PFT on NBCSN gets you ready for Thursday night’s preseason games

Football is officially back.  Sort of.  Kind of.

Before the real thing begins four weeks from tonight in Seattle, 64 more non-game games must be played.  And while the games don’t count, they’ll go a long way toward determining who will have jobs when the games do count.

Besides, until the games that count get rolling, games that don’t count are the next best thing.  And you can count on PFT on NBCSN to get you ready for tonight’s half-dozen practice games with reports from the site of each preseason contest:  Colts at Jets, 49ers at Ravens, Patriots at Washington, Bengals at Chiefs, Seahawks at Broncos, and Cowboys at Chargers.

Joining Dave Briggs in the studio will be Takeo Spikes and Jon Ritchie.  I’ll join the discussion from my studio in West Virginia.  Dial us up at 5:30 p.m. ET.