University of Minnesota hopes to block Washington name at stadium

Those other owners who have been “very very supportive” of Washington owner Daniel Snyder’s “all caps never” approach to the team name have managed to avoid talking about their “very very” support.  For Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, that inevitably will change.

Perhaps soon.

According to Ian Shapira of the Washington Post, the University of Minnesota wants the Vikings to avoid using the Washington team name in any “promotional and game date materials” when the Vikings host Washington at the University of Minnesota’s stadium on November 2.  The Vikings will play home games at the Minnesota venue for two seasons, while the team’s new stadium is being built.

The disclosure came in an August 1 letter from University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler to U.S. Representative Betty McCollum (D-Minn.), who previously urged Wilf to condemn the name of Snyder’s franchise.

Vikings executive V.P. of public affairs Lester Bagley said that the team is still deciding how it will handle the university’s request that the Vikings avoid using the name, and that a meeting on the issue occurred in late July.

“We take the issue very seriously, but we’re just getting ready for our season and we’ve been very focused on training camp and the preseason, and to be honest, we don’t have a game plan for our Nov. 2 game versus Washington,” Bagley told the Post.

The fact that Bagley said anything other than “Why in the hell wouldn’t we mention the name of the team we’re playing?” shows that, despite whatever support Snyder may be getting privately, other owners aren’t willing to publicly co-sign the team’s position that anyone who has a concern about the name is wrong, unreasonable, and/or trolling for clicks.

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64 responses to “University of Minnesota hopes to block Washington name at stadium

  1. Every time I get this site and see something regarding the REDSKINS name I always picture that scene in the dark knight when the joker says, ”here.we.go”

  2. There’s always some jerk looking to get some cheap publicity. Maybe they ought to focus on the NCAA first. Clean up that mess … then talk.

  3. The reason he didnt say why the hell not is because i am sure he didnt want to deal with the backlash from a liberal media that always follows when someone doesnt agree with them. Then he would have had to issue a public apology for exercising his first amendment rights

  4. I am a Vikings fan and part Native American and will be at this game. The Redskins name does not bother me and I hope the Vikings don’t give in to the U of M’s political agenda.

  5. unreal. the name has been around for over 80 years but now that florio thinks he’s important he just won’t let it go. i hope this drags on for years b/c of nitwits like you and costas

  6. If only this much attention and outrage was directed towards the real problems facing our country…

  7. Um, my guess is those season ticket packs with the tickets are likely already out right? I mean I have tickets to Skins preseason games that came with season tickets.

    Could be wrong but likely too little too late. Minnesota would be foolish to back this because they’ll be targeted in ten years.

  8. If I was an NFL owner, the last guy I’d want to have to count on is Zygi Wilf…

    Even though the NFL rallied around him to “protect the shield”…

  9. I suppose that if the Illinois Fighting Illini come into town they’ll act like it’s not happening? Or will they promote and make money off of it?

  10. Their original name was the (Boston) Braves, maybe they could go back to that.

    Just sayin’

  11. I remember the good old days when I could come here to read about football instead of politics. Give it a rest Mike. You’re better that this.

  12. Really? And yet, it’s the most liberal city in the most liberal state in the midwest so that really doesn’t surprise me.

  13. Oh jeez, now we all know gophers are destructive vermin that are farmers nightmare. Guess we should ban that mascot as it is offensive to people who’s livelihood depends on the agriculture industry….

  14. The NFL should move the game. If the venue will not allow one of your franchises to use it’s legal, 77 year old name because they don’t like it, then moving the game is the proper thing to do.

    Then if I was Dan Snyder, I’d give a bunch of money to the University of Minnesota’s biggest football rival. Just because.

  15. Lots of Native Americans in MN — in fact a Sioux tribe contributed to build the U of M stadium atrium. It may be a big surprise to Danny-boy, but that tribe finds the Redskins name offensive. Here’s what Skins fans and other fans just don’t get: it’s not what us anglos think that counts — it’s what Native Americans think.

  16. This is too ironic.

    Four years after Minnesota received statehood, conditions were so bad for the Dakota Indians that it lead to the Dakota War of 1862. The result of the six-week war was the execution of 38 Dakota — the largest mass execution in United States history — and the exile of most of the rest of the Dakota to the Crow Creek Reservation in Dakota Territory.

    And the University of Minnesota wants to ban the Redskins name for a Sunday to make up for it?

    This is just funny. Hail.

  17. It is not going away this time you will be changing the name and little Danny will look worse than he usually does. This should have been done quietly months ago and moved on to football. He is a coward, fans will show up regardless of the name of the team i.e. packers

  18. The traveling Washington fans will get a full dose of Minnesota on that day.

    Attending an NFL game in a college stadium that struggles to seat 48,000 people, with a Buffalo Wild Wings as the go-to bar on campus, with their team literature banned, and a bunch of granolas protesting. Not to mention, it’s November 2nd, so it will probably be 5 degrees out.

    My God, Canada, PLEASE take this state off of our hands!

  19. 1) Once you guys find a Viking or gopher to put up a dispute about the racist name, your argument might make even the smallest bit of sense. On top of that, Goldy is not an offensive and hyper-stereotyped image.

    2). This is not about making amends for a massacre over 150 years ago; it’s about showing some respect for human beings still alive today.

    Is change really that hard for some people.

  20. I show respect by listening to them. Overwhelmingly, they support the team and the name. How do you support them?

  21. well, sure! you guys start writing up legislation for taxes to be paid on revenue generated at mile lacs, mystic lake, canterbury and a few other casinos around minnesota and we’ll honor your request to not mention a teams name…. not going to start paying taxes on revenue from gambling??? oh, well, then no deal.

  22. C’mon U of M, leave it alone. No need to create a problem right before the season starts just because you guys want to the first ones to take a stand. Until the name is actually changed I hope they are referred to by their actual name

  23. Only would the lowly, hapless, and inept MN Vikings be subject to losing to the aptly named Washington “Nobodies.”

    The best part will be in a decade or two when there is absolutely no mention whatsoever if any Native Americans in ANYTHING…they’ll file civil suits against the US Gov’t for reparations.

    The best part is…..the Vikings will likely still be holding a donut in the win column at that point this season. Maybe they can call on “Little Slow Hands Passing” to lead them to victory over the Washington __________ .

  24. Gee, imagine that: an institution of *higher learning,* where educated people educate people, understand that the word “Redskin” is a racial slur.

    Good for them.

    I was ready to let this issue go, but Snyder’s disingenuous comments earlier this week — “a Redskin is a football player” — were totally offensive to anyone that has had to endure racism along with the racist’s insistence that form of racism they were enduring wasn’t actually racism.

    You can whine all you want about the “pussification of America” and how the “liberal PC faction is taking over,” but this country was built on tolerance, not ignorance.

  25. Who would have thought that a D that gets primarily funded by casinos and gambling wouldn’t back a NFL game.

    Industry Total
    Casinos/Gambling $64,100
    Retired $60,950
    Health Professionals $55,986
    Industrial Unions $55,250
    Lawyers/Law Firms $52,293
    Public Sector Unions $49,500
    Building Trade Unions $41,000
    Transportation Unions $27,000
    Real Estate $26,100
    Women’s Issues $25,650

  26. On a prioritized list of 500 problems facing American Indians in the US in 2014 the nickname of the Washington NFL team is at 501. If you think otherwise visit some places in the Dakotas without casinos. Yet this issue is getting all the attention.

    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln how did you like the play?

  27. I’ll side with the Native Americans over the Institution. They overwhelmingly support the Washington Redskins team and the Redskins name, as in Red Mesa High School Redskins

  28. iowahbr says:
    On a prioritized list of 500 problems facing American Indians in the US in 2014 the nickname of the Washington NFL team is at 501. If you think otherwise visit some places in the Dakotas without casinos. Yet this issue is getting all the attention.
    Exactly. Great post.

  29. First of all no University should tell another University that they can’t use their name. The Washington Huskies are not even playing in Minny this year! And I still don’t understand what Dan Synder has to do with the State of Washington and it’s football program.

  30. Between the U of M and Kluwe stepping up and doing the right thing, the Minneanderthals must be pulling their hair out.

  31. Well, the Vikings pillaged, raped, and plundered my ancestors.. I’m offended the NFL would name a team after such murderous war criminals.. what about that?

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