Seahawks-Broncos resumes after 45-minute lightning delay

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After Ronnie Hillman scored a 1-yard touchdown to give the Denver Broncos a 7-0 lead late in the first quarter over the Seattle Seahawks, the teams were called off the field as a lightning storm was bearing down on Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

The delay ultimately lasted 45 minutes before the game resumed with 1:30 left to play in the first quarter.

Russell Wilson remained in the game on offense for Seattle to start their second possession of the game. Wilson completed his first two passes to Jermaine Kearse for 11 yards and Doug Baldwin for 18 yards to pick up their first first-down of the game prior to the end of the quarter.

6 responses to “Seahawks-Broncos resumes after 45-minute lightning delay

  1. The new emphasis on defensive holding and pass interference has been brutal in that game. Unless things lighten up, games will be totally unwatchable this season. Denver got hit with 3 totally bogus calls on the same drive.

  2. I am not sure if it the games or the announcers tonight but I have fallen asleep 3 times during the various games. Beginning to think I would have been better off watching paint dry … sad sad night for football indeed.

  3. I miss the ol’ days of stadiums having real names, not this corporate sponorship mumbo jumbo where you can’t tell what field/city/team plays there by name alone. Sports Authority Field? It was hard enough as a Giants fan to start accepting Metlife. I would have been OK with JetBlue sponsoring.

  4. Teams and players will have to adjust. It was ridiculous for the league to allow defenders to grab and hold to the point that receivers simply cannot get open. Jimmy Graham, who led the league in TD receptions last year, did not have a single catch in the regular season game in Seattle. That sort of officiating borders on criminal neglect.

  5. I watched the 49ers Ravens game, and I don’t see any excessive defensive holding penalties being called. The league is doing the right thing is cracking down on Seattle.

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