Johnny Manziel unlikely to play with starters against Lions


The Browns named Brian Hoyer their starting quarterback for the first preseason game of the year on Wednesday, but left the door open for Johnny Manziel to get some work with the first team after spending two days this week practicing with the starters.

On Thursday, head coach Mike Pettine shut that door almost all the way. Pettine said that the plan for this week’s game against the Lions is for Hoyer to play with the first team while Manziel comes on with the second unit.

“I don’t think he will,” Pettine said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “I think we’re going to let Brian go. The circumstances could change that, obviously, but for this game, I think we’ll stick to the units as we’ve practiced. So Brian with the ones and Johnny with the twos.”

Pettine also said that the first team may play a bit more than is usual in the first preseason game because they are running a new offense, but that should still leave Manziel with plenty of snaps to make his case for the starting job. Pettine also said that it’s possible Manziel will start against the Redskins in the second preseason game, a decision which he could sway with a strong performance on Saturday night.

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  1. Here is what is going to happen to Johnny Football. In the preseason, he is going to take the field with and against scrubs who will be bagging groceries in Sept. Because of this his offense will be out of sync and he will have to run around and ad lib and do all the things that make him awesome. The defense will be out of sync and looking like chickens with their heads cut off further magnifying Johnny’s exciting impact on the game. He is going to look like a hall of famer in the preseason and the Browns fans are all going to be talking about his greatness and making super bowl plans, etc. Then the regular season is going to start, he is going to be on top of the depth chart, and all of that excitement and success he had against scrubs is going to dry up faster than Southern California’s water supply. Take it slow with this dude and let him develop before unleashing him to the wolves. Some players will be busts no matter what, but sometimes I think teams mismanage rookies and young players so badly that they take a promising talent and instead of developing a super star they actually develop and mold him into a bust.

  2. I’m a Lions fan, but I hope when Johnny gets in he torches the Lions’ second string D, just to cause even more of an uproar. It’s just preseason…

  3. Postpone it all you want, his first official pass shall conjure up images of the majestic wounded duck, borne aloft by the laughter of thousands.

  4. “Johnny Tebow”


    Sorry friends, but Manziel is the real deal. The guy has accuracy and accuracy on the run. Just ask that Mazda driver

  5. I hope Johnny gets to play and he’s just “okay”. Not great, but not awful. He changes teams a couple times, sometimes starting, sometimes not, and eventually learns that maybe he should hone his craft and work hard rather than just going out partying and acting like he’s earned something. He can then quietly retire and use this new mentality to do a stand up job owning and managing Johnny Football car washes in the Texas A&M area. A happy ending for everyone.

  6. Smart move Johnny…let Hoyer get banged up in all the preseason games, while you focus on the learning more of the playbook.

    You whiners who act like a player is supposed to come from college and absorb an NFL playbook overnight aren’t realistic.

    Give the man some time to make his mark.

  7. Can anybody explain why all the sports talking heads seem to get excited when they report anything that brings Manziel down a notch or two? It seems as if they WANT him to fail, or at lease not shine. Do they get paid extra by having their negative opinions of him validated?

    I’m not a Browns fan, but I do think he will turn out to be something special.

  8. It used to be QB’s were drafted and then seasoned with a couple few years with the clipboard.

    Now they are forced into the limelight prematurely and the product suffers. All because America has ADHD.

  9. Bill Belitext said it correctly. Jacksonville has already said that Bortles will carry a clipboard all season. He was the first qb taken in the draft. I guess the lesson learned from Gabbert applies. Unless your team is a Lexus then wait on Manziel. Hoyer did well last year so let Manziel sit back, watch and learn. To throw Manziel immediately against defenses like the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals I think is ridiculous.

  10. Johnmee will definitely go the club with the starters, the 2nd stringers, the 3rd stringers and the cleaning crew. also the guy wiping windshields and the other guy with pulse.

  11. With the Browns history of turning good college QB’s into busts the best thing they can do is to sit Manziel for now. Hoyer went 2-0 last year before he got hurt. Throwing Manziel in before he is ready could kill his confidence and ego and make him a bust. Just my opinion

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