Roddy White pays up on March Madness bet


After initially backing out of a promise to buy season tickets for a fan over a March Madness bet, Falcons receiver Roddy White has been shamed into paying up.

White brought 20-year-old Dylan Hoyt to training camp this week to pay off in person on his vow to give Hoyt season tickets if Mercer beat Duke in the NCAA Tournament. When that upset happened, White initially said he had no intention of paying up, but he has since thought better of it.

Never bet anything unless you’re willing to pay up,” White told the Atlanta Journal-Consitution.

In fact, White went further than just giving Hoyt season tickets. White is also hooking Hoyt up with two Super Bowl tickets and sideline passes to a Falcons game, in addition to the training camp visit.

For his part, Hoyt says he didn’t think White had to do any of it. Hoyt says that although he’s a Mercer fan, he wasn’t really expecting his team to beat Duke, and he also didn’t think White was serious when he engaged in some good-natured Twitter trash talk before the game.

“Honestly, I didn’t think Mercer was gonna win,” Hoyt said. “I just thought, why be that fan who just wants to get free stuff? I didn’t want to be that guy. I was cool with nothing. Next thing you know everybody [on Twitter] just jumped on his case.

Those people jumping on White’s case got him to do the right thing — and then some.

39 responses to “Roddy White pays up on March Madness bet

  1. #1 wide receiver Roddy White vs. opponent’s #1 cornerback

    #2 wide receiver Julio Jones vs. opponent’s #2 cornerback

    Just wanted to explain why Julio Jones looks so great.

    Jones is great… but… great against the opponent’s #2 cornerback.

  2. I agree that Roddy is doing the right thing, BUT, I can also see where Roddy was coming from by not trying to pay up. I mean, what did this kid have to put up if he lost the bet? He’s lucky though. Roddy is going above and beyond what he had to do to.

  3. Aaron Rodgers – your turn to step up and do what a man shoul…nevermind, you’re not a man.

  4. Siena will make noise next March. Maybe I’ll tweet at some NFL player and get the same package deal that this guy got. Stanford 1989, Vanderbilt 2008, Ohio State 2009. Don’t think the Saints can’t do it!

  5. Aaron Rodgers supposedly welches on fake “bets” (Hint, it’s not a bet if the other side doesn’t offer anything if they lose).

    Adrian Peterson doesn’t care about his many illegitimate children.

    For Vikings fans, Rodgers is the worse person.

  6. Does Mercer have a football team? They’d probably beat the Falcons. Another year in the NFCS cellar. Pitiful birdies.

  7. Too bad Julio has to waste away his career on that sad sack squad. I’m sure he can’t wait to get out of that nightmare of an organization.

  8. It was never a bet. What did the kid put up against Roddy White? Bets have to go both ways. Roddy White said what he would do if Duke lost, what did this kid say he would do if Duke won. He even admits he didn’t think Mercer would win, he was just being a fan.

  9. It’s amazing to see the amount of ignorance on this site. Roddy obviously is doing it to not look like a boob. Hard knocks have little to do with that.

  10. Maybe White had to wait until he got his contract extension…because you know…maybe there was no way he could have afforded the tickets before that.

  11. It’s not a bet if one side has nothing to lose. This goes for Aaron Rodgers too.

    White may have been just doing this for positive attention on Hard Knocks.

  12. The kid (Hoyt) never asked White to “bet” anything. White was the one who basically “offered” to buy season tickets for Hoyt if Mercer won. Hoyt never HAD to offer anything in return, as White never asked for anything in return. White simply said “If Mercer wins, I’ll buy you season tickets.”

    That’s not a bet. That’s an offer that White made of his own free will.

  13. Falcons season tickets start at $360. Even though it was a fake bet, White could and should have paid that right away.

    Rodgers’ bet was just as fake, but he would have had to pay about $4.5 million.

    Easy to see why White budged and Rodgers didn’t.

  14. chicagogiantsfan says: Aug 7, 2014 6:44 PM

    The kid (Hoyt) never asked White to “bet” anything. White was the one who basically “offered” to buy season tickets for Hoyt if Mercer won. Hoyt never HAD to offer anything in return, as White never asked for anything in return. White simply said “If Mercer wins, I’ll buy you season tickets.”

    That’s not a bet. That’s an offer that White made of his own free will.

    And if you “offer” something for nothing, there is nothing binding about your “offer.”

  15. I am not defending the bet that Aaron Rodgers made, however once he lost it… he would have lost more respect fulfilling the bet wearing a stupid niners jersey. So I think he actually made the classy call after he made the dumb bet. IMO.

  16. To the uninformed, hard knocks is not why Roddy paid up. The decision was made – including the training camp trip – long before it was decided the Falcons would be featured. Now, it may get some air time, but that was not Roddy’s motivation.

  17. Apparently, some folks don’t know how betting works.

    Rodgers: I’d put my salary next year on it.

    Fan: — Crickets —

    How many of you have had someone “overbet” you and you didn’t accept? It happens. If you think a bet that wasn’t accepted should be paid, Las Vegas would like to have a word with you.

  18. This wasn’t even a bet. As someone else pointed out, it’s not an offer if it’s not made in exchange for something. Pretty sure that the fan wouldn’t give Roddy anything had Roddy won, so why would Roddy have to pay the fan?

    It’s cool that it turned into a fun thing, but it’s likewise really stupid.

  19. This story does nothing to improve my opinion of the fair weather Falcons lack of team character..

    Too bad for him & his team because as a person with notoriety nothing he does will make this completely right now..

    Jets fan in Atlanta

  20. Good for you, Roddy! We all make mistakes, you are rectifying yours in a big way. Whatever you spent on the tickets will be more than made up for with all the good will you’ve now earned.

  21. I’m not trying to defend Rodgers here and I feel he should have done SOMETHING for the guy, but in fairness Rodgers said “ya I’d put my salary next year on it.” So he’s saying he *would*, as in “I would”. That’s technically a hypothetical statement. The other side at this point should have taken him up on the offer to see it through and make it an actual “bet”. If I told you “I’d buy you lunch tomorrow” but you never take me up on it, how can you then get upset at me for not following through and doing so? Not to mention it’s still a one sided affair where the fan hasn’t offered anything himself up to this point to make it an actual “bet”.

    Roddy White’s message was a little different. He said “if mercer beat duke I will give you season tickets 50 yard line first row”. That’s not a “bet” that’s a legitimate offer. Rodgers never said “if Braun tests positive I’ll give you my salary next year”. Though again, I still feel like it’s a douchey move on Rodgers part to not offer anything at all.

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