McCoy hopes to join the 2,000-yard club


Realistic or not, everyone has goals.  Wise or not, plenty of people talk publicly about their goals.

The latest NFL players to aim high is Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, who has made it clear that he’s aiming to become the eighth man in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards.

This is THE YEAR!!!!” McCoy declared on Twitter, via  “My potential is #2000yards. Will I reach it?  Stepping up my training and signs point to yes.”

McCoy has rushed for 5,473 yards in five seasons, with a career high of 1,607 yards in 2013.  He reached that number via 314 carries and a 5.1-yard average.  He’d need 392 total carries to get to 2,000 yards, at that fairly gaudy average.

If he increases either the carries, the average, or both high enough to get to 2,000, McCoy will join Eric Dickerson (2,105), Adrian Peterson (2,097), Jamal Lewis (2,066), Barry Sanders (2,053), Terrell Davis (2,008), Chris Johnson (2,006), and O.J. Simpson (2,003) as members of the 2,000-yard club.

McCoy’s career year from 2013 lands at No. 50 on the all-time single-season rushing yardage list.