Report: 49ers bracing for 6-8 game suspension for Aldon Smith


Now that 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith has met with Commissioner Roger Goodell, the next step entails the dropping of the hammer.  And for Smith, the so-called iron fist will hit a lot harder than it did with Ray Rice.

Via Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers currently are bracing for Goodell to suspend Smith for six-to-eight games.

Unlike Ray, Smith has committed multiple violations of the personal-conduct policy and the substance abuse policy.  Earlier this year, Smith pleaded no contest to weapons charges and DUI charges.  In 2012, Smith resolved another DUI case with a guilty plea to reckless driving.

Smith also faced an allegation that he made a false report of a bomb threat in the security line at LAX.  Despite multiple reports that no charges would be pursued, Smith recently traveled to Los Angeles for a hearing aimed at wrapping up that case.  Typically, attendance at a hearing isn’t required if nothing will come of a potential criminal matter.  And if anything came of the matter, it’s another incident by Smith under the personal-conduct policy.

The personal-conduct policy is aimed at dispensing extra punishment to repeat offenders.  Once Goodell issues a ruling, Smith will have the ability to appeal the outcome back to Goodell.

62 responses to “Report: 49ers bracing for 6-8 game suspension for Aldon Smith

  1. If it’s 8 weeks, that’s 13 games missed for not violating any NFL ruled. Dick Sherman missed 0 games on a technicality and Lynch missed 4 games for same charges as Aldon.

  2. I don’t think they should ever be light on punishing these guys. I love the 49ers, but Aldon needs help and to learn that there are consequences. As far as Ray… A two game suspension for a dude who beats his wife? That should be a ban for a year if not life. guys who get busted for weed get worse. Sad. Misogyny at its worst.

  3. in a more just world, he would be lucky to get off with only eight games. the guy is a moron and a danger to himself and society.

  4. Our legal system was too lenient on him. He should be on a no fly list for the stunt he pulled at the airport too and have to drive, rail road, or boat to his away games.

  5. 6-8 games. Interesting. Guess he was better off punching his wife’s lights out then dragging her body down a hallway. Or rolling his SUV over while drunk and killing his teammate. NFL Justice!

  6. If he gets more than 2 games, he should just appeal. At the hearing, just spend 10 minutes replaying “Sugar” Ray Rice dragging his wife out of the elevator. Then say “Really….what I did is 3-4x as bad as that?”

  7. Not long enough….they need to take a long term view here and think about his mental health. Provide him with a year off and tremendous support/counseling.
    Or, he’s likely going to be a 3 strikes victim and sit for even longer.

  8. Yes, Aldon does stupid sh*t, we all know this. That means you should suspend players for doing things like committing felonies and endangering the lives of people in society.

    Aldon should get 6 games and he probably deserves more. Goodell, don’t suspend players based solely on how many times they’ve done something stupid, base it on the act.

    RAY RICE is a felon for what he did and Goodell didn’t do anyone in the NFL or Society a service by only giving him 2 games. Grow a pair Goodell and don’t think giving Aldon 6 games is a “make up call” for the shady unworkings of the NFL.

  9. Wife beating ….. 2 games
    Gun play and DUI…… 8 games
    Marijuana offenses…..16 games

    Goodell as commisioner…….Priceless

  10. It’s a good thing he doesn’t smoke pot. I’m super certain he doesn’t…

  11. Multiple violations of personal conduct policies and substance abuse violations and a 6-8 games is the punishment ? Meanwhile Josh Gordon is looking a full season ? There is something very wrong about that IMO

  12. Come on, you guys are loaded with talent in all three phases of the game; you don’t need toxic train wrecks like this blowing up your locker room!
    You want to continue supporting him off the field, that’s compassionate and loyal, but don’t let it cost you a season.

    This diehard Seahawks fan is looking forward to at least two strong contests with you folks, maybe even three, and we want to know we beat you at full strength, no qualifiers or asterisks.

  13. Been beat to death here(no pun intended) but beating the crap out of a woman, even as a first time offence is still far worse then all of Alden smith’s issues combined.

    Sad state of affairs.

  14. Without considering the context of the offense, this repeat offender policy makes no sense – if Goodell wants to establish his own quasi-legal system he might want to consider that. Guys like Smith and Josh Gordon are hurting no one besides themselves. Ray Rice pounds his fiancee into unconsciousness and drags her body through a hotel hallway – and his children and grandchildren will get to see that video on the Internet for decades to come – and gets less punishment than Smith or Gordon will get.

  15. Wow, that’s really unfair…. One game would be enough… like Thanksgiving night.


  16. There’s something wrong when you don’t hurt anybody else and you get suspended for less time than the person who does hurt someone else.

  17. If he gets suspended for 6-8 games he should go knockout Ray Rice’s wife and get it reduced to 4! I understand it’s a repeat offense, but he didn’t harm anyone except himself. Yes DUI is a dangerous thing “if” you harm someone. With Rice not only knocking his wife out, he dragged her like a piece of trash. 3-4 should be max. The whole airport situation shouldn’t even be considered because the TSA employees couldn’t even qualify for mall cop positions.

  18. He has shown time and time again that he just can’t follow the simple rules of society; he doesn’t deserve anymore chances. Good riddance!

  19. There’s a problem with the NFL harboring criminals n we need more character geared coaches like Chip n Trestman on the scene, not just for football, but for this society.

  20. 1. Smoke pot year ban.
    2. Yell bomb at an airport & have illegal guns; you’re looking at half season suspension.
    3. Cold clock a female and its worth a 2 game suspension.
    4. Not be charged with any crime & your sentence rage can go from 6 to 4 games (Big Ben)

    Its pretty clear there is no definition of penalties coming from the NFL. It’s a shoot from the hip mentality. If Goodell likes you or the owner, he goes lite, if not he’ll get heavy handed. Lawlessness!

  21. jjb0811 says:

    “1. Smoke pot year ban.
    2. Yell bomb at an airport & have illegal guns; you’re looking at half season suspension.
    3. Cold clock a female and its worth a 2 game suspension.
    4. Not be charged with any crime & your sentence rage can go from 6 to 4 games (Big Ben)”


    Way to selectively pick and choose which kinds of actions lead to suspensions.

    1. Substance abuse policy is ENTIRELY SEPARATE from personal conduct. It’s all laid out in the CBA as to the length of suspensions per violation. Virtually written in stone.

    2. Yes, along with repeated violations of substance abuse and multiple DUIs. Those are just as important, if not more so. Plus, HE SAID HE HAD A BOMB AT AN AIRPORT. Why shouldn’t he be punished for that?

    3. Where was this outrage over domestic violence back in 2006 when Santonio Holmes choked the mother of his child? Did you even know that over 50% of all arrests involving NFL players are related to domestic violence? Why haven’t people been calling for action years ago? Why is this a new thing to call for Ray Rice’s head on a plate?

    4. Plus a motorcycle accident where he plowed into a woman’s car, among other incidents that were conduct unbecoming of an NFL player.

  22. 3. Where was this outrage over domestic violence back in 2006 when Santonio Holmes choked the mother of his child? Did you even know that over 50% of all arrests involving NFL players are related to domestic violence? Why haven’t people been calling for action years ago? Why is this a new thing to call for Ray Rice’s head on a plate?

    We give these guys leeway because we’ve all seen how the wives / girlfriends of many players actually act.

  23. Someone mocked me the other day, but SF and SEA are both taking steps back this year. Could be the year Arizona or St. Louis sneaks by one of them.

    Can’t wait to see Kap and Harbaugh implode when they have to deal with a little adversity.

  24. You can’t replace players like him & Bowman. Defense will certainly not be as tough for the first half of the season. Huge loss for the Niners but Smith needs to pay the price for his actions.

  25. After an appeal my guess is that Smith will miss 6 games. I just hope this guy stopped drinking b/c based on his actions–he has a problem.

  26. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Get the hell out of my sport, out of the league. Go deal with your problems out of the spotlight and stay there. Take your millions or whatever you haven’t pissed away and just leave. Your high paid legal help has kept you out of hail. Be thankful and just get out. Not only this guy, but all of them who make it to the police blotter. At least, the ones who make it there more than once. Enough already!

  27. I just love how people think Josh Gordon picked up one joint and got caught and he’s facing a year suspension. The guy got caught three times in college and was banned from two universities which is why he’s in the NFL anyway. Since then he’s failed 2 drug tests (one for codeine, and this one for marijuana), and then after that got a DUI. He is a repeat, habitual offender.

    Aldon Smith not only had DUI’s but he made a terrorist threat in an airport. You go ahead and do that and see how easily you get off on that charge.

    Ben Rothlisberger had multiple accusations against him about rape/sexual assault when he got his suspension.

    I am not condoning in any way what Ray Rice did. But he was suspended more than others that were accused of the same thing. Nobody seemed to have a problem with those players getting off easier than Ray Rice back then, but now all of a sudden it is a travesty? Everyone complaining as much as they are right now and getting on their high horses should look back on all of the players in the NFL that have had domestic violence/assault charges against women against them, find out how little they were punished from the NFL, and be up in arms about how lenient the NFL is against domestic violence in total, not just against Ray Rice.

    Then you know, you’d have something called credibility.

  28. Mattsffrd wrote, “Aldon was never charged with anything . . . .” Actually, Mattsffrd, he pled guilty or no contest, which is the same as pleading guilty except that his plea won’t count against him in a later civil proceedings for any damage he may have caused while driving, to three criminal charges, one for DUI, the other for alcohol-related reckless driving, and a third for illegal possession of firearms. Smith was not only charged with two DUIs and the gun charges, but he pled guilty/no-contest to those charges, was sentenced based on plea agreements with prosecutors, and is on probation as a result of those pleas.

    What led you to write that Aldon Smith was never charged with anything?

  29. What led him to believe he wasn’t charged Miguel? The guy is a Niner fan. They don’t charge Niner players for crimes, but Smith was not only charged, he was convicted and 3 of the charges were felonies that were reduced.

    Cant have a felon player when you have a felon owner in your history right?

    With the Pats there are issues of their own, but at least the owner wasn’t convicted of a felony.

    So much for the Whiners taking out Seattle in 2014, see you in SB49 Hawk fans. GO PATS

  30. The Bronx Bombers says:
    Aug 8, 2014 12:03 AM
    Its all over for you 9ers, it only goes downhill from here. 2-14?


    Care to make an unfriendly wager on that, Bomber?

  31. Rice rapes and commits attempted murder and gets off with a slap on the wrist while Aldon Smith drinks a little too much and drives and will be suspended for multiple games?

    Favoritism much NFL?

    And you wonder why attendance and viewership are down.

  32. Agreed that the punishments should be more consistent, but a repeat offenders, which Smith certainly is. These guys are a reflection of the NFL, just as they were in college. You need to represent your organization or pay the penalty when you don’t! This is also a great lesson for kids watching sports to understand what’s expected, at a young age.

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