De’Anthony Thomas shows promise as a punt returner for Chiefs


Thursday’s Bengals-Chiefs exhibition featured four return touchdowns, three of which were scored by Kansas City in a 41-39 victory at Arrowhead Stadium.

The first of the Chiefs’ return scores was tallied by rookie kick returner De’Anthony Thomas, who sprinted away for an 80-yard first quarter touchdown.

On the play, Thomas caught the punt on the far side of the field, shaking off a collision with Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick in the process. From there, Thomas reversed field to his right, where he had plenty of space. Once he found a lane and got through, the Chiefs’ fourth-round pick was gone.

An Oregon product, Thomas is getting a shot to replace the departed Dexter McCluster on punts. He only helped his cause Thursday night.

11 responses to “De’Anthony Thomas shows promise as a punt returner for Chiefs

  1. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green showed how dangerous they are in the first part of the first quarter, then they had the rest of the night off.

    After that, the back benchers on both sides combined to provide a very exciting game, which might have been an audition tape for Tyler Bray.

  2. As a Raiders fan, I dread this guy. I thought he was great value in that round. Like McCluster, I can’t imagine him being a big producer on offense….but he could be that pain in the ass that gets a punt and returns it in field goal range late in a game.

  3. That return was a thing of beauty. Imagine what he can do for the offense if the Chiefs can get him the ball in space.

  4. I was in the stands, and I watched that play with my own two eyes. Let me tell you, when he caught that ball I thought he was stupid. I was looking for a fair catch. This dude has BALLS! He took a hit, spun off of it, and ran it back for a touchdown. Trust me when I say this, SPEED KILLS.

  5. I remember when that FAT SLOB Head Coach one Andrew Hindenburg Reid didn’t value a punt returner. Eagles will remember Greg Lewis.

  6. This guy has football speed. Not the fake no pads 40 speed these guys are drafted on but real football speed. You know it when you see it.

  7. DAT is The Man. He will be 10 times the player Dexter McCluster ever thought of being. Andy Reid and DAT is a Magic combination. DAT will prove to be one of the steals of the draft.

  8. Kirkpatrick was throwing a cross body block on him that would make the WWE proud. I watched the play ten times and still don’t know how DAT kept his balance and caught the ball. DAT>McCluster

  9. he is so much faster than dex. its not even close. and they got him 2 rounds later. another win for john Dorsey, who had both of his 2 drafts on display last night and wow did they shine.

    travis kelce? DAT?, Gaines, Ford, Fulton look like they all will be good players for KC

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