Blake Bortles impressive in his Jaguars debut

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If the Jaguars wanted to insulate Blake Bortles from the pressure of playing as a rookie, he’s making it harder for them to justify.

The third-overall pick in the draft was sharp in his debut for the Jaguars, going 7-of-11 for 117 yards in relief of starter Chad Henne.

Granted, it’s one portion of one preseason game, but that’s enough to create hope for Jaguars fans.

The team has insisted that Henne was the starter this year and Bortles was going to be given time to develop. It’s wise and it’s prudent and it’s probably best for him and none of that is going to matter if the promising Jags start 1-4.

With a performance like his Friday night, it’s only going to make that harder to sell patience, when the perfectly functional (and that’s not a complete insult) Henne hits his ceiling.

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  1. Gotta let that young O-Line develop before throwing Bortles out there against first team D’s. There’s no way I throw him out there until then.

  2. Jaguars should let Henne start his 1st string snaps each preseason game if that’s their plan. However, why not let Bortles finish every game? If they truly don’t want him to start all season let him take almost all the snaps and learn in the preseason.

  3. He was 7-11 with 3 dropped passes. In fact, I was at the game, and I cannot remember one inaccurate throw. They were all downfield and on the money.

  4. His common of the offense was amazing. He looked like Brady or manning by the way he carried himself … i know it’s just a quarter of action but I was impressed.

  5. This is why bad teams stay bad for so long. If he’s the guy let him sit for one year and turn their poor record into a good left tackle in the Draft. The Jags dont need another David Carr and London as a home base.

  6. Bortles should only play in mop up duty, if the Jags ever get that far ahead of anyone. He should only become the starter after the Jags get eliminated from playoff contention.
    If they truly want him to be the future, they need to take the time and develop him right.

  7. Yeah right, the guy might be good in preseason but can be awful in regular games when coaches put in game plan. On the other side, the guy might not be as good in preseason but could shine in regular games when they count. Preseason games are not worth mentioning.

  8. @tigers182, I feel you because playing a young QB behind a bad O line can either make, i.e, Troy Aikman or break, i.e., David Carr, David Klingler and Akili Smith, them.

  9. And thegreatgabbert will soon tells us how Blaine Gabbert is better. But hopefully they were watching his performance for San Francisco to see the truth.

  10. jpaq68 says:
    Aug 8, 2014 10:46 PM
    Well, he certainly no EJ Manuel. Thankfully.
    And too bad he played against you, and your 10 friends who will be pumping gas next week. By the way, check out EJ Manuel’s stats against a first string defense tonight. Bortles=Gabbert.

  11. kayakattack says:
    Aug 8, 2014 10:51 PM
    His common of the offense was amazing. He looked like Brady or manning by the way he carried himself … i know it’s just a quarter of action but I was impressed.
    LOL……..His common? Did jpaq68 tell you to post this? How about command?

  12. It was a good start for Bortles and he could become a good quarterback but lets calm down on the hype it’s one good preseason game and if you ask a Browns fan their QBs have looked like all-pros in the preseason from Weeden to McCoy

  13. Ahem. I recall Ryan Leaf lighting it up in preseason when he was a rook. Not calling young Mr. Bortles Ryan Leaf, just saying lets not get too excited (although I did thumbs up the “Super Bowl!” comments, they were funny). I’m not a QB guru by any stretch but I look for accuracy and composure in a young QB and Blake had both IMO.

  14. billswillneverseetheplayoffsagain says:
    check out EJ Manuel’s stats against a first string defense tonight. Bortles=Gabbert.
    Bortles looked better in his first NFL game of any kind then Gabbert 2.0 (Manuel) looked last week and tonight. It will be Tuell Time in Buffalo before the season is up.

  15. Steeler Nation is so far up ur own blah blah blah says:
    Aug 8, 2014 10:54 PM
    We’d hardly call it promising as it was mostly against Tampa Bay 2nd-stringers. Mike Glennon, on the other hand, did much more, against the 1st-stringers. Where’s his shout-out?

    At no point in the game tonight did Mike Glennon face Jax’s 1st string defense. McCown was still out there when Jax pulled the starting D.

  16. I can hear “thegreatgabbert” frantically typing & reinventing himself with a new screen name…can you?

    Nice work Bortles. We’ll get you out of Jacksonville as soon as that unfortunate contract ends. Just breathe and keep listening to my voice…

  17. billswillneverseetheplayoffsagain says:
    check out EJ Manuel’s stats against a first string defense tonight. Bortles=Gabbert.
    EJ Manuel looked impressive – said no one ever.

  18. I left a comment last spring saying i thought the jags could be one of the most improved team in the NFL. I also said if they had more stability at the qb position they could be a dark horse for a wildcard spot (however far fetched). Being a Seahawk fan & a huge fan of Gus Bradley & losing the defensive free agents from Seattle broke my heart but the jags gained 2 frickin awesome D lineman & i don’t care about Clemons’ age.

    To get back on point, all those people that think they should let Bortles develop; I’m not saying they’re wrong because I’m simply not that familiar with him but just remember, Russell Wilson. His rookie year he led Seattle to their 1st road playoff win since 1983 & took the lead in Atlanta the next week with 27 seconds left in the game before a massive defensive meltdown. So you just never know. I’ll always be a diehard Hawk fan but i hope ya’ll have room on your bandwagon for one more. I need an AFC team to root for anyway & so many of the people i love ate now jags. I say good luck from the great state of Idaho.

  19. It’s too dang bad Blackmon is a pinhead, or else the Jags would have the foundation of a scary offense for the forseeable future >:\

  20. Good night for Blake Bortles for sure. Definitely an NFL QB. How good? Time will tell. He is clearly moving up over Henne, who was not so good. However, let’s not get giddy here. The O in general stunk. Both sides of the ball. Both teams had good D tonight. Good numbers for QB but little to show for it mean…good numbers without production.

  21. Plans change. You can’t turn away from situations like this if he outperforms Henne.

    Pete Carroll couldn’t turn away from the fact Russell Wilson ran laps around Matt Flynn.

  22. Calm down he look real good for the time he played. But lets keep in mind that this is preseason. I was at the game his passes was on the money but lets give him the time he needs to developed. Please jags don’t just put him out there until that O-Line gets better.

  23. The positive part of Bortles performance was that his throws were hitting the receivers on the numbers. His throws were crisp and it’s so refreshing after putting up with Gabbert for the previous years. Caldwell picked a winner and it’s exciting.

  24. Great comment seadawgs72! We here in Jacksonville are on the Seahawk bandwagon too.

    To be the best, you have to emulate the best. Seattle is definitely the best now and we are following that blueprint for success.

    For so long the Jags had no pass rush nor quality quarterback play and that was encouraging to watch last night. When our wide outs get healthy, things are going to get real interesting in Jacksonville!

    I’m thinking Florio is right in saying the Jags are a dark horse this season. Or better than we get credit for.

  25. The Bucs only scored 10 points? Yikes. That’s not gonna get it done, especially in that division. But then, Lovie Smith is not known for having high-scoring teams so I’m not real surprised.

  26. Not sure why but I’m happy for the Jags. I think Gus is going to build a good defense, so with Bortles and those WR’s they might be pretty good. Next year.

  27. As a Hawk fan I was interested in watching former Hawks, Clem, Red, Guy and Blackmon and HC Bradley. Man, the Jags first unit D was LIGHTS OUT! Bortles looked very solid, while the only pass Henne could make or attempt was a screen. All of a sudden the Jags look like Seattle did 2 years ago with a great D and solid young QB.

  28. Bucs fan here… I was very impressed with Bortles. He was on the money all the time, and his passes had plenty of zip too. The thing I look at with every young quarterback is the accuracy. If you can’t put the ball on the money, you will never make it. He also looked the part. Some guys just have that field general demeanor, and he had it. On another note, the Bucs offensive line, particularly the guards were awful. McCown never had a clean pocket to throw from.

  29. billswillneverseetheplayoffsagain says:
    @jpaq68……Just make sure you save up enough airfare to watch Jags home games in London next year.
    Same lame comeback as always. It’s like you’re in the same losing rut as your team is.

  30. billswillnevermove says:
    Aug 9, 2014 10:27 AM
    @jpacq68……Just make sure you save up enough airfare to watch Jags home games in London next year.

    You’re confused. See, the jags aren’t up for auction right now with bidders in the mix rumoured at one point and time to be a threat to move their team. Also, the jags don’t have a need for a new stadium to be built, actually they have the exact opposite going on with their stadium. 64 million dollars in improvements and a new, shiny sponsorship extension with Everbank till 2024. Finally, unlike the Bills, the jags haven’t blacked out a game in their local tv market in 5 years, and don’t own the NFL record in missing the playoffs for 15 years.

    But thanks for playing.

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