Pete Carroll takes new emphasis on illegal contact as a compliment


If the NFL had to change the way the rules are enforced to give opposing teams a chance against the Seahawks’ defense, then coach Pete Carroll takes that as a compliment.

Carroll told the Seattle Times that he views this year’s emphasis on enforcement of illegal contact and defensive holding as a sign of “respect.”

Opposing players didn’t always respect the way the Seahawks played last year: Jimmy Graham complained that the Seahawks “grab and hold as much as you can,” and the Giants complained that the Seahawks didn’t care about the rules. For his part, Carroll says his team does care about the rules, and his players are prepared to conform to the renewed emphasis on the rules designed to allow receivers to run free.

“We’re not fighting or resisting the changes that are here,” Carroll said. “We’re trying to adapt and go with it.”

The officials will give the Seahawks no choice but to go with it. Carroll is trying to see the silver lining in that.

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  1. The Seahawks D made the GOAT look like a rookie last year and the league can’t have that. I wonder what rules will be enforced next year when they do it all over again.

  2. Not that I like Seattle, but when will this ridiculousness end?

    Defenses aren’t even going to have a chance now.

    Do the Seattle DBs get grabby? Sure they do, but there comes a time when we just need to let these guys line up and play football too.

    You can;t touch QBs, you can’t play physical on receivers, is Goodell’s Agenda to give Brady and Manning one more SB Each or something?

    I am a GIANTS fan, and as such, I appreciate great defense and balance.

    Football as we all know it really is going the way of the dinosaur.

  3. It’s not a compliment Pete; it’s a message.

    The message is this: “Stop Cheating”

  4. This staff turned Kam Chancellor from potentially a “bad guy” with illegal hits into the respected (and feared) Enforcer that he is today. I have no doubt that they not only have the Seahawks defense prepared for this change, but will be among the teams with the fewest of these penalties called against them. It will be funny to watch other teams get burned, then whine about unfair treatment.

  5. How crap does the NFL look by letting them get away with it all last year, with many people pointing out how ridiculous it was……..They do nothing all year and give the cheathawks a huge edge and then change things in the off season. Why weren’t the rules being applied during games?

  6. Yeah because there’s just not enough passing offense in this league already. How about we let Graham and his type wear pink tutu’s and throw a flag every time someone touches their frock?

    Defensive contact is part of the game, even if the league has been moving away from it for 30 years. Having said that, I’ve never seen a league (Jeff Fisher) change the rules to try and screw one team before. So I guess this year we’ll just have to prove how good we are again. Then what will you all have to whine about?

    Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Louder. Deal with it.

  7. Many times last year Graham was getting TACKLED FROM BEHING WAY BEFORE THE BALL ARRIVED against the cheater’s defense

  8. It’s a token of respect? Really? Or they’re just confirming your D cheated all year and they’re tightening up. Lets see how your D does this year when they can’t grab and hold the whole time and keep getting flagged. That’ll be fun to watch Sherman whining and crying about it.

  9. There are no “changes” to the rules. They’re just going to be paying attention this year. Which means the Seahawks cheated last year. I can’t wait to see how they do when they actually play by the rules.

  10. Look Sherman said himself that the plan was to break the rules every time knowing the refs wouldn’t call them all. I can’t find anyway to say this is OK. To knowingly break the rules and for the coach to condone it is just wrong on all counts. The Hawks have the talent and coaching to win without this which makes it doubly hard to understand. I still like the idea of a player “fouling out” if they commit the same penalty repeatedly.

  11. It’s funny, even while I was enjoying watching Manning melt down in the super bowl, part of me was hoping it wouldn’t be too bad so that the league didn’t freak out and change a bunch of stuff to make it up to him. But at 43-8 you can be sure a whole bunch of things are going to change, this is only the beginning.

  12. They shocked everyone in the world of football except the 12th man. You cant believe the Seahawks are the World Champions. Eventually it will be no teams allowed north of Portland and west of Boise allowed. That is when the earth will shake, Seattle floats off in the Pacific coming to rest in the San Francisco bay, where they win another ring. Cant stop this train, whatever changes you make fools.

  13. This coming from a coach who knowingly broke the rules while coaching USC and bolted before he had to “pay the price”. Therefore making the students pay the price for his behavior. Yeah sounds like a guy that really cares about rules. He got away with it and won the big game because of the cheating. Why does he care anymore? He did what he wanted.

  14. Not a Seattle fan, but it’s not their fault they got away with it. It’s a copycat league. How come the other teams didn’t try to get away with it? Maybe Seattle was just that good last season.

  15. Those who know nothing about football keep grasping at straws and trying to invent reasons the Hawks kicked your teams butts so bad. Sorry, but the fact is, they simply are the best organization and team in the NFL. Plain and simple. Go ahead and whine and moan but it’s not all that complicated. Man-up and quit the cry-baby crap.

  16. I have lived in the Puget sound off and on since 96 and I can tell you first hand the 12th man didn’t exist until a couple years ago its a new fad in the NW that’s why they get so defensive when called out cuz its true they’re so delusional up here its insane nobody here owns a single Seahawks hat jersey shirt or anything over 4yrs old people I grew up with are claiming to be diehard fans forgetting I GREW UP HERE WITH YOU. as for the article yes Sherman most definitely said they will hold on every play the refs won’t call it every time and footage was shown of him teaching the younger guys how to shield it from the officials line of sight please stop denying that

  17. So fans think this change will stop a fundamentally good defense?

    SHOCK: defense is played with your FEET. All the complaints about HANDS are meaningless if the players aren’t in position to put hands on the receivers. That’s where it starts.

    Overall NFL passing numbers will be inflated, but LOB plays the game hard, fast and intimidating. They will be fine.

  18. With speedy receivers available, Seattle stands to benefit from these rules as much as any of their opponents.

  19. Lol in the last 5 years Arizona has been the leader on holding and grabbing and last year was Seattle SO STOP THE HATE. All teams hold, what are you suppose to do just let the WR run free and see if they catch it. NFL is going to be a flag football league in 5 years.

  20. LOL. Seahawks moved to the NFC West in 2002. In the 11 years they’ve been there they were Division champs 6 years and in the the playoffs 8 years. Don’t be asinine about the fanbase. They aren’t newcomers or a “fad”. There are Band-wagoners, but we’ve had a fanatical fanbase sine 1976.

  21. The biggest whining and crying will come from the Seahawk haters who pounce on articles like this to proclaim “Cheaters! 6-10 this year! LOL!”, when their team gets a game taken away from them on a marginal PI/defensive holding call, made by a ref who is more concerned about his performance review than he is calling the game in a reasonable manner.

    Don’t worry, guys. There’s a perfect sport for you types who don’t like any kind of contact. It’s called Ultimate Frisbee.

  22. Yea, the NFL (King Roger) isnt really all that keen on teams that have good defenses these days. If a defense does well, like the Sea Chickens did to the Donkeys in the Super Bowl, then they want to limit the defense even more. Pretty soon there will be no contact at all!

  23. Seattle fans make it really hard to like or pull for their team but I don’t blame The Seahawks for the way they played last year. That fell on the refs for allowing it to happen and continue. I would expect my team to get away with as much as was allowed too.

  24. Offensive minded teams obviously fought for this ’emphasis’, or maybe it was just Peyton. Either way, Defensive minded teams will now lobby for ’emphasis’ on flags for offensive holding and offensive PI on all of Peyton’s cronies. Offensive holding could be called on just about every play. If the commish wants football to come to a halt and just be commercials with Referees explaining penalties in front of packed stadiums…

  25. Man, you Pete the Cheat fellas sure are persistent. Inaccurate as all get out, but persistent. Can someone show me proof that Pete has ever cheated at all, let alone more than any other coach at any level past High School? Get over it…

  26. Oh and Seattle fans are the same as all other teams fans. Fans are the same everywhere, it’s just blind perception that makes it seem that they are different. You want to hate, you need to hate, so you hate. Fans=Fanatics, and last i checked, human beings in seattle are the same as human beings in Indy, Oakland, Santa Clara, Miami, Cleveland (ok, maybe not cleveland) or anywhere else.

  27. HAHA Carroll admits that his DB’s were holding and grabbing the WRs. Too bad Seattle fans now have nothing to grab on when they grasp at straws as to why they won the Superbowl. It was because of the PI and Defensive Holding

  28. The best way to control this situation and to keep games from lasting way too long, just do like they do in basketball… if they accumulate too many flags they get ejected from a game or two. Maybe even fined. That will surely stop the cheating ways of Seattle.

  29. Whenever defense wins a championship, the NFL has to change the rules.

    No defense can ever be a dynasty because of it.

  30. I honestly feel bad for Seattle. First sports championship of any kind and it is kind of tainted by this. They are a really good team and I think they could have won without PEDs and without defensive PI and holding. It really does seem Pete Carroll chooses this way. Maybe he felt he needed to do this after his first failed attempt at being an NFL coach.

    Seahawk fans, no amount of pounding your chest, saying “we’re the champs” “we’re the best” “deal with it” “go hawks!!” is going to change how they are perceived outside of the NW.

    Also Seahawk fans: notice that no one is accusing any of the other recent SB winners (Ravens, Giants, Saints) of cheating.

    Seahawks cheated their way to winning last year. Hopefully the league cleans that up this year. As I said before, they are a great team and don’t need that to win. We will see what happens.

  31. While the Seahawks certainly played a very physical style of defense last year and did all the things that everyone said they did (held receivers, illegal contact both before the ball arrived and after 5 yards from scrimmage… what they didnt do is CHEAT. They took advantage of lax officiating and thats just smart, it is not cheating. If an ump consistently calls a low strike zone, is it cheating for a pitcher to keep throwing down there? I bet the Seahawks adapt this year, if not, well that’ll be fun to watch too. Either way, they didnt cheat, they played smart and they were the best team in the NFL last year. (Packer fan)

  32. Every team in the league commits offensive holding, defensive holding, offensive PI, defensive PI, etc. It’s not cheating! Even if you do it deliberately! Players do what they need to do – it’s up to the officials to call the penalties. If the refs call it tighter this year, the Hawks will adjust accordingly – and they’ll still play better pass defense than the rest of the league.

  33. the seahawks figured out how to beat the system. you hold and grab on every play and it shows as that’s how you play regularly. They are not going to call it on every play. It ‘s the people that do it periodically that have the problems. It’s quite genius if you think about it.

  34. The rules just changed, therefore how exactly did they cheat last year? My team got beat by the hawks last season, I dont think they did anything other D’s didn’t. Get over it.

  35. Love these uber butt hurt trojan fans who claim Carrol destroyed USC (um no) and that he’s cheating his way through the NFL (if you aint cheating you aint trying). Cheating had NOTHING to do with the title run. Its called brains, and having enough of them to construct a team from nothing and coach them all up. Bill Belachick not winning anything for years with a super team every year and having damn near access to the opposing teams radio head THATS cheating. Priorities gentlemen.

  36. So owning a jersey of a player that didn’t play for a specific team over 4 years ago automatically makes someone a bandwagoner?? What are people just not supposed to purchase jerseys of players that are actually on the current roster?? Oh but it’s totally fine for Manziel (who’s never taken a single snap in the NFL) to have the top selling jersey right now because he plays for Cleveland, right? God forbid any person from Seattle buy a Superbowl winning QB Russell Wilson jersey without being labeled less of a fan because he’s only played for them for 2 years.

  37. Keep talking about the Hawks!!! The 12’s love it!

    Next year they will try and change something else to prevent another Super Bowl beatdown.

    Seahawks, 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals all play the same type of physical. Either team would have destroyed Denver. The rest of the league needs to change……….. “this aint no tennis match”

  38. and how is it cheating anyway? did they mask or hide their tactics in a way as to conceal them from the officials? seems to me like they played a certain way, and put the responsibility on the officials to OFFICIATE the game. it doesnt matter what the rule book says if the officials dont enforce it. if no flags are being thrown, why would you NOT hold? everyone out there knows to do what the refs will let you get away with.

  39. In what sport do you not try to get away with as much as you can without being called for a penalty? Hockey players hold, slash, interfere and cross-check as much as they can without being called for a penalty. Basketball players screen, hold, hand check, etc as much as possible without being called for a penalty. Soccer…same thing.

    So, why does Seattle get so much flack and are called cheaters for trying to get away with as much as possible? If they can do that…and are a good enough team to win in spite of getting called for many more penalties than other teams…doesn’t that show how good they are? If other teams don’t do it because they can’t afford to get called for all the extra PI and Def holding penalties….aren’t they inferior?

    Seattle was dead last in penalties per game….yet still won the Super Bowl. Not many teams can overcome that.

  40. Pete Carroll never was proven that he cheated at USC like tressel did at Ohio state by hiding the emails that Pryor sold his rings and the Shapiro debacle at Miami. Please get your facts straight. Everyone is hating on Pete cus he won in college and the nfl. Get over it! If you want to show the Seahawks up then beat them on the field. Fight on SC-Hawks!!!!

  41. Does this mean the flags will fly on every offensive snap too? If grabbing and holding by the defense is illegal, then by all means penalize the offensive line as well.

  42. That’s some real twisted logic from Petey, but not surprising that it came out of his mouth. Because the league and 31 other teams complained about the Hawks cheating ways on defense, Petey takes that as a “sign of respect” sic. Not even Belichek or S. Payton were idiotic enough to claim that the changes made after Spygate and Bountygate were considered a “sign of respect.”

  43. As far as what the Hawks do being called “cheating”, I guess that means your teams are cheaters as well since there is an offensive hold on virtually every play.


  44. it is insane by the way that the NFL is putting more emphasis on illegal contact. Aren’t we seeing more passing than ever in the NFL? why is the league trying to make it more difficult on defenses? because their marquee player got embarrassed in the game’s marquee game last year? it’s beyond ridiculous.

  45. As a kid, I had my Steve Largent helmet and Jim Zorn jersey, so ya, I’m on the bandwagon…

    And, I realize that the Hawks are the only team that holds… which is clearly cheating…

    Whatever… so many tools on this thing… entertaining read though.

    BTW, for all of you that drive 5-10 mph over the speed limit, does that make you a cheater? You haven’t been caught… you may have even been seen by a cop and still weren’t stopped… you still a cheater then? Get over yourself if you think that a jersey grab is “cheating”.

  46. We could actually talk about some actual illegal tactics, like defensive linemen who grab OL players and drag them to the ground so that other defensive players can attack their zone. It’s up to refs to see it, call it. Who said life is fair? They lied.

  47. The problems Denver had in the SB were not caused by any contact at the LOS. The Hawks blasted the receivers after they caught the ball.

  48. I bet you other teams get called for these penalties more than the Seahawks do. Just like last year with helmet to helmet hits. The Seahawks had Zero. This year they will practice hard and adjust to what league is calling. It’s like my tee shirt says, “Seahawks Train Harder”

  49. Browner was the mugger. Maxwell intercepted 4 in 5 games but wasn’t clutch and grab.

    In the regular season, Sherm did a lot of pushing but not Maxwell.

    In the playoffs, the Hawks were clean. In fact, Crabs had the slight push off on Sherm and why Sherm twisted and batted with left hand.

    In the SB, it was Tate that was interfered, pushed and face guarded out of the endzone. Flag thrown.

    Then D. Thomas pushed Sherm down on FXmic’d
    but no call.

    Look at how clean the best SS in the NFL hits, in Kam. He decleats any and everyone coming in his range. See Vernon Davis a dozen times and D Thomas or Welker in the SB.

    This is so reputation based when Browner was the starter because he was slow slow and slow. Maxwell doesn’t grab.

    Go find highlights on any source and you won’t much once Browner left. Sherm is guilty but not like all this cheater talk is about.

    The Hawks had the top 3 defense in the past 40 years in destroying the #1 all time offense, fair and square. No holding, nothing. Just a good ol fashion butt whoopin…k

  50. Cheatin Pete is a disgrace to the NFL… guy was allowed to leave USC, screwing all over in the process, and get paid in NFL….. then he continues his cheating ways…. shameful…

  51. Every team in every sport pushes the envelope as much as possible to try to gain an edge.

    Take a look at Danny Ainge from the celtics, he used to actually wrap a players arms around himself, throw himself to the floor to make it look like a fould.

    Is it cheating? No not really, it is pushing the envelope. If your team doesn’t try to push the envelope it may be why they didn’t win.

  52. This should be called “the Peyton Manning Rule”

    The league wants to eliminate any obstacles that can reign in the offensive firepower of Manning, Brady, Bree’s

    It’s clearly a tribute to the Seahawks….but it is pathetic on the leagues part.

  53. just imagine.. for one minute.. if Sherman could not illegally jam and, god forbid, not have deep help or protection over the middle…. or a pass rush… do you honestly think he is an NFL starter, let alone a star?

  54. It makes total sense. Carroll considers cheating a “good thing”

    So PEDs…. GOOD
    Defensive Holding……GOOD

    Pete “The Cheat” hasn’t changed. He not only admits that he cheats, he’s prod of it.

  55. By people’s skewed logic, getting penalties means the Seahawks are cheaters. Except that every team gets penalties. Therefore, by that logic every single team is cheating every year.

    Those dirty NFL teams.

  56. People who claim the Seahawks had an unfair advantage because they cheated

    are by implication, saying…

    Every other team in the NFL realizes there is an advantage to cheating,

    but every other team has made the decision that sportsmanship and fairness are more important than success.

    …and you really believe this

  57. and how is it cheating anyway? did they mask or hide their tactics in a way as to conceal them from the officials?

    Funny you should mention that.

    Yes. They did mask/hide their tactics from the officials. There’s even a video on youtube that shows Sherman teaching some rookie how to hide holding from the refs.

  58. The truth is, it’s impossible to cover any NFL WR one on one, down after down without jamming, grabbing or holding — especially if they have a half decent QB.

    WRs are already jumping up faliing their arms for a flag after every lame duck pass that comes their way anyway. They might as well just get rid of man to man and only allow teams to run zone.


  59. johngaltwho says: Aug 7, 2014 11:34 AM

    While the Seahawks certainly played a very physical style of defense last year and did all the things that everyone said they did (held receivers, illegal contact both before the ball arrived and after 5 yards from scrimmage… what they didnt do is CHEAT. They took advantage of lax officiating and thats just smart, it is not cheating. If an ump consistently calls a low strike zone, is it cheating for a pitcher to keep throwing down there? I bet the Seahawks adapt this year, if not, well that’ll be fun to watch too. Either way, they didnt cheat, they played smart and they were the best team in the NFL last year. (Packer fan)

    So i could go rob a bank as long as i dont get caught its ok??

  60. Those who don’t follow the Seahawks from week to week might not realize this but Earl Thomas commonly cheats to the other side of the field away from Richard Sherman. He knows that Richard can handle his guy one on one so he leans toward helping out the other guys. This was especially true in the days of Brandon Browner because although very physical was slow and had a tendency to get beat deep often. The Patriots better hope for some good safety play otherwise they might be in trouble.

  61. Name a defensive back in the league that doesn’t HOLD, and I’ll show you a defensive back whose out of work in the NFL.

    You hypocrites pointing fingers aren’t giving an honest look at your own DB’s.

    It’s like speeding…I speed, U speed, EVERYBODY SPEEDS….get over yourself!

  62. First of all, the enormous amount of hate in here is what happens when your team is on top. All the whining and crying and trying to explain the seahawks dominance last year with this issue that is now “fixed” is very interesting.

    Psychology is crazy…you all somehow feel better about getting beat by yelling cheater etc. If you were a seahawks fan you would LOVE your defensive backfield. They are the most talented DBs as a group in the NFL and a rule change isn’t going to change that fact.

    Tell me who is hurt more by this rule-change. The no-name SF corners trying to cover Percy Harvin and Paul Richardson(4.3). Or the LOB covering SFs slower receivers?

    Be careful what you wish for. The LOB is the trend setter in the NFL ATM and will continue to lead the way by pushing the envelope.

  63. Remember all you whiners especially the 40 whiners the rules go to ways you can’t hold either but you’ll still look at your head coach when he cries you will cry right along with hem when you get yourselves smeared on the deal

  64. cb2gbequalssb says:
    Aug 7, 2014 1:55 PM

    So i could go rob a bank as long as i dont get caught its ok??

    Depends on your moral code. If you equate grabbing a jersey during a competitive sport to be the same as robbing a bank… Just remember, the penalty for robbing that bank may be worse than 15 yards and a first down.

    As far as I know, golf is the only sport where it is considered appropriate to call a penalty on yourself and football aint golf.

  65. If Seattle didn’t brag about bending the rules to gain an advantage, there would be no need to change the rules.

  66. Better chance at winning the lottery than the cheating 1-year wonder Hawks winning it all this year…. Go Hawks!

  67. All I got to say is, it ain’t cheating unless you get caught. All you people act like your teams don’t do the same things the Seahawks do on defense. Get real everyone does. So I suppose those hits on Vernon davis, Wes welker, and Damaris Thomas were illegal. Please. GO HAWKS

  68. Hey Hawks fans.

    Welcome to the winners circle!!! 🙂

    Now you know what it feels like to be a Patriots fan. When you defeat Peyton or worse yet “The greatest show on turf” everyone whines and complains about manhandling receivers, cheating, and every other whiney thing they can think of. Bill pollen goes to the league to cry and rules are changed or “Emphasized”!

    Momma always said: “Babies gonna cry”

  69. It just kills me to sit hear and read everyone complaining about the Hawks. You all really are a bunch of cry babies. Truth is every defense “holds” like you everyone is saying the Hawks are, the only difference is the Hawks DB’s are the biggest and strongest in the league. So yeah it’s gonna be more obvious when they are out there man handling receivers then we average little DB is. Flags are gonna start flying alright, and not just at the Hawks. It’s gonna be league wide. Then when all the teams are getting just as many penalties as the Hawks are, what are you all gonna whine about then? Football is getting soft…let em play

  70. Hearing the Seahags talk about playing inside of the rules is like listening to obama say he’ll enforce current laws.

    The Seahags have perfected cheating – drug rules and defensive play – they have no reason to stop being the Hendrick Motorsports of the NFL.

  71. I absolutely LOVE hearing all the other NFL fans crying and crying about how the Seahawks cheat. Your tears are almost as delicious as this Moet I’ve been drinking since February.

    Reminds me of the old Raiders and Steelers of the 1970’s. The whole NFL cried and cried about their cheating, and they both just kept winning.

    Man, it sure is great to be a fan of a team that is so physical and dominant that the only thing other fans can say in response is, “You cheated!” Ha ha ha, your tears are delicious, losers!


  72. @defensewins, I was going to say that it feels like the hate people had for patriot fans ten years ago but I didn’t want to associate with ACTUAL cheaters that had been fined and had a draft pick taken away for it.

    Playing more physical than some are accustomed to is a different animal than spygate but some would try to lump them together.

    I do want to see the seahawks playing Brady, browner, revis and co in the Superbowl this year. That game would have many storylines to cover.

    Browner vs the rest of the LOB(very good friends all)

    Wilson taking on Tom Brady after taking on Peyton.

    The similarities in Wilson and Brady’s career paths to date.

    Revis vs Sherman comments/play.

    Lots of fun in that matchup. The pats made some nice defensive additions.

  73. Rain poncho. I do appreciate your attempt at objectivity. You are off base. Cheating accusations go hand and hand with winning.
    Ravens-they win because of a power outage caused by Beyoncé lol.
    New England-spy gate
    Saints-bounty gate.

    The pacific nw fan that said Seahawks fans didn’t exist before they were good. Look at king dome attendance. The beast quake was caused in a stadium that housed a 7 and 9 losing team that no one wanted to see in the playoffs

  74. lamptonsbarbershop says:Aug 7, 2014 10:23 AM

    I have lived in the Puget sound off and on since 96 and I can tell you first hand the 12th man didn’t exist until a couple years ago its a new fad in the NW
    I’ve lived in the Puget Sound for 48 years straight, so I know you’re absolutely wrong.

    Gonna be here for apple picking season?

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