Adrian Wilson says he has nothing to prove

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Buried on the depth chart but elevated to starting strong safety earlier this week, at least for a day, veteran safety Adrian Wilson’s role with the Bears remains unclear.  It is clear that Wilson believes his track record speaks for itself.

“It’s my 14th year in this,” Wilson said Thursday, via the Chicago Sun-Times.  “I hate having to answer questions about a preseason game.  I just don’t feel I have to prove anything to anybody.  I’ve got six Pro Bowls, three first-team All-Pros — why do I have to prove anything to anybody?”

He has to prove something because, contrary to the cliché, the NFL isn’t a “what have you done for me lately?” league.  It’s a “what can you do for me right now?” proposition.

After 12 years with the Cardinals, Wilson landed on IR last August during his first season with the Patriots.  Thus, during his first year in Chicago, Wilson has to prove himself all over again.

“It’s the preseason, first game,” Wilson said.  “I know it’s a part of the evaluation. Everybody goes through it. [I] just do what I have to do.”

We’ll find out tonight whether he does what he has to do with the starting defense, the second string, or the smattering of guys who’ll take the field when the benches empty in the second half.  Eventually, we’ll find out whether he’ll be on an NFL roster when the regular season begins.

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  1. What I’m hearing from Bears camp is that if Wilson doesn’t secure a starting spot, he won’t be on the final roster at all. So if I were him, I think I’d tone down the entitlement talk a little bit and just go out there and play.

  2. Great attitude Adrian. Martellus Bennett probably thought he had nothing to prove either and that landed him squarely in Marc Trestman’s doghouse. Young man’s game.

  3. Adrian has always been a class act and a beast on the field. Can’t wait to see him get back on the field!

  4. So if you have somebody representing you for something important and you have two choices, one is a person who says “I rest my case based on what I have already done”, and the other is a person who says “I’ll rest my case after I drill more nails into the coffin and the drill stops working”, then which one would you rather go with?

  5. Was a great safety, but lost a step a few years ago which limited his pass coverage (by a lot).

  6. As a Bears fan, I don’t feel like they did enough to upgrade their safeties this off season, but did spend wisely in front of them. I hope Brock Vereen can progress into something of value back there but the rest of the guys in the safety group are just guys. That said, Adrian Wilson is an upgrade even if he’s only 75% of the player he once was…but he’s probably only around for 1 season.

    Next off season, the Bears need to get serious about the safety position and invest their “big time” free agent dollars into a big time safety, if of course one becomes available. Was hoping Eric Berry was going to be a UFA then but that doesn’t happen until 2016.

  7. Adrian Wilson in a wheelchair will still be better than what the Bears had at safety last year.

  8. I was excited for arrival in New England…..would have been more excited if he was on field for a game…….great character guy though

  9. When the Patriots acquired him last year I thought it was a great addition as he was a beast with AZ . After watching him last preseason he was a shadow of himself. Very slow and most didn’t think he would make the roster before he ended up on IR. It will be interesting to how he plays.

  10. Wilson has nothing to prove. His numbers speak for himself. That being said, those numbers are now history. If he can’t bring it now, he’ll be bringing his bags home to stay.

  11. Always liked his game. Long term he doesn’t have to prove anything, BUT coming off missing all last yr with NE I think he does now/ this preseason prove he’s still got some left in the tank to play. I was excited last yr when the Pats signed him for that #37Rod.Harrison role. Big S that plays down in the box and is almost another LB out there, sure tackler. Everyone knows he isn’t a Pass coverage S but for CHI he has to be better than Conte? Your S last yr.. I didn’t even know he was on a team untill last night, as an Eagles fan I am rooting for him. If the Bears cut him I hope the Birds or someone else(N.E.?-P.Chung=Terrible) gives him a shot&picks him up, even in certain packages& not a full time starter, He can help a team and help stopping the run “iF” he’s 100%. I hope he plays well and stays healthy&goes out on a high note as he should. Always been good player and seemed like a stand up guy off the field.
    Good Luck to you A-Dub

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