Curran: Patriots would like to trade Ryan Mallett


Tom Brady isn’t taking a seat on Thursday night against Washington because of his perpetually nonexistent right shoulder injury or any other condition or ailment.  Brady, who put in plenty of work during joint practices in D.C., will take a seat because the Patriots, in the opinion of Tom Curran of, want to showcase fourth-year backup Ryan Mallett.

Curran explained on Thursday’s PFT Live that he believes the Patriots prefer to trade Mallett if they can.  The most obvious candidate would be the Texans, where former Pats assistant Bill O’Brien has become the head coach, and veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick has become the starting quarterback.

New England’s ultimately willingness to trade Mallett depends also on whether rookie Jimmy Garoppolo performs well enough to justify making him the backup to Brady.

There’s also a chance that Mallett will, to borrow some of Curran’s fancy journalism words, “poop the bed” in the preseason, resulting in not only the lack of a trade market but also a decision to cut him.

For Curran’s full comments about Mallett and everything else he said about the Patriots, click the thing in the thing in the thing below.

71 responses to “Curran: Patriots would like to trade Ryan Mallett

  1. Mallett kinda looks like Drew Bledsoe and Phillip Rivers at the same time. Pretty sure those two had a baby, and made Ryan Mallett.

  2. He’ll be available next year at a clearance rate. It’s too late for him to start week 1 for any other team. Someone please give me a real life reason why I should take the bait on this story again?

  3. good luck with that

    I called Mallett as a bust before the draft… unbelievably there was a group of “malletheads” pitching this guy as a top 10 pick to draft for my team…. ridiculous

    Mallett would be great in a touch or no rush league and in a league where defenses were limited and unable to be disguised…. he can make all the throws under those conditions… but, in real football, the guy is simply not athletic or smart enough to be an option

    I know he was not a high pick… was 7th QB drafted in weak class.. but still a wasted pick

  4. I hope injury on no one, but imagine they trade Mallet, sign Brady Quinn who they worked out last week, and Tom Brady goes down.

  5. I hope Mallett gets a shot at starting somewhere else, it doesn’t look like Brady is retiring anytime soon and there are a few teams that could use an upgrade, like the obvious Texans. It seems like it may be a little late to bring Mallett into a program at this stage of the season to be your starter week 1, even if a trade happened this weekend. Odds are the Pats feel comfortable with having a legit backup for Brady, but it would be smart to get some value from him before the end of the season when he will surely walk for nothing. The Patriots aren’t going to franchise a backup QB and Mallett will want the chance to start for another franchise. A trade makes too much sense for the Patriots at this point.

  6. I don’t think Houston is willing to let Johnson go, but if Mallett could be a franchise QB for them for 6-10 years it may be worth it to send Andre to the North East.

    Mallett for Andre and a 3rd rounder?

  7. I’m excited to see what this guy can do. He’s been in a good system for over 3 years, has had Brady as his mentor of sorts (and shares the same physical characteristics), and has completely stayed out of trouble and avoided all those “character concerns” that caused him to drop to round 3. Dude has a howitzer of an arm as well. Hopefully he gets a chance to shine somewhere.

  8. I can see Houston, Dallas, St Louis, Tampa and Tennessee being options – and some of those are long shots. They should have moved him before the draft, the value isn’t there now unless someone goes down.

  9. Reminds me when Cousins took over for RGwhatever and he had 4 or 5 games to showcase himself for a big trade. As I recall he flopped.

    My bet is Mallett will do the same or O’Brien would have already traded for him……

  10. One of the biggest mistakes the patriots could make is trading ryan mallet, he’s no longer playing in fear since team Bully and original Gangsta Hernandez is not there to slap him in the face because he’s ugly, now he can show the world what he’s about. QUOTE MALLETT
    Yes I was very scared of Hernandez, everytime he walked past me we would spit or slap at me, he told me he would also make sure the patriots delivered me to his cell one a week for tea time, but since finding out all that was not true I’ve been able to play at my usual 60%
    Feels good being back.

  11. Think about it … If Mallet had already proven himself to the coaching staff as a likely franchise quarterback, there is no way the Patriots would part with him this late in Brady’s career.

  12. This has been obvious for the last couple weeks around New England. I think Belichik hoped he would’ve been able to trade Mallet to the Texans before the draft.

    The Pats have a lot less leverage now and I don’t think will get anything great for him. Even if he lights it up in the preseason the games that’s not the same as regular season success.

  13. Everyone is so pumped on this guy’s potential, but the man whom many consider to be one of the best to ever coach at this level is shopping him in favor of a totally unproven rookie.
    There has to be some red flags somewhere, either a fragile body part, a fragile ego or work ethic issues, who knows.
    All we know is that Belichick prefers to start over from scratch after three years of supposedly grooming this guy to be the Brady successor.

  14. Honestly, if you guys don’t remember him in Arkansas the. You know what kind of QB he is, he threw a lot of INT’s, but the guy had a cannon, accuracy, and has had what three or four years to learn from Tom Brady?, he could have gotten the right coaching and been a first year starter coming out of college. To part with him now would be ignorant, I don’t see the patriots paying him and teaching him for three or four years just to cut ties with him so another team can pick him up on their buck! He’s not going anywhere, and he will be the future of New England, unless they saw something un fixable we don’t know about I don’t even know why were talking about this.

  15. If Mallet was any good, why draft Jimmy?
    If Mallet was any good, why wouldn’t you want him backing up Brady instead of a rookie (Or shudder to think Brady Quinn)
    Brady isn’t getting younger, he’s bound to get nicked up at some point.
    I figured this was the reason for Brady not starting and Mallet getting extensive reps. I hope the tinhorns take the bait if you balls with the pats (in preseason) and flops with the tinhorns (taking over for journeyman Fitzpatrick after the bye)

  16. Mallett pretty much sucks…. can’t see anyone trading anything for him… if he had any value as a potential starter, NE would be keeping him, not trying to showcase and move him…

  17. Wow, remember how smart all the talking heads thought “The New England NFL Franchise” was when they drafted Mallet?

  18. BB strikes when value of a player is highest. Mallett has a gun for an arm, the Texans need a QB, if the Pats showcase Mallett and he looks good, the price goes up due to higher demand. If Mallett sucks then he gets labelled a Jeff George clone and is cut.

  19. @jagmankane “If Mallet was any good, why draft Jimmy?
    If Mallet was any good, why wouldn’t you want him backing up Brady instead of a rookie (Or shudder to think Brady Quinn)”

    For the same reason that Matt Castle and Matt Flynn got huge contracts as free agents. Castle and Flynn were both in systems that they excelled in, and other GMs (and fans) assumed that it was the player and not the system. Mallett might be a really good QB, but just plays poorly in the Pat’s system. Or he could still be a coke head they they’re hoping to get a pick for or he could just be plain terrible.

  20. To the misinformed posters who ask if Mallett was any good why draft Jimmy or believe he will be the future in New England, he is a free agent at the end of the season and he has earned the right to sign with a team where he could have a chance to start.No way he will resign with NE

    Brady has looked elite so far in camp and will be the QB of the NEPats until 2017.

    Trades during preseason are not uncommon and if the Pats could get a 2nd round pick I say pull the trigger.

  21. This is the worst-kept secret of the entire offseason. The question is, will they get anyone to bite?

  22. 2013 Brady Fun Facts:

    – 6th in yards (hooray)

    – 11th in TDs (behind Foles)

    – 22nd in completion PCT (behind Alex Smith and Chad Henne)

    – 22nd in yards per attempt (behind Case Keenum)

    – 16th QB Rating

    – Gets embarrassed in AFC title game (again)

  23. Mallett for Johnson and a third round pick.

    If the Pats make it to the Superbowl, they get a first round pick.

    Mallett is going to be a Top Tier QB in this league.

    Without even playing in his career I would take him over the below QB’s

     Andy Dalton
     Carson Palmer
     Ryan Tannehill
      Chad Henne
     Robert Griffin III
     Colin Kaepernick
     Geno Smith
     Jay Cutler
     Mike Glennon

    There is no comparing Mallett with Cassell.

    Mallett was a projected first round until he opened his mouth.

    Fitzpatrick has already proven himself a failure.

    He was a 7th round pick, who got lucky. Strung together a few games. Got paid and then went on a losing streak.

    Any team would be nuts not to take him.

    Brady is going to be in New England for at least 5 more years.

  24. Mallet isn’t that good and nearly everyone knows it. The most obvious landing place is Minnesota because they are so used to terrible Qb’s that it isn’t a big deal to sign another one. But first they have to cycle thru Bustwater and that might take two seasons and that’s being optimistic, it took them 3 seasons to figure out that Ponder is a bum.

  25. id like him in Dallas… 5th round pick for a QB that has been groomed behind Brady for 4 years. worth a shot.

  26. Brady’s arm got weaker late in games and late in the season last year – just like Manning’s did (especially in the Super Bowl). Those two will be out of the league within two years, and neither the Pats nor the Broncs will have a plan B in place to deal with their loss.

    Could be many years before either team is relevant again. They’ve both massively over-invested their financial and team structure in aging, weakening superstars.

  27. If mallett was any good… he would have jumped tom brady in the depth chart.

    SEE: Aaron Rodgers

  28. Mallet has a great arm, one of the best I have ever seen, but then again so did Jeff George.

    Mallet cannot avoid a Pass Rush to save his life, and has not seen meaningful action in years.

    Proceed with caution on him.

  29. patriotsarespygaters says: Aug 7, 2014 5:02 PM

    I remember when people use to hate the cowboys like people hate the patriots now they must be jealous hehehe

    I’m a GIANTS fan, no jealousy here thank you very much. We own the Patriots.

  30. They should have traded Mallet before the draft. At that point they could have gotten a 2nd rounder most likely. Now since they drafted a QB in the 2nd round, everyone knows what Belichick thinks of him and you won’t get better than a 4th.

  31. Texans, stick to your guns and don’t let the Pats fleece you. Tell them, seventh-round pick for Mallett, take it or leave it.

  32. Mallet and an infinite #of picks for Johnson will never happen. Johnson won’t take a pay cut, nor should he. NE can’t fit him in under the cap.

    Dream on!

  33. Why do the Pats keep wasting good draft choices on QBs who probably won’t contribute anything during their rookie contracts (Mallet and Garrapolo)? The team has more pressing needs and is only a few players away from being SB favorites, so this is just a bad allocation of resources. Especially with Brady claiming he wants to play well into his 40’s.

  34. .
    How many of you who are making judgements about Mallet have actually seen him play? I believe he’s thrown 7 NFL passes.

    Apparently there are many who think they are smart and Belichick is not. Whatever is going to go down at the QB position has been evaluated thoroughly prior to free agency and the draft.

  35. Mallett is going to be traded? Says who? Belicheck said early this preseason he wasn’t going to be traded. This bozo Currin will be wrong on Mallett again. On a team with the talent the Patriots have, Ryan Mallet would be successful as a starting QB.

  36. gayforbrady says:
    Aug 7, 2014 4:45 PM
    Mallett for Johnson and a third round pick.

    If the Pats make it to the Superbowl, they get a first round pick.

    Mallett is going to be a Top Tier QB in this league.

    Without even playing in his career I would take him over the below QB’s

    Andy Dalton
    Carson Palmer
    Ryan Tannehill
    Chad Henne
    Robert Griffin III
    Colin Kaepernick
    Geno Smith
    Jay Cutler
    Mike Glennon
    I think that Mallett has potential, but there is no way that the majority of this list will be outperformed by Mallett at this stage of his career.

  37. Is Mallett about to join the overpriced/overdrafted/underachieving journeyman QB club with Cassel, Kolb, Quinn, Freeman etc.? They’re going to need a bigger clubhouse soon.

  38. tommyribs says: Aug 7, 2014 5:13 PM

    patriotsarespygaters says: Aug 7, 2014 5:02 PM

    I remember when people use to hate the cowboys like people hate the patriots now they must be jealous hehehe

    I’m a GIANTS fan, no jealousy here thank you very much. We own the Patriots.

    Yes you certainly do!

    Thanks for the memories! 2 lovely ones…

  39. can’t see anyone trading more than a 5-7th rd pick

    Mallett can’t play at all…. typical guy that looks the part but can’t play..Pats wasted pick on him, now trying to dupe the league again… think Pats nonsense is about up

  40. I think Mallet will be good in the NFL. There is zero reason for anyone to trade a 4th round or better pick for him and the Pats a have zero reason to trade him for a 6th or a 7th. Jimmy G can’t play right now so you need a backup if Brady (God forbid) got hurt. And if Mallet did play and looked the part you franchise him just like they did Matt Cassel and trade him

  41. The Texans will NOT trade Johnson, regardless, he’s back and he’s happy.

    If the Texans trade for Mallett, anything greater than a 4th rd. pick would make me mad, New England is dealing from a position of weakness, they need to get rid of him more than Houston needs him.

  42. If they were trying to showcase Mallett, I’m pretty sure Edelman and Amendola would have made an appearance in this game.

  43. Mallet at first preseason game @Redskins= Mallett completed 5 of 12 passes for 55 yards in one half of action. The Patriots didn’t score with Mallett under center and lost to theRedskins 23-6. We saw troubling characteristics out of Mallett on Thursday that we have seen in many preseason appearances. He is not comfortable in the pocket, and he has erratic accuracy. One of his passes to an open receiver went into the ground. He hasn’t consistently exhibited a good feel for the game during four years of preseason outings.And Jimmy Garappolo did better than him.And you Pats’ fans want Andre Johnson for him?!?! 6th or 7th rounder and maybe a depth player.

  44. I’m a Pats fan, and Ryan Mallett is terrible. He hasn’t had one pre season where you watched him and said “that was pretty good”. Mallett was given a chance last night and fell on his face. Garropolo outplayed him. If Mallett doesn’t show anything this pre season, then the Pats won’t get anything from anybody for him.

  45. If Mallet is cut, I hope to God Marrone and Whaley are ready to pounce on the kid…

    Even if to get a heads up on the Patriots playbook… Give Belicheat some of his own medicine.

  46. Mallett is Dan McGwire without the regular season stats.

    For those of you who do not recall Mark McGwire’s brother, the above is NOT a compliment.

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