Legatron is not a fan of new extra point rules


A 33-yard extra point is only going to be worth one point this preseason. So why shouldn’t field goals over 50 yards be worth four?

That’d be cool. I can go for that,” Rams kicker Greg Zeurlein said with a laugh. “That’s a cool thing to think about. But no, I think it should stay the way it is.”

Likewise, the man known as Legatron isn’t crazy about the NFL’s experiment with longer extra points, which will go into place tonight and go through the first two weeks of the preseason.

“I don’t know why they’d change it, but I don’t make those decisions,” Zeurlein said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “We’ll see what happens. I mean, obviously if you move it back you’ll probably have a few more misses. . . .

“I don’t see why you’d want to change the game. It’s been like this since football’s been around. They don’t change the rules because quarterbacks are throwing for more yards or it’s turned into a pass-offense league. So I don’t see why you’d change it for kickers if you don’t change it for anyone else. I don’t mind it. Whatever they do, we’ll adjust. You know, go from there.”

Kickers made 99.6 percent of extra points last year, missing just five of 1,267 attempts. So the league wanted to try something to make it a little less automatic, hence the experiment.

Over the same span, kickers hit 89.8 percent of their field goals from 30 to 39 yards, meaning the 33-yarders they’ll try for extra points are only barely less automatic.

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  1. Barely less automatic? .04% missed is one in about 200 tries. The percentage dropping to 10.02% missed is one in every 10. That’s 127 potential mixed extra points a season. We all know how NFL games enjoy Murphy’s law… I’m looking forward to seeing a team score a touchdown as time expires to bring them within one, with the extra point attempt to force OT, and miss; especially when it undoubtedly happens to my Jets. 👍

  2. dude the game has been changing for a while now..and to his point about qbs throwing for more yards..its BECAUSE they changed the game to make it harder for dbs to stop recievers

  3. Goodell will eventually have just quarterbacks throwing 70 yards through a tire. Most points win.

  4. Legatron plays a bare minimum of 9 games a season in domes or retractable roof stadiums — and most likely plays at least 10 games in controlled environment games.

    All 8 St. Louis home games are indoors, and their road game to Arizona involves a retractable roof and air conditioning. In addition, there are at least a half dozen other teams that play indoors during inclement weather — the majority of which are in the NFC.

    This year, they also play at Minnesota, making for 10 games indoors.

    Old school place-kickers from back in the day never enjoyed that benefit — many of them playing nearly all their games in the midwest and northeast against each other during nothing but outdoor games played in nothing but cold-weather months. And I don’t hear Legatron complaining about the inequities of that evolution-related development.

  5. 10% less automatic isn’t barely in my book.

    Some league (not the NFL) should experiment with distance-for-point extra points and FGs on a sliding scale like some FF leagues do. It would be a fun dimension to the game when a team is behind by 8 or 9 points and can still go for the win on their last drive. That’s a bit too quirky for the NFL but would be fun to see in some league.

  6. 4 point field goals would be awful. 3rd and 15 from the 30 and the QB takes a knee at the 33 to set up a 4-pointer? No thanks.

    Just get rid of the extra point if it’s ‘automatic’

  7. I’d rather have 2 point conversions only than a 33 yard extra point. Good thing Manning doesn’t kick extra points, they’d just ask him where his favorite place to kick from is.

  8. Someone may want to donate a ticket for the Pro Football Hall of Fame to Mr. Zeurlin. Extra points have not ” been like this since football’s been around”. It has changed several times both in distance and in value since football started. Not saying it should be changed but he is wrong if he thinks it has been “this” way forever.

  9. Moving the extra point back that far removes the chance for a sneak 2 point try. If they want to make it harder, how about making the goal post narrower? How about a goal post with 4 uprights? The inner two can be used for extra point and the outer two for FGs. If the inner two are hit on the FG try, the FG is good.

  10. I agree with Legatron. ..why mess with something that’s working and has been around since football began? Slowly Special Teams are being eroded, faded from the game. Field position is crucial to today’s game.

  11. 10% is a huge difference
    QB going from 60% to 50 % is huge
    Losing 10% of an investment is huge.

    The extra point is SUPPOSED to be easy BECAUSE YOU SCORED A TOUCHDOWN!!!!

  12. You don’t like the rule change? Too bad, you’re a kicker. The extra point is the most boring part of the game. Either get rid of the extra point or move it back.

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