebacker-needy Cardinals don’t want him? This guy’s career is toast.

  10. One of the fasted LBs on the field but always went for the knockout hits and ended up over-running the ball carrier 75% of the time. Sign this dude for cheap and put him on the kickoff team.

  11. you know, it is kind of annoying to see people come on here and bash sims for not making a roster

    he spent 10 years in the NFL. a 10 year vet. he did something right to last that long in the NFL. not a great pick, but he proved he could play many times.

  12. When he came out of Florida State and was undersized, EVERYONE compared him to Derrick Brooks and said he would be great in a cover 2. Didn’t happen.

  13. He’s going to look real good halfway through the season when some poor team somewhere has had their first 4 LBs all go on IR for the year. Until then, he probably won’t get a sniff.

  14. For a while it was said that Sims was not a fit for the responsibilities that some teams asked of their LBs…..but when you have been dropped by this many teams, you begin to get the impression that the defense he would fit him best just doesn’t exist in the NFL.

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